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The Changing Politics of Free Trade — Politicians are Finally Listening


The Changing Politics of Free Trade — Politicians are Finally Listening

Patrick Woodall

Last month, the air conditioner manufacturer Carrier told 1,400 workers in Indianapolis that their middle-class jobs were being offshored to Mexico. Carrier would slash its labor costs since its new workers would earn only about 10 percent of what the United Steelworkers earned in Indiana.

This is the real face of free trade deals. Workers that could afford to own their own homes and send their kids to college have had their economic security sacrificed on the altar of free trade.


To the dumping of all and everything into the TTIP sacrifice zone one message:
I can't go for that. No can do


It should have been easy for the politicians hear, but the agreements secretly were hammered out in the catacombs of democracy.


Thanks Patrick Woodall for your years of hard work to organize opposition, pressure Congress, and bring the issue of these phony, corporate-written "trade" agreements before the public!


Hillary does support TPP. Her lips are moving, though.


Harold Meyerson also debunks the Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value.

WaPo let him go shortly thereafter.


If it was about free trade then why does it it have all the other Bullshit in it.....Why was it secrete...The supporters of it proclaim its greatness yet no one can show me in the agreement where it is good for anyone except the powers that be......Trade is good but this is fraud...They try to pass it off as good but we all know they are lying thru their teeth..The TPP rhetoric is all about the bullshit factor.....They have all been paid off and they are earning their money to perpetuate the lie..example (Obama)......Here is a title for a new book that needs to be written....How to get rich by screwing the public.....Become a Senator or congressman then President...Here is your ticket to riches..