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The Clean Deal: A Strategy for Healing and Renewal


The Clean Deal: A Strategy for Healing and Renewal

Robert Freeman

The country needs to heal. It can do that by renewing itself. Both are possible, but only if the parties put aside their treasured shibboleths and commit to a twenty-first century economic renaissance, a Clean Deal. The harkening to Roosevelt’s New Deal is intentional.


"The twenty-first century will be owned by the country that best learns to do without dwindling fossil fuels and the calamitous imperial overstretch that is attendant on seizing them. For, does anyone really believe the U.S.’s future will be claimed by continuing to invade and destroy Muslim countries in the Middle East? Provoking war with Russia? Attacking China? That is a future of folly."

Indeed. Unfortunately, the US dollar is based upon global petroleum control (and continued consumption) and the dollar's role as the world's de facto reserve currency. The hole dug is deep and wide, while "leadership" is shallow and narrow.


The Green Party platform already has the "Green New Deal" which employs the unemployed while transitioning the nation to clean renewable energy.