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The Climate Decade: A Global Crisis Unveiled, a Global Movement Unleashed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/30/climate-decade-global-crisis-unveiled-global-movement-unleashed

On the topic of tropical storms and hurricanes, I’ve have lived on the Gulf Coast since 1973. 2019 is the first year that I know of, that we have had tropical storms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico after the hurricane season ended. We had two of these storms with the potential to develop into hurricanes this winter. With the water temp. above average for this time of year (80F and above feeds these storms energy), the only reason they didn’t develop into hurricanes is the fast forward speed they traveled, preventing them from growing in size and strength. I fully expect the near future will provide us with a year-round hurricane season, instead of the usual June - November season we’re used to.

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In the Universe I have studied all my life, there are always boundary conditions. Conversely, Nature seems intent on experimenting with the possible at any moment and place - as it - and We - evolve.

There is no such thing as limitless growth - but that doesn’t mean it is never attempted. But then those boundary conditions kick in. So far - so good !

The current economic model is clearly defective. Either we fix it or natural boundary conditions will fix things - possibly by eliminating Us.

I suggest we try liberal democracy again, and constrain the beasts we have let run rampant.


I’d think about upping the ante on how to fight.
The global elite are already ahead of the curve and looking to preserve their status at your expense:


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