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The Climate Crisis Is Starting to Create a Global Consciousness Shift


The Climate Crisis Is Starting to Create a Global Consciousness Shift

David Suzuki

When an assassin killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914, no one called it the start of the First World War. That happened years later, after the implications, consequences and scale of the response could be assessed. It's often the way. That's why historians are important; they put events in context.

Similarly, I doubt anyone knew how our world would change after Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built their first computer in Jobs' parents' garage in 1975.


Thank you, David Suzuki for always being a maverick for this Cause.

You’re right, of course, that it’s easier to recognize a trend in hindsight. Still, this Pope, climate action marches, college divestment programs, and nations that ARE turning to greener energy are all promising sights.

I’d like to also offer this documentary. It features 4 brilliant individuals who speak openly and honestly about FREE energy. And their talk was given before a U.S. Congressional committee:



I agree that people are becoming more aware, but I see little movement on the population front and we do need to curb population growth as part of the campaign to control climate change. Every child forgone in the industrial nations saves about 9000 tonnes of CO2. We are currently adding 200,000 + persons to the planet everyday and yet most environmentalists ignore the problem and the consequences. More family planning needs to be financed big time or our civilization is going to crash for lack of food, water, energy or other resources and seas arising.



This an article on the attempts by the Apache nation to protect a site long held sacred to them from a mining giant. Note how once again the US Government had signed a law indicating these lands to be protected into perpetuity and how they used dirty tactics to renege on the same through one Senator called John McCain.

I encourage people in the area to support the Apache peoples here and other allies trying to protect these lands. This conciousness wakening MUST happen.


All nations must help with population control.
Hopefully that support will come about as the momentum takes off. I have confidence in the wisdom of David


Twelve minutes into the one hour and forty minute video and there is nothing about free energy.

Is it really necessary to spend time on a scientist’s autobiography in order to present some viable evidence of free energy?

Or was the whole purpose of posting the video to get observes see repeated postings of various, postings, which may or may not have anything to do with ‘free energy’?


Dr. Suzuki was going around lecturing on the issue of over population a few yrs. ago, in which he basically said, at the rate we are presently reproducing we’ve reached the 59th min. of the 11th hr. of our species march to self destruction. You can still go to YouTube and watch these lectures. I’m not sure what he’s saying these days on the topic.


Thank you David, the eternal optimist. I wished I shared your optimism.
The biggest user of fossil fuels in the world is the American Military. That is their army,navy and airforce.
None of their equipment was designed to save fuel. They have over 800 bases worldwide and they operate 24 hours a day.
If anyone seriously believes we can mitigate anthropogenic climate change then the first place to start would be the US military industrial complex. Does anyone believe this will happen ?
Unfortunately, as a species we are doomed. Crony capitalism, constant wars and greed will do us in.
We will push the earth only so far and it will rebel. It will wipe us out and we will become just another few centimetres in the earth’s rock record. The difference between our extinction and the other extinctions in the geologic record will be the small particles of plastic interspersed within the rocks that mark our passage. Some intergalactic traveller might name this period the Meoscene.