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The CiA and Me (Or How I Learned Not to Love Big Brother)


The CiA and Me (Or How I Learned Not to Love Big Brother)

Alfred W. McCoy

Note from TomDispatch: This piece has been adapted and expanded from the introduction to Alfred W. McCoy’s new book, In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power.


Just more reasons why the CIA, and probably the other 16 U. S. “intelligence” agencies need to be permanently shut down. They have caused far, far more hurt than help in U. S. history. They exist to help the powerful and corporate interests, not those of the American people in general, and certainly not the greater good of the planet. Donnie Trump inadvertently spilled some of the beans when he told the truth recently that the real reason we were ever in Afghanistan is to get control of it’s vast, untapped mineral wealth, not some high-minded pursuit of terrorists, or to bring democracy and equality to that devastated country. No, doing away with the government’s “black budget” would not lead to the end of the United States, but it might lead to the end of our selfish dominating of others for our own (questionable) economic gain.


Why is the author still calling it a “democracy” when he himself is still apparently under persecutory surveillance?


What an evil nest of vipers dominating the entire USA … with pervasive corruption of the ruling classes …


Fascinating read.


First, Common Dreams affords all of us a unique real time discussion of whatever we wish and we owe them a debt of thanks for it. Chip in if you can for their fundraiser. Second. We would not have 17 secret spy agencies if they did not do evil, criminal things. It is why they are secret; why our military is secret, our bases are secret and we own them; our wars are secret now censored by Sinclair, Gannett and the rest of the corporate mass media journalistic imposters. The game is money on Planet Bozo. The poppies you never see burned by the CIA provide heroin, money honey; the heroin from the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia, dealt and harvested by the CIA and mob for the money honey; ALL of which is laundered by the World Bank of International Settlements (one at the top) and then duly banked in tax free numbered Swiss accounts while Billy Bob and Frank get their heads blown off for Jesus a Prince of Peace stealing Iraq’s oil for more than 14 years. SOoooo everybody knows the game, the money game, the question now and for infinitum is how do we get control back of this manifest destiny of crazy white boys on viagra and their mass murdering delusions of adequacy. Thank you Common Dreams. I love my country and I think we are at critical mass and we are going to implode or rocket into the correct path leaving all the flatheads behind. Power to the people. peace. Press on. WE are winning!


Will “#TheResistance” that laps up every Russophobic tidbit tossed to them by these bastards, regardless of its veracity, learn a lesson from this?

I could use the easy money a wager on such would realize.


Great article, but it could have mentioned Gary Webb by name in the discussion of crack in the 80s:



I enjoyed this article very much. I was sent to Vietnam in 1971 after being drafted the prior year. In Danang we lived in hooches, one of which was all heroin users. I never joined them there but went to a gathering of servicemen at a MP compound on the edge of the South China Sea, also where my company compound was located. While there everybody was sitting around the large room smoking weed. I joined in though regretting it later as the high continued on for a few days, I was afraid this would not go away, asked someone who was there, he told me the joints were laced with opium. My one and only experience with that drug.


I thought the same thing as I was reading the article–I wondered why he never even mentions the drugs brought into the country during the Contra war, let alone Gary Webb’s research. Thanks for the links to articles about Gary Webb–we should not let him be forgotten.


Read the Gemstone Files. They’re online. It doesn’t matter if you believe in conspiracy theories, everyone needs to read the Gemstone Files. We are led like sheep.


I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

It appears to me that there are much more important players than the CIA running the drug trade.

A 2016 Paul Craig Roberts article included the following insight (see immediately below) from Michael Hudson’s recent book, Killing the Host, which, in part, recounts that the State Department got the financial sector involved in drug money laundering during the 1980s. Since the U.S., due to its policy of perpetual warfare, has continued to have a balance of payments problem, there’s no reason to believe such laundering has ever ceased.

This would explain why Wall Street has never been held accountable for the 2008 crash: My guess is that Wall Street CEOs could reveal to the general public that the current U.S. heroin epidemic and other societal drug related ills and related deaths are the result of federal government policy.

If the general American public were to learn that its federal government is purposely funding its wars by creating a consumer base of drug addicts within it citizen population, one might expect that all hell would break loose.

Why Michael Hudson is the World’s Best Economist – Feb 3, 2016 – Paul Craig Roberts – Counterpunch

Hudson’s next task was to estimate the amount of money from crime going into Switzerland’s secret banking system. In this investigation, his last for Chase, Hudson discovered that under US State Department direction Chase and other large banks had established banks in the Caribbean for the purpose of attracting money into dollar holdings from drug dealers in order to support the dollar (by raising the demand for dollars by criminals) in order to balance or offset Washington’s foreign military outflows of dollars. If dollars flowed out of the US, but demand did not rise to absorb the larger supply of dollars, the dollar’s exchange rate would fall, thus threatenting the basis of US power. By providing offshore banks in which criminals could deposit illicit dollars, the US government supported the dollar’s exchange value.

Hudson discovered that the US balance of payments deficit, a source of pressure on the value of the US dollar, was entirely military in character. The US Treasury and State Department supported the Caribbean safe haven for illegal profits in order to offset the negative impact on the US balance of payments of US military operations abroad. In other words, if criminality can be used in support of the US dollar, the US government is all for criminality.

When it came to the economics of the situation, economic theory had not a clue. Neither trade flows nor direct investments were important in determining exchange rates. What was important was “errors and omissions,” which Hudson discovered was an euphemism for the hot, liquid money of drug dealers and government officials embezzling the export earnings of their countries.

The problem for Americans is that both political parties regard the needs of the American people as a liability and as an obstacle to the profits of the military/security complex, Wall Street and the mega-banks, and Washington’s world hegemony. The government in Washington represents powerful interest groups, not American citizens. This is why the 21st century consists of an attack on the constitutional protections of citizens so that citizens can be moved out of the way of the needs of the Empire and its beneficiaries.


Hard to believe that dishonest people work in high places. I feel so safe with these thugs. Moral compass must be missing.


Two comments:

First, I can confirm that the CIA was involved in the SE Asia heroin trade. My father flew money and guns into Laos during the Vietnam era and flew opium out. He wan’t supposed to tell anybody that, of course, but before he died he told me that’s what he was doing there. So, although it’s hearsay, I can say what McCoy never did. Yes, they did it.

Secondly, I disagree that dishonest people had their “moral compass missing”. My dad was a career Navy man and worked for the agency twice, his last stint for Air America. In WW II he won the Navy Cross for leading a squadron of torpedo bombers against the Yamato and scored a direct hit that slowed the world’s largest battleship down and others finished it off within hours of the first strike, which my father delivered.

He was a “My country, right or wrong but nevertheless my country” kind of guy. I loved him very much. I am sure he was ambivalent about his complicity in the drug trade. And quite sure he never fully understood how devastating the heroin epidemic became and how much it actually hurt the country he thought he was protecting.


As I remember, Gary Webb’s suicide took 2 bullets.


I’m not liking the suicide, I’m liking the remembering 2 rounds.


Absolutely fascinating. I had read his book years ago, and during my year in Southeast Asia became personally aware of the CIA drug trafficking.

This article is excellent, and provides so much perspective. He is to be admired for his courage in speaking truth to power.


I’m very cynical, and it is very easy to believe that dishonest people work in high places. Power does indeed corrupt, and many if not most humans are quite corruptible.

The entire Bush Administration was a gang of dishonest thieves.