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'The Changes Are Really Accelerating': Alaska at Record Warm While Greenland Sees Major Ice Melt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/14/changes-are-really-accelerating-alaska-record-warm-while-greenland-sees-major-ice


The problem just isn’t going away, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy climate specialist Rich Thoman told news-channel KTUU.

And as long as humanity wants/needs their comforts (ie: dish washers, dryers, air conditioners, lawn mowers, food processors, televisions, electric goods, sprinklers, etc etc) it will never go away.


Alaskans whose homes get destroyed forcing them to move elsewhere, better watch out because Trump might start calling for a wall to be built to keep those Alaskan aliens ‘out’ of America. Seeing how he treated Puerto Rico, it doesn’t bode well for them in any case!


The front of the roller coaster is now going over the edge, while the back of the roller coaster is still on the mostly level part of the track. You’re sitting in the back of the roller coaster. The northern Alaskans, the Inuit and maybe a couple of European-origin settlers, are sitting in the front of the roller coaster.

Two questions, how big is this coaster, and has anybody checked the track? Two answers, big and no.


It’s ironic that Alaskan politicians rarely vote on the side of conservation, their senators and representatives rubbing their hands in anticipation over opening up ANWR to fossil fuel extraction. All that oil money every Alaskan gets is coming in to bite them in the ass (along with the rest of humanity).


The cake is just about done. The only question left is, what flavor of icing shall it be?
Today’s warming is caused by an accumulation of greenhouse gases from over thirty years ago. Now that we’re back to pumping out record amounts of CO2 and now enormous amounts of methane, just imagine how the warming will accelerate in the next thirty years.
This is bad. Really bad.


Add vaccines, antibiotics, and other health measures to save lives so the the population out grows the carrying capacity of the environment.


ICE ON FIRE - HBO Is a must watch Documentary just released for anyone who wants to know the latest facts on Climate Change and the Scientists who have dedicated their lives to combat this problem with amazing new technologies already in the works. “ There’s more money in the Solution than the Cause.” The Rich Fossil Fuel Barons have so much money tied up in Oil, Coal and Nuclear, they feel they need to get as much payback on their investments as possible, so they stick with poisoning the Planet. Methane - CO4 is a bigger problem than CO2. Watch it … learn, and be amazed.


Methane is CH4 but your post is useful.


Soon only the response will be glacial


But, hey, not important enough to devote an entire debate to this issue … maybe a few corporate-friendly and safe questions sandwiched in with the far more important issues of Russian interference in our elections or who is the most electable and likable candidate, blah, blah, blah.


Anybody who has been following the science the last 40+ years knows we are freaking toast.Understand this; we are a dead so-called 'civil’ization that has gone nowhere but down since I turned 18 in 1972.

It’s not even on life support, way beyond that concept. It’s just a matter of when not if at this point. Holy crap!

Remember that book published in 1971 called "The Closing Circle?’ I do. I don’t have it anymore on the shelf but that book and the ‘Limits of Growth’ in 1972 together scared the crap out of me because I wasn’t stupid enough to believe the lies and propaganda of government and their masters the Corporations/Wealthy Leisure Class.

People that watched a lot of tv did, though, and that mass propaganda machine is still churning out mass delusion to an amazing amount of people around the world. Kill your tv. I did in 1993.

Reality isn’t on your damn cellphone or a screen. Reality is outside your freaking door away from your AC and electronic world that so many are living in. The US is 85% or so urban and you people in the cities have NO IDEA what is happening because you live on concrete and asphalt. Out here in the mountains we’ve been freaking over the changes the last 30 years…

The ‘alarmists’ and ‘crazy extremists’ climatologists were absolutely correct in their early assessments. And even they are admitting they were too conservative! Go read arctic-news.blogspot.com.

The Arctic sea bottom is going to blow 50Gt of methane clathrates into the atmosphere and there just isn’t anything that our species can do to stop it at this point. Even if our species would bother trying we are way, WAY over the cliff edge. The cliff we fell off of was back there in the '70s sometime when Exxon’s scientists were muzzled by the wealthy.

