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'The Climate Crisis Doesn't Go on Summer Holiday, And Neither Will We,' Says Greta Thunberg as #FridaysforFuture Returns to the Streets

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/05/climate-crisis-doesnt-go-summer-holiday-and-neither-will-we-says-greta-thunberg


Fantastic! Imagine if all our kids and college students said we will not return to school until action is taken on our ecological crisis, imagine if everyone of their grandparents supported them physically too, then all the rest join as they can… We can do this and stop the Death Culture Machine. It can lead to strikes across the board and total, rolling non cooperation.


“And a little child shall lead them…”


“…remember when you were young, you shone like the sun, shine on you crazy diamond…”


The trick is, Gilbert, to retain this throughout our lives.Systems such as ours work against this.

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O-damn, you had to remind me, snap me outta my delusions LOL

Greta is 100 times smarter than the little child who is now playing the part of “President” on his own reality show.

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and more disciplined, empathetic,…

No, not delusions–you are not deluded. Imagination is so much needed and where we begin. We can imagine a better world.

From Einstein:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.


Who said that?

Meanwhile, back in the USA, people don’t get “summer holidays” they must work through the summer - or they get fired.

I wonder if Greta knows this?

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I dunno - knowlege is pretty imporant too - or every sceintist would have to re-invent the entire boldy of physical science from scratch. I doubt Einstein did that.

Lack of knowlege is the origin of all the toxic and pernicious conspiracy theories (including their global heating denialism) driving the global descent into fascism too.

My favorite Greta quote is her statement that climate change should be front page everywhere everyday.

I think soon it will be close to that Giovanna.

32.2 degrees C in Anchorage the other day (90 F for those still using the antiquated Merry Old English system) - an all time record, and not by a bit, but by a lot.

I sure hope Greta gets the Nobel Peace Prize. Hands down she deserves it.


Failing to protect biodiversity can be a human rights violation – UN experts

GENEVA (25 June 2019) ‑ A group of UN experts* has warned the erosion of nature, the extinction of species and the loss of biological diversity at unprecedented rates severely threatens human rights for present and future generations.

In a statement following the release of a new scientific report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), the independent experts said they were alarmed at the accelerating loss of biodiversity on which humanity depends. The most comprehensive global assessment of the state of nature found more than one million species are threatened with extinction…

Continued (…)"

Perhaps it is time for the United Nations to get ahead of the curve for a change?

A UN ‘Rights for the Environment’ department - which would soon become THE DEPARTMENT, responsible for coordinating a comprehensive response to the perfect storm of synergistic threats now descending upon the human race and planet Earth like a medieval plague, or, to use a more modern metaphor, like Darth Vader and his minions and overseer?

Metaphor competition now in effect !


This is specifically addressing Indigenous Peoples in that traditional territories are frequently the best preserved and sought by agribusiness, mining, land grabbing real estate. You don’t hear much about the UN at this level - but the organizing and documentation is getting done for the rest of humanity to line up, organize and dig in on coherent structures in place.


I don’t know OG - doesn’t sound or feel right.

I’m an hour and a half from three of the great National Parks in Canada - Banff, Yoho and Kootenay/

And right beside the T’suu Tina First Nation and reservation.

But they are more like museums than viable templates for eight billion human beings.

Like Zoos in a way - ultimately very sad. At best, they are like those seed banks stored under mountains, just in case.

I think we are married to technology and cities and farms, even though we were all hunters on the land long ago, in some cases, of course, yesterday.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t prioritize, like we did in two world wars recently passed.

Now we need, I say again, NEED, the resources from near Earth space - solar power, asteroid mining and perhaps even Moon and Mars bases.

We can’t pretend we are not curious and adventurous - it just doesn’t work, not at the personal level, nor at any other level of society.

It is true denial to deny who we really are.

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This looks real bad Giovanna, as Alaska’s climate science may be all but destroyed !

To: Ditton as well:

“If the UA [University of Alaska] is defunded at the current rate, Arctic research in every corner of America will suffer.”

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Please note: Einstein did NOT say knowledge is not important only that imagination is more important. What made him an extraordinary scientist was his knowledge and his vast imagination.

What probably helped is that he was a Jewish Kabbalist, some of the most subtle thinkers around.

This might be a really good time for the international community to step in to fund them and defy this idiot in the White House for the sake of the global community.