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The Chain Must Break and Injustice Must Fade Away


The Chain Must Break and Injustice Must Fade Away

Mohamed Ben Soud

[ACLU note: Mohamed Ben Soud is a plaintiff in the ACLU’s lawsuit against the psychologists behind the CIA torture program. The following statement from him was recorded in Arabic and played during a recent ACLU event in Geneva on the sidelines of the 30th U.N. Human Rights Council session. The English translation below has been lightly edited for clarity.]


It's going to take a radical change in the United States' society to influence the rest of the world to move in a different direction.


I guess it wouldn't be charitable to wish that the neocons were subjected to the same torture.


The individuals within the MIC who thought it would be a good idea--and strategic advantage--to covertly import Nazi war criminals into the U.S. Alphabet agencies planted the seed of this dismal fruit.

Reading this account, I can't help but think of the Jews cast into Nazi Concentration Camps. There, too, psychologists and doctors presided over the torture, hunger games, and various and sundry depredations done unto the human spirit for the express purpose of breaking it down.

Now part of the American lexicon, these horrors emerges inside these off-shore prison gulags.

There's not enough money in the world to compensate for these crimes. Bringing the Light of exposure into these dark sites would act as a cleanser... pray once and for all!


The United States' Society is not the CIA, the MIC, or The Deep State.


Harper. Hopefully we'll get rid of him on this October 19 election. He hid in a closet in his office when a young armed man showed up in the Parliament building, possibly looking for him. I wonder why...


Why be charitable? Aren't they rich enough?


Dear Mr Soud,

I am so sorry for your suffering and that of your family.
Thank you for your gracious message to those assembled.
People like you will be the catalyst for our moving forward as human beings.
Thank you for your courage.

From a 77 year old American who thinks we have to do much better.
Imperialism must go.


Nothing less than the dismantling of the CIA and associated national security apparatus and with public trials for the perps is acceptable if we are to be anything but a criminal state. The world is littered with the mass graves, refugees and broken lives directly resulting from the CIA.