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'The Claims Are False': Joe Biden Denies He Sexually Assualted Former Senate Aide Tara Reade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/01/claims-are-false-joe-biden-denies-he-sexually-assualted-former-senate-aide-tara

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The fact that he point-blank refuses to allow his U. of Delaware records be searched for the filed complaint is the most damning of all, especially since his sent a delegation of his campaign team to scour them last month. We’re supposed to believe him that ‘that’s not where the complaint would be?’ Right.


It sounds like he never had sex with that woman.


Biden is nearly as big a liar as Trump. Reade isn’t the only claimant of abuse from Biden. The Dims must to better but their deafness and arrogance prevent them from doing so.


Says every rapist or sexual assault perpetrator ever. The thing is this. A denial demonstrates nothing. What is required is an investigation of the evidence and of the facts. With all of those hands on little girls , and touchy touchy touchy videos of Biden sniffing hair and groping , with other complaints made against him by other women, one can not take Biden at his word.

Yes there have been false claims of assaults made before but these are few and people have to wonder as to why Mr Biden would be singled out for such. The guy has a record of falsehoods as well.


Interesting that Biden campaign should state that the culture that existed 20 odd years ago should be changed. That implies Biden acted under an old habit he no longer finds acceptible.

It is not too late to open up the convention, folks.


He’s lying like Kavanaugh. There always seems to be a decent chance for ‘upper class’ to have those skeletons in their closets.


We will never have prima facie evidence-- we weren’t there. But… Biden has a long record. His words and his descriptions of his actions have been consistent: self-inflating, John Wayne-type posturing, shrill pandering to powerful people and groups (Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, W, Bill Clinton, Clarence Thomas, etc). He has lied so much he has created a fictitious personal history-- fairy tale-- that he believes.
His actions are that of a psychopath. He dodged the draft to avoid dying for his country but is a full bore war hawk. He serves the banksters. He touches, sniffs and rapes because he can, because he has power and he believes he’s entitled to it.
Compare his story to Tara Reade’s. He’s lying.



The ONLY news in this article is the very last sentence:

“There is only one place a complaint of this kind could be—the National Archives,” Biden said. “If there was ever any such complaint, the record will be there.”

Well Uncle Joe, you might have forgotten about your senate record that is sealed, but only from the public:

A University of Delaware spokeswoman told *[Business Insider]that Biden campaign operatives accessed the archive in the spring of 2019 after he announced his candidacy on April 25, but stressed no one had accessed it since the university’s library closed in mid-March due to the coronavirus.

In other words, campaign ‘operatives’ are allowed to see the records. In fact, they did- after Reade first brought up her claim, but before it went public. Perhaps those operatives had no interest in specific records related to Reade’s claim. Even so, it would seem that not only do the operatives still have access, so do other government entities. They are, after all, only sealed from the PUBLIC.

While it may not be permissible to share details of the records, certainly it should be permissible to share content in a more general ‘redacted’ form. So then, why has the media not pursued this avenue? More directly: WHY Uncle Joe did you ‘forget’ that the National Archives are NOT the only place that records related to Reade’s claims could be found? Is it a case of willful senility? If so, you must be complimented. For the issue of your senility is a well-documented argument.


There have been women lie about assaults before , and here I speak specifically of white women that lied about what a Black man did to them that ended up in a lynching of the latter across the South in the USA but in the fact majority of cases the lies are against people of less power then more. The reason for this being obvious. Women are afraid of speaking up against men in power due to how that power will be used against them. Many will remain silent simply because they feel going up against men in power will make things even worse.

It is for this reason , along with the past record of Mr Biden,that I have no reason to doubt the allegations made against him by Ms Reade. For much the same reasons I take the victims word over Prince Andrews when she claimed he raped her. There no reason a woman would challenge these people of power and then have their name dragged through the mud by all the forces then mobilized against them.


That’s the whole idea. Reade is absolutely believable, especially since her mother’s anonymous call to Larry King surfaced – but she’s been just as believable for a long time. It would have been inconvenient for M$MBS to allow this to surface before Super Tuesday, when some miraculous simultaneous revelation caused everyone (except Bernie) to suddenly realize they hadn’t actually meant to run for President.

Perhaps a few of us remember this episode, even though it seems like decades ago. It was the bump-Bernie-out brilliant strategem, looking about as spontaneous as Sunday Mass. If Reade’s story had been allowed access to frontpages back then, it would have screwed up their strategem.

Okay, we got rid of Bernie, whew! Now we need someone with a lower level of cognitive dysfunction and dementia than ByeDone. It seems to be getting worse daily, and poor Joe might be visibly drooling by November. Maybe we can “open up the convention” to install the people’s choice: Andrew Cuomo?

There’s even talk (too horrible a thought to contemplate) of designating Hillary to tank us again. Tank you. Tank you very much.


So… he forgot. OR he’s lying.

Anyone believe Biden can remember all the women he’s “man-handled” over the years?

Actually the best part of the Joe-show is watching the ruling elites in the democratic party squirm, lest they be seen as hypocrites.

“How do Democrats square they’re essentially standing by Biden but they’re using a comparatively different standard with Kavanaugh when you demanded an investigation on Justice Kavanaugh–?”

Pelosi: “I respect your question and I don’t need a lecture or a speech.”