Care for those around you, be as kind as you can to those you love. If you are living with hopey-changey garbage thinking that we can somehow blunder through this…well…just remember that eating your neighbor when your family is starving is about the last taboo you will be breaking… we are kinder to our dogs than that.



Mother Nature is asking us, begging us to change. We refuse, and she says, “Oh Well, ok…now have some of this”…


Hi wingsofadove:
I am wondering about all that plastic that the world has made, and how it is decomposing in the ocean and possibly into our food and water systems.
The fact that the climate is heating up and that ice is melting—and the darker land and open sea colors are sucking up more heat---------is it possible that some form of plastic could save us?
I see how the ice is important for the seals and polar bears, and that without ice there is no place for pups to be born, and without rest stops polar bears would drown in an endless sea.
I am wondering if covering the now bare spots of earth with white plastic sheeting, and creating while plastic floating islands to save the seals and bears—would it be possible to make enough sheeting to turn the dark bare areas white again—to increase the sun’s reflection back off the EARTH?

My wife insisted we be at 1,000 feet elevation above sea level this last time we moved.

Can’t say it was a bad thing.

Cool summer breezes always coming off the mountain.

Last winter was pretty cool too.

This boy’s never going to see 2050.

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Yes, we are all in planetary hospice. Most people just don’t know it because they don’t look around at the Great Dying that’s going on.


OHANCAP: I’m assuming you aren’t writing a snark and believe all the crap you just wrote? But no s/ after your words?

Climate hysteria!? No, SCIENCE is what this “pumps” out. And it really isn’t all that in-depth whatsoever. CD is not anything like a science site. I would consider CD very lightweight and more of a public information site, and too 'right/centrist Democrat for my taste to be honest, but I’ve been reading it since it started back when. Even gave a $300 donation one time.

You obviously have no clue or are seriously mis-informed which is another word for ignorant. Which can be fixed by information. But to choose to stay ignorant puts you in a category below that which starts with an ‘s’ word. Your choice.

I do, however, find it interesting you used a fossil fuel term to describe what the science is talking about. Pumps. As in oil well? HA!

Are you a bot? A paid fossil fuel troll? Or just one of the many ‘morans’ this country has produced over the last 40 years?

And before you lash back with more of your ‘trigger word’ propaganda, I’ve got the words “and SCIENCES” printed on my university degree so yes I do know what the science is saying. I even understand multi-syllable words.

Go to the link I provided and READ what more than a dozen top climate & other scientists are saying collectively. Then you might want to go to your local library and read about the Permian Extinction Event and what caused it. I’ll give you a little hint:

CO2. Lots and lots of CO2, then the explosion of Methane cooked off 95% of all life after the CO2 melted the poles. Which it is doing now if you haven’t noticed. But don’t listen to me, go READ this information for yourself.

As for the totally corrupted IPCC, it is a political committee that submits its behind-current-science findings to economists before it is allowed to be published! Capitalist oil-country economists! That ain’t science, that’s just pure ‘market’ based capitulation to propaganda put out by those that don’t want to see their quarterly profit statements shrink. So what you suggest already isn’t working.



Ha! Great parody. You had me going at first. I thought you were a delusional neoliberal sociopath! I especially liked how you saved the world for the rich. That’s rich–pun intended. Didn’t anyone tell you the neoliberal religion is dead? This sort of narcissistic delusion, shared by much of the global elite, will evaporate in the blink of an eye at the rate we are going.


Yeah, I closed my OB San Diego surf shop/fiberglassing shop in 1987 and have lived above 3,500 feet since in 4 different mountain ranges in three states teaching people how to surf snow. How long this shaky structure will hold together is a serious toss-up.

Your wife is a smart lady. Hang onto her!Thanks for that Crystal Blue Persuasion link. Been a LONG time since I heard that!



We’re all in the same boat and it won’t be only 1/2 of the boat going down.