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The Climate Emergency Isn't Just a Crisis, It's a Crime

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/21/climate-emergency-isnt-just-crisis-its-crime

I’m not sure using the state of Delaware is a good example to make your point. As I pointed out in an article here at CD last week, DE’s AG joining the fight against energy companies is hypocritical IMO, when she excludes PBF Energy, a company that runs a oil refinery in Delaware City, from the lawsuit.

Yes it is a crime and the criminals are still committing crimes daily. The article speaks of a World falling apart but in this particular instance, it is a country falling apart. The US is teetering on climate disaster after climate disaster. Hurricanes in the Gulf States, wildfires in the Western States, a pandemic that thrives where climate disasters strike, A completely incompetent leadership, all of which leads to unmitigated, egregious home made criminality.

Humans need to treat Earth as in hospice. Seek to reduce human damage further for the coming re-greening of Earth after the invasive species, homo sapiens, have left the premises for good. And soon too I believe. Things(weather, droughts, fires, crop failures, contaminated water supplies, etc) will now continue to deteriorate from now on until doom. It’s sad really because some of human activity I view as ‘good’