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'The Changes Are Really Accelerating': Alaska at Record Warm While Greenland Sees Major Ice Melt

I am an Alaska resident and can corroborate this excellent article, but I have question: WHY DOES NO ONE REPORT THE FACT THAT MILLIONS OF ACRES OF ALASKAN FORESTS ARE DYING BECAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE?

I have witnessed this first hand as I own a 155 acre Preserve in Alaska and have lost a large percentage of my Spruce trees because of beetle infestation, which many reputable people attribute to the warming climate in Alaska.

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Hi PaulK: Thanks for answering.
But of course, answers bring more questions. : ) I actually wondered about material like sheets covering the dark stuff, although I suppose a dolphin would swim up under it and get caught.
I am now wondering what caused all the drought in the midwest during the 1930s, or was it overuse of land and so the top soil disappeared?
I also read somewhere that structures were put up in the desert that would allow for night coolness to help capture moisture----because that is a weird thing about deserts, in that the day they are hot but the nights can be cold.
Since food will be a problem, I am wondering if enclosed buildings and their own bee systems could save land and plants by not allowing the disruptive Round Up etc. to get into the food source ares in the first place?
Drought resistant trees would be nice----but due to all the fracking and oil extracting, I wonder if a lot of the ground water has been compromised already.
And lately too, where I live, I see planes criss crossing and leaving trails which morph into cloud covered skies------so I am already wondering about that, because if all planes left all that trailing, and the sky was blanketed, how would anyone even find any airport?
Maybe it’s just too many people and too few resources—but things aren’t looking good for humans, flora or fauna. : (

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Just checked out The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, by David Wallace-Wells from my local library, and before I read it thought I’d give this a try . . .

To summarize a far more complicated and involved process of reflection, I’m wondering if anyone out in the cyber world knows of any decent planned communities, where people might be gathering to embrace similar values of collective well-being, as we move into a truly unknown future.

My gratitude in advance for any informative feedback.

Peace to us All.

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Let’s pretend you are a person, instead of a ignorant corporate troll.
Don’t even think of moving to Canada when the USA collapses under all its stupidity and lies.
Head south: let’s see how far into the hearts of Latin Americans Trump’s Wall, the Monroe Doctrine, and all those death squads can take you and your family.


Look at his (OHANCAP) self description on his bio page:

“Austrian school economist, free market evangelist, 40+ years in business, radical anarcho-capitalist, degree in accounting from the Harvard of the Midwest.”

Basically a self described fuck-wit.


Goddess rest your sole…

Ahahahahaha. Dude, your latest comeback comment was just freaking hilarious! A self-proclaimed ‘evangelist’ talking about selling “alarmist fear-mongering” is just…Ahahahahaha I can’t stand it.

I spit iced tea out of my nostrils because of you! Ahahahahaha

sealintheSelkirks (who is obviously seriously fearful of alarmist fear-mongering threats of burning in a fiery pit for eternity)



Just a reminder of a very important thing to keep in mind: Although it is important for all citizens to be mindful of how we all contribute to our climate emergency, it is industry which is more to blame and makes the most contribution to the problem.

Humans were satisfied with life before the advent of many of our common comforts, and I’m sure the new ‘comforts’ in thirty years will blow us away - yet, it is those who produce and make those decisions about what to produce that do the most damage.

I read something recently that puts it in perspective. It is a benefit to the corporate structure if we can be made to believe that it is the ‘consumer’ that is to blame, thereby shifting focus from the heavy polluter to the common man/woman.

“But let’s pretend all this is TRUE.”

You really aren’t keeping up with the latest scientific research–or paying attention to the news, are you?

“game over except for the wealthy who will have what they need to acclimate… shut up and let free markets and capitalism produce the wealth needed to acclimate”

Free market industrialized capitalism IS the problem that is destroying the Earth: We need to rein it in and create an economic model that obeys the laws and limits of Earth. Also, it’s precisely the lifestyles of the wealthy individuals and wealthy nations that have created the lion’s share of the problem. We need to tax such wasteful extravagance out of existence. And no, we have LOTS of solutions for healing society and cooling the planet, but vast inequality must go extinct first, we need to meet the basic needs of everyone on Earth in a fair and just way, and we must re-make how we eat, live, and go places,


Trump has us too busy talking about his latest outrages. The same has happened in the Rockies and California–global warming dries the land, stressing the trees and the warming allows for larger beetle populations who destroy the weakened trees. There are ~800 million “standing dead” trees in Colorado alone.

