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The Class Politics of Coronavirus Responses in the Americas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/29/class-politics-coronavirus-responses-americas

I’m sure I’m not the first to say that if the Democrats didn’t exist

The Republicans would have had to invent them

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The biggest failure of the Democrats, IMHO, is not to have insisted (i.e. no deal otherwise) on allocating at least $33B to a federally coordinated national program of testing, contact tracing and all-expenses-paid quarantine of all contacts across the country, and mobilizing the National Guard to roll it out quickly. ($33B = $100 per capita, which is just a guesstimate; feel free to make your own.)

If they had done that, we’d be able to safely reopen the economy just like they’ve done in South Korea, New Zealand and of course China. And if Trump had vetoed it and the Senate not overridden that veto, the Democrats would be able to blame them quite justifiably, and even Wall Street would be appalled by what they’d done.

As it is, we’re heading for a second wave anyway, but with everybody blaming everyone else as usual.

Just found another CD article on what needs to be done, but for some reason that article seems content to leave it up to Trump to get it done!

" Reminder to the Press: Trump’s Deadly Covid-19 Failures Are Still Happening"

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There is current federal funding for contact tracing that expires MAY 31…tomorrow and Trump says he will not extend the funding and states will be on their own

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Universal basic income at least for the duration if not permanent would be the best way to deal with most of the problems, maybe even including Bernie Sanders’ suspended campaign. It should make almost everyone happy, even many conservatives who would never consider it otherwise. This may be our only chance to pass a measure that would make this country an almost infinitely better place. It would take one hell of a rebellion but we already have the beginnings of one going. Why not give it a real reason to exist?