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The CIA and the Myths of the Bin Laden Raid


The CIA and the Myths of the Bin Laden Raid

Peter Maass

If you read the sketchy New York Times article on the Delta Force raid into Syria a few days ago — how an ISIS leader was killed when he “tried to engage” American commandos while his fighters used women and children as shields, and an 18-year-old slave was freed with no civilian casualties thanks to “very precise fire” — you can be forgiven for thinking, “Haven’t I seen this movie before?”


You are absolutely right. The corporate oligarchy understands the power of culture to shape thought and behavior. They’ve been pumping out militaristic, violence worshiping racist, mysoginist, and antisocial movies music and TV for decades. We have to understand the power of culture as well and to create and spread progressive culture with working class values of solidarity and community. I’'ve dedicated much of my life to this effort.


Ah, the power of myth (narrative that suits your purposes)… CIA asset, Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden) died in late 2001. Renal failure.


It starts with Comics and Video Games. Anyone that discounts the propaganda value of Social Media is also a prime target. Madison Avenue is the master of manipulating perception. Many Americans are willing to believe anything at all if it contains the claim “America is Better”.


Well its 22:32 EDT and I could only stand about 20 minutes of the “Frontline” program that Mr. Maass so enthusiastically recommended. Nothing but slick corporate PBS propaganda crap with slick hollywoodesque graphics and big-government and corporate media NYT and WaPo talking heads. When that CIA lawyer said that before 2001 the CIA never imprisoned anyone, that is all I could stand…


The chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Committee Dianne Feinstein says in the Frontline report that she left after watching 15 minutes , it was such a fabrication.


It’s not just that the majority of people hear and believe the myths put out by FOX and the other MSM; it is that they never hear anything else.


That’s exactly why I have refused to watch that silly propaganda film. Anyone who watched that movie was basically asking to be lied to.