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The Climate Change Fight Cannot Be Won with White Liberal America Alone


The Climate Change Fight Cannot Be Won with White Liberal America Alone

Raúl Grijalva

The biggest issue in conservation – bigger than any mining project, power plant or climate plan – is diversity. The environmental movement needs to start looking like modern America. To continue our proud American legacy of protecting our environment, we need to adapt.


The issue really isn’t who’s part of the movement and its leadership, but whether the movement and its leadership are fighting for us all.

I could care less if Sierra has a black president. The country does, and what has that done for black folks?

If there’s a profound commitment to those most affected by environmental injustice, the organizations involved in that struggle will naturally be diverse.

Grijalva’s correct in saying there isn’t

And so they aren’t.

But a leader’s skin color only matters when it reflects the demands of the community they hail from, and not an empty gesture to identity politics.


Well one thing to consider is that people who have a household income of 120000$$ a year have a bit more time en energy to spend on social causes then someone working 50 hour weeks and earning minimum wage.


If I’m not mistaken, America’s leading contribution to climate change is traffic smoke, pouring massive amounts of soot and oil particles into the air daily. America never forgave Jimmy Carter for urging them to drive less. Private ownership of motor vehicles defines the middle class, and they have (since the 1970s) fought every effort to invest in a modern, affordable, mass transportation system.


Isn’t the Nature Conservancy, lots of white liberal there, actually using land purchases to drive Indigenous People from their lands in NE Brazil? Foxes, meet the henhouse’s board of directors, they’d like to discuss adding more security patrols.


Not in Portland, Oregon. We’re adding our 4th light rail line in Sept. Probably why Bush the Elder referred to the place as "Little Beirut ". Oil men, manly men for sure, wonder about that stuff. Just think, if you never owned a 2004 or newer auto, rode a bike as your primary mode of transport, left your cell phone at home and used the light rail; ol’ Poppy Bush of the CIA would have to guess where you buy groceries. Provided you paid with cash. That 'll keep them up at night, wondering whether it’s a Dole or a Chiquita, in that bag


“The Climate Change Fight Cannot Be Won with White Liberal America Alone”(?)

75% of all Americans, regardless of race, hold liberal environmental views. That’s why in the end, liberals always win.