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The Classified '28 Pages': A Diversion From Real US-Saudi Issues


The Classified '28 Pages': A Diversion From Real US-Saudi Issues

Gareth Porter

The controversy surrounding the infamous “28 pages” on the possible Saudi connection with the terrorists that were excised from the joint Congressional report on the 9/11 attacks is at fever pitch. But that controversy is a distraction from the real problems that Saudi Arabia’s policies pose to the United States and the entire Middle East region.


Cave men fly plane into building. Building fall down. Film at 9/11.


... And Lee Harvey Oswald had to be set up as the patsy, too.

Remember? He went to Russia. A spy!

Elaborate plots are set up in a manner that resembles the novelist's use of purposeful loose clues.

These plots take lots of intelligent people so deep down rabbit holes that they entirely lose sight of what IS true.

Here's a helpful set of hints:




Thank you for this excellent URL.

It is amazing, not only for the graphics but also for the qualifications of the people interviewed. These architects and engineers really know what they are talking about - and there are 1,500 of them in the group.

I knew there was something wrong when, within a very few days after 9/11, they began loading ships with the steel from the towers and shipping it to (they said, at the time, Japan, but this video says China). The steel was probably still warm.

Why were they in such a rush to get the steel out of the country - or even to take it out of the country at all? That could only mean that they did not want to have it analyzed. This quick shipping was obviously a sly and sneaky move, but the media made nothing of it.


While it's impossible to rate which is the worst, the inception of the NSA, the plot to assassinate JFK, and the true architects of 911... all will go down as some of the most lethal events to the world, at large.

What I find utterly incomprehensible are the sub-plots to the official story... and Event. And I'm mostly talking about the way bounty hunters (in Afghanistan and places nearby) were paid to collect human beings to serve as second tier patsies... props in the illusory War on Terror which was nothing but an elaborate ONGOING crime against Humanity. It utilized the pretense of terror (from outside) to conduct already planned wars (See: Project For a New American Century) of terror.

The event, therefore, siphoned something in the order of $7 trillion into the MIC and its galaxy of weapons' producers and suppliers.

As if THAT strategy would make the world safer!

Now, with millions of people killed, harmed, demoralized, or displaced, the neocons continue to push THEIR diabolical version of events.

Meanwhile, the planet is generating its own opposition to these morally bankrupt policies in the form of newly activated (after centuries, in some instances, of dormancy) volcanoes, massive storms, droughts, floods, a seeming epidemic of sink holes and so much else.

The TRUTH is self-evident.

The Air Defense was hardly called down by 19 amateur Saudi pilots.

The hole in the Pentagon that was obviously NOT made by an actual plane was closed off to any cameras.

The materials (hint: Nano thermite) at the burn scene were carted off tout suite to China.

Oh, and the story was at the ready, preserved passport and all (a la Hollywood script) for the presses... before ANY investigation, compromised or otherwise, could get underway.

Add in the fear and trauma, the Anthrax letters, Bush's quasi religious call to a New Crusades and subsequent call to vengeance... Add in a media closed off to any voices that might be so bold as to question war fever or the Official Narrative... and the Case was FIXED FOR WAR.

So the ones who fixed the case calling for the "worst of the worst" to be put into animal pens at Guantamo were really talking about themselves.

The Universe arcs towards justice on its own time-line. The law of karma will not be mocked. Those who unleashed such vile terror that the damage is beginning to compete with the numbers who died during W.W. II... will be exposed.

Obviously not sooner... but later eventually arrives.

One more thing: Since the TRUTH is so evidently out there, the pundits who still refer to the Official Story have won my distrust. And while it's true that MANY within the Deep State labyrinth are kept on very short leashes (that "Need to know basis" thing)... and therefore are so focused on minutiae as to miss the big picture; I still don't think that justifies the voluntary blindness that has them look away from all the quite credible sources that present cases that at minimum, call into question all components of The Official Story.

This isn't about "mistakes were made." This was a massive contrivance that undermined the rule of law, civil liberties, the use of the U.S. military, and violated just about every treaty starting with the Magna Carta and extending beyond to modern-day Constitutional guarantees. (As NSA figures learned from the Nazis, during war militarists can get away with bending or breaking just about EVERY law.)