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The Chameleon Presidency


The Chameleon Presidency

Tom Engelhardt

MOAB sounds more like an incestuous, war-torn biblical kingdom than the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, aka “the mother of all bombs.” Still, give Donald Trump credit. Only the really, really big bombs, whether North Korean nukes or those 21,600 pounds of MOAB, truly get his attention. He wasn’t even involved in t


Finally, an article showing the entire perspective of Governmental and Presidential Malfeasance, of the past MANY years, without going all Batshit over Trump's Personal Psyche, as if it stood alone in this Ongoing Crime Spree.


all too true. the ascendance of the MIC since 9/11 has been devastating to our country and the world, but our "leaders", almost all of them, refuse to criticize the military and our wars. this is the worst act of cowardice imaginable.
if the "leaders" won't lead, i suggest we the people lead . start with telling the truth : our military are not heroes, they are murderers. the job of the military is not to create "freedom", but chaos, control and oppression.
we need to get back in "vietnam mode" and talk truthfully about our military : the economic and social and environmental costs that we all cannot afford, and the illegal and immoral aspects of all of our wars. and then we need to get it all defunded.


"The ascendance of the MIC since 9/11" ?

I submit that the devastation spree accelerated with the morphing of the MIC into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that was a key component of Saint Ron's revolution and concurrent Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation more than three decades ago.

Labeling civilian injuries and deaths "collateral damage" during the Gulf War sanitized occupations and wars to the extent that more Murkins than ever could comfortably view the world, politics and war as if they were a never ending Clint Eastwood movie.


Identify those who pushed to initiate the war on terror and you will have identified our subterfuge enemies and their useful idiots.


Good article.
Yes, there is a war on terror; since the false flag of 9/11, wars to terrorize the gullible, American people; wars to kill and maim our brave soldiers; billions of $$$$$ invested in wars to make the war profiteers rich with no accountability for untold numbers of innocent,civilian men,women, and children murdered in cold blood; which proves America is not a democracy, but is, and has been, for far too long a military dictatorship that is a wolf in the sheep's clothing of a democracy.

George Bush: " you are either with the terrorists are with us."

That statement is an oxymoron, because the #1 terrorist, Empire is US!


I'm with you up to "which proves America is not a democracy, but...a military dictatorship" masquerading as a democracy, Shantiananda.

I would characterize the matter like this. The U.S. is not a "military dictatorship" but a right wing democracy, whose militaristic foreign policy and domestic politics have historically reinforced each other.

After World War II, the anti-Communist Cold War abroad suppressed the left wing of domestic politics in the U.S.: the ability of the right to red bait Democrats limited left wing social change. (This limitation affected the entire U.S. political spectrum including the U.S. left, by the way: it is not a coincidence the the rise of left wing politics at the time of the 'New Left' and anti-Vietnam movement of the 1960s included the refusal of New Left groups to exclude U.S. Communist groups as U.S. Socialists demanded.)

Likewise, Bush's Iraq invasion did not simply amp up military spending or show an effort to get Middle East oil - it turned the whole country to the right, boosting the ratings of a highly unpopular right wing President and strengthening the Republicans and their ability to carry out their domestic agenda.

So to come back to my point, the so-called 'war on terror' is the new Cold War, and its goals and driving forces are not just those of a military cabal, but of the traditional U.S. right that supports a military culture as much for domestic right wing as foreign policy motives.


Pardon the all caps coming up but THE WAR ON TERROR IS NOT A FAILURE. It is going according to plan and that plan is to create as many "threats" as possible so these assholes (the politicians, generals, think tankers, etc.) can continue making bank. So shares in Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and whatever other maker of death-dealing weaponry can continue to escalate in value. So corporations can continue to extract wealth and resources worldwide. That's the game. Everything else is superfluous.


Certainly the idea of permanent war means permanent profit for the military industry; but, as I proposed to S. above, the right wing culture of a military economy also functions to deflect attention from inequality and how U.S. social policies fail to care for its citizens.


Cogent reply. Thanks.


thanks...had to access a few normally dormant domestic political history brain sectors to formulate that one...


True that, but what I was driving at was how wars are characterized as mistakes or failures when they are anything but. It can't be stated often enough that the aims of these policies are very different from what the public is told and just how evil these people are.


"Our technology, our equipment, is better than anybody by a factor of five.”

If that's the case, how come we need to put in another 58 billion to modernize our antiquated arsenal. Oh, that's right, now that it "belongs" to trump, it has to be the best in the world. So all that campaign talk was just for his gullible supporters, you know, the people who can be fooled all of the time.


"the right wing culture of a military economy" Nothing right-wing about it, this has been going on since WWII, since it was what pulled us--and the world--out of the Great Depression. Both political sides have been feeding the beast ever since.