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The world’s oligarchs of all things oil dependent are denying global warming and climate change because they want disasters and death to occur on a scale most people fear but they want to happen. In their beady eyes, global population problem solved. The Schlump and trumpco are flaming the fires of bigoted racist anti-immigration that climate refugees will meet when they must leave their once fruitful homelands.

Transportation technologies are not advancing like they should. Plug-in hybrid tech must remain as common if not more than big battery EVs which can’t really scale up. Bio-fuels and combustible hydrogen (which stores at lower pressure) for hybrid drivetrain, especially suitable for freight, delivery van, municipal bus.

Current 40’ buses do not convert to EV nor hybrid very well. More R&D on hybrid and battery bus chassis built specific to EV. No, we’re just supposed to think self-driving cars would be super keen, no wait, more than that. It’s kugot! Dianne Keaton’s famous line as pouty artist Luna in the year 2170, from Woody Allen’s “Sleepers” 1973. The self-driving cars windows were opaque and you couldn’t see where you were going, except inside the great leader compound in Southern Calinaflickula highlands.

Thank you CommonDreams for this story that I sure didn’t see on the NYTimes or The Guardian (it’s on The Guardian if you look for it). Also encouraging to read the comments. We really need to elect politicians who get it. In Arizona last November, Proposition 127, requiring 50% of utilities’ retail energy sales to come from certain types of renewable energy by 2030 was defeated after heavy investment by AZ Public Service. The main paper in the state, The Arizona Republic was against it as requiring too big and rapid a change. Like, when do you figure on starting the sustainability ball rolling? We wait and wait, but the climate does not wait. Keep pushing for action, friends!

Your free market fixes all crap is tiresome bullshit. No one here buys into it, so why waste your time.


Are you having doubts about your beloved free market and you need reassurance? Well I can tell ya’ pal, you sure ain’t gonna find it here.

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LOL, triggered are ya’? Whats the point of a diehard socialist trying to convince a diehard capitalist which is the better system?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndD23MCDF_k&ytbChannel=null. Bernie can tell you better than I can but I’ll bet you already made your mind up about him.

I feel the IPCC provides a fairly regular nice broad overall review of the science. Because they provide such an extensive review - they give the whole range of climate science predictions - including some that will prove to be pessimistic and some that will prove to be optimistic. If you look back at their first report(s) you will find that the distribution of predictions they provided were pretty much on target.
Good public policy should plan as if the somewhat pessimistic predictions are true and hope that the more optimistic ones come about.
The Powers that be are able to do this with short term planning for events like hurricanes. For example, if there’s even a 10% chance of a hurricane wiping out an area - they will call for a strong mobilization of resources, mandatory evacuations and other measures. If the hurricane does less damage than predicted, fine - they would have felt little pain themselves in being cautious. But if it does end up causing the type of damage predicted by the more pessimistic predictions, they are happy to take credit for saving the day.
With long term planning, as was/is needed for the climate crisis, the ruling class cannot muster the same philosophy, as they are too enamored with the attraction of their short term exploitations of the planet. This leaves us with some planning as if the most optimistic predictions are correct (Paris climate agreements and the like) and the others simply ignoring the mountains of evidence.

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Didn’t you guys hear Sec’y Pompeo enthusing about future profits from the coming banana and pineapple plantations in Alaska? Think of all the ag jobs created for the poor natives up there accustomed to mushing to work and school through frozen dog poop!
A future paradise on earth thanks to the Trump admin.


I have never heard about this in Colorado…thanks.

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OHANCAP: You asked for any example of Capitalism that shows an objection, and any ‘assertions’ of Socialism.

