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'The Charade Is Over': CBO Reveals Democrat-Backed Bill Really Just Big Gift to Wall Street


'The Charade Is Over': CBO Reveals Democrat-Backed Bill Really Just Big Gift to Wall Street

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Providing further evidence that the bank deregulation bill currently sailing through the Senate—with the essential help of 12 Democrats—is more about enriching large financial institutions than helping community banks, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated in a report unveiled late Monday that the bipartisan measure would exempt big banks from st


Pretty soon, income taxes will be directly deposited to the banks in order to streamline the process and cut out the middle man–the IRS.


But, as the D-Party apologists never cease to remind us, the Reagan Revolution is perpetual and the D-Party has no choice but to embrace and advance it.

Thus, lefties must make peace with the drift ever rightward and learn to accept whatever the big donors care to foist upon us.

Well, I for one won’t be voting R or D. The center cannot hold, we’re being frogmarched into oligarchy. Fuck that.


“Why would any member of Congress vote to move us closer to another taxpayer bailout of large financial institutions?” Asks Bernie Sanders.

“For the daily payoffs from criminals in black suits working in tall building,” says I.


We peon citizens have no country.


oK, LOTE voters - let’s hear the excuses. Come on.


Makes me wonder if the lame stream is obscuring an historically unprecedented shift of the “middle class” from the thieves dens to local banks and credit unions. Such a wave could produce an undertow on the former sufficient to push a reset button. Fear the abyss?


Isn’t that exactly what they have been wanting to do with Social Security forever?


or better yet, don’t f---- around with it at all.
In the words of Monty Python… “Now for something completely different”.


Is it fish, fowl, or something else? If we lived under a free market system, banks would be allowed to fail. If we lived under socialism, banks wouldn’t be privately owned. The duopoly won’t give us a straight answer, prefering to toggle between them depending on circumstances. Pretty sweet deal—for them.


Since when does something being backed by 12 out of 49 “Dems” people mean the “Dem Party” backs it? Shouldn’t the headline read “certain Democrat backed bill”? Unfortunately, unlike Canada or the UK where where there is much more party discipline, the leadership cannot make everyone vote with the party - and if they could, I don’t think anyone would like that either.

It’s all useless anyway here on Common Dreams, because even furthest left Democrats that criticize these twelve recalcitrant members get savagely attacked, Lord-of-the-Flies style for mythological reasons.


Another useful example of how the current Democratic party is no more than the other “wing of the same bird of prey”. Again they have proven themselves to be less than useless and an active part of the oppressive kleptocracy. Our options going forward are reduced to either a physical mutiny and purging of the old neoliberal DNC leadership, or completely abandoning the party en masse, leaving them on the side of the road with their Romney-Bush-Clinton ideology to compete with the full blown Nazi Republicans. It is getting much too late in the game to be wasting our time with these F@#&-wads any longer.


It amazes me that writers, pundits, and regular people STILL believe that the Damnocrats are an “opposition party” standing for “We the People” against the Evil Rethuglicans. I suppose they also believe there is a land bridge from New York to Europe.


Bernie(and now his son) is all we have.


(Sigh…) Keep waiting for a great messiah…


I agree, but I must be getting older than I think. I would have used the word bribe instead of payoffs.


I want to see how many comments I have to read before I get to the inevitable “lets vote the bastards out” comment. Like that still is an option…Some People never learn…,


The same people think there’s only two choices at the voting booth.


The brainwashing is hard to break. People would rather believe anything else then what they have been taught their entire lives was nothing but a lie. Truth hurts…


damn dems at it again. we need a new third party Now!