What an exceptional country the USA is. Your choice for president is between Liar #1 and Liar #2. Or between Predator #1 or Predator #2. Or between Dementia #1 or Dementia #2. BOTH parties are wholly owned by their corporate oligarch masters and anyone who still supports either party at this point has severe cognitive issues.


No to Trump. No to Biden. No to Cuomo, who would never consider taxing the rich. No to anyone who wouldn’t tax the rich. The rich need to be taxed severly, and an acceptable candidate needs to respect women.


When Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault, Biden said people should “start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real, whether or not she forgets facts.”


Hillary’s experience as leader of the ‘Bimbo Eruption Squad’ during her husband’s tenure certainly qualify her to be Joe’s VP.


Memo to Women
From the DNC Wing of the GOP-DNC Corporate Junta
Written by Lawrence Summers

Remain silent. The truth today is always only a weapon. We must imagine there is an objective truth. Those who present claims of objective, non-weaponized “truth” are fascists! They always have an ulterior motive! “Truth” is purely subjective, purely relative!! That means anyone who says “This is the objective truth” must be lying! She must be trying to dominate and manipulate us! That, my friends, is 21st Century Epistemology 101!!

In this case, the ulterior motive of these self-proclaimed “truth”-tellers is to drag down Biden. Tara Reade and the whole lot of them are trying to drag down Biden so they can elevate Trump!! That is their tactic! Their “truth” – like all “truths” – is nothing but a battle tactic. Every communication is part of a battle! A war of each against all!

Effect means intention!! That’s a basic rule for all discourse! If words produce a bad effect for us, then by golly the person who spoke them or wrote them was trying to produce that bad effect!! That’s why we have to silence them! They are fascists! Remember, words have no significance apart from the effect they produce! That’s Semiology 101!

What are we, some kind of damn Platonists? When the hell did we start believing in anything except raw power?? Might makes Right!! And damn it we’re the ones who are right cuz we got the might! So stop all this hand-wringing over sexual assault and Uncle Joe’s sickness of soul! That stuff only matters when we’re the ones weaponizing it! Joe’s one of us!! And when it’s one of us, well then by golly boys will be boys and that’s just human nature. Besides, Reade is just a liar cuz she says she’s telling the objective truth about what really happened and anyone who says that must be a liar cuz there is no objective truth. Period!

Let’s be perfectly clear. In this case, we are called to protect the DNC wing of the GOP-DNC junta, cuz dontcha know it is more liberal and believes in cool stuff like freedom to marry and freedom to change your gender! Who cares about those other issues like an economy in the Ruling Class’s gold-plated toilet and the Forever War bleeding humanity dry?!

So we gotta stay quiet about the truth of the sad sack Biden and his wretched lecherous leering and groping and raping and total lack of character. We gotta stay quiet cuz if we don’t then OH NO THE HORROR trumpdump will get reelected and there’ll be a wretched lecherous leering and groping and raping sad sack in the White House for another four years! And dammit we just can’t afford that during this critical time where humanity is plummeting into absolute darkness and barbarism! Save us Uncle Joe!!

But Joe can’t save us if someone goes around telling the truth about him, and anyway there is no truth cuz words are all lies all the time and there is no culture anymore, no humanity, there never was since man crawled out of the slime, there’s only greed and vice and Greed is Good! Man is a vicious animal by nature, there is no joy, no beauty, no love, no goodness, no morality, that’s all a poet’s dream, there’s only war and dammit we gotta win the war cuz the other side is pure evil!!!


Hey Jake! I like your stuff, but a little more reporting on this could have gone a long way:

In 2012, Biden delivered 1,875 boxes of photographs, documents, videotapes, files and 415 gigabytes of electronic records to his alma mater, the University of Delaware. They covered his entire 36-year Senate career. At the time, the university said it expected to make the papers available to the public two years after Biden’s last day in elected public office. Biden left the vice presidency in January 2017, and January 2019 came and went with no papers released. Then, on April 24, 2019, the day before he announced his candidacy, the university announced that the papers would now remain sealed until December 31, 2019, or until two years after Biden retires from public life, whichever came later. That means Americans likely won’t learn what’s in his papers before they vote for president this fall.[The Atlantic 4/30/20]

And it just so happened that Biden’s campaign operatives DID access those records just prior to Biden’s announcement. Could that have anything to do with the decision by the university to extend the seal time?

If Biden does not unseal those records- in full- one must conclude that he has something to hide. In the typical court of public opinion, this would merit a unanimous ‘guilty’ verdict. But one must remember that the court of public opinion is overseen and guided by the MSM. It will be interesting to see how the MSM can ‘disappear’ this topic to they extent that it so impressively ‘disappeared’ the Epstein one.


Bringing in the QueenOfChaos would remove any lingering miniscule vestige of a chance for me voting LOTE.


UPDATE: Biden just asked the National Archives to share any information related to Tara Reade. In an interview with MSNBC he said: “Look, Mika, she said she filed a report, she has her employment records still… if the report was ever filed, it was filed there. Period.” In fact, Reade did say that she filed a report. Let’s see what comes out of this.

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Of course he’s going to lie and deny, what else could he do now? Do not accept this. Both Trump and Biden are corrupt, senile sexual predators who are totally unacceptable to be POTUS. Refuse to vote for either one of them and cast a blank ballot for POTUS in November. We must burn the Democratic Party to the ground so the left can take it over and rebuild it for working poor people. Stand firm and remain #NeverBiden.