Socialism. Which, by the way, Bernie Sanders is definitely NOT. He’s an old school FDR ‘New Deal’ capitalist with a foreign policy rivaling corporate-owned ‘Killer Tuesdays’ Obama but with a much better national social policy who got completely cheated out of the DNC primary and then licked the toes of corrupt corporate Capitalist Hillary instead of blasting the vicious b**ch. When Wikileaks published the DNC insider-released emails personally handed to ex-British Ambassador Craig Murray in a DC park proving what they had done; it was amazing just how quickly they hid the truth by blowing dog whistles about ‘russia hack’ instead of actually facing their own words and deeds.

I will NEVER vote for Bernie. End of rant.

Well, okay, no problem about showing you evidence. It is VERY easy to prove just how disastrous the end result of Capitalism is.

Ever play Monopoly all the way to the end of the game? I mean to the last dollar, the last piece of property? Tell me in your own words what it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. No? Okay, I’ll tell you then.

One person owning everything, everyone else living in cardboard boxes in on the street without a Monopoly dollar to their name…starving in the streets.

Whoopsie! Sounds like what we’ve got going on all over the country doesn’t it? Do you look at the homeless you walk by? Make eye contact? Ever take a homeless person to lunch or dinner and TALK with them? You might learn something (though some are pretty spacey I must admit).

Since Monopoly the game was invented by a woman trying to teach the ignorant in this country (like you) about the dangers facing them from this insidious form of slavery (total economic control by the wealthy), it somehow turned into ‘fun for the whole family’ as one person impoverishes the rest. Never noticed it was much fun for all the losers, though. Kids cry when they get ripped off.

To really play it the way Capitalism is being run today, use loaded dice and only allow one person to control the rolls. And make up new rules when needed (like buying politicians who are supposed to regulate).

Oh, and make sure that one person starts off with a million dollars while the rest of you just get the usual $2,500. It’ll make the game SO MUCH more realistic and it won’t take half the night to finish the game. There is only one end result.

Then there is this about the Capitalists that run this country:

US Government Knew Climate Risks in 1970s, National Petroleum Council Documents Show


As for Socialism, try the game called Anti-Monopoly. Very different outcome. But then you probably won’t like it because…people end up working together for common causes which you obviously don’t understand too well. Cooperative behavior seems to be out of your range of experience.

Now OHANCAP, go play Monopoly and don’t you get to be the millionaire. See what it feels like to be on the other end of the stick. I dare ya! Then buy the Anti-Monopoly game and see how that makes you feel.

Enough said.

dpearl: The IPCC has been years behind the latest science forever, refuses to add in very important information like Arctic Methane releases, hands their watered down info to ECONOMISTS to edit before releasing!!!

Totally corrupted by politicians most (nearly all?) of whom are either Capitalists and/or owned by corporate Oligarchs.Your use of "somewhat pessimistic predictions’ has become sadly somewhat of a joke because we’ve gone so far past pessimistic… Please, go read my Arctic-news link in a previous posting here. Read back into the postings of the scientists who jointly publish under the name ‘Sam Carena.’

Shantiananda: I just drove from my place here in the Selkirks that is looking like a gap-toothed old dog from all the clearcut logging (in every direction I look) across the Panhandle of Idaho and through Missoula to Butte Montana. First trip that far in 15 years. The dead trees and ‘salvage logging’ and the incredible number of mountains with the logging ops cute use of a few scraggly trees across the tops of the ridges to make it look not-so-bad was mind boggling. It’s everywhere up here.

I read recently that it’s been calculated that the remaining trees on the planet are not enough to absorb the amount of CO2 being released from the clearcuts going on in the Amazon. And, just for information, we are up to 84 football fields a minute being clearcut on the planet 24/7/365.

We are breathing more CO2 than our bodies were evolved to or ever have in our existence on this planet. Studies show that there is a point where CO2 makes our primate species DUMBER, unable to think as well. Cognitive degeneration starts to happen. That’s all we need, eh?

Oh, and we’re now over 500 tornadoes so far in the Midwest this Spring and I understand today is another ho-hum day full of the same. Nope, nothing to see here!!!

Here’s one for the anti-science crowd:


Folks, Here’s a fun way to learn why OHANCAP cannot learn:

Do something fun every day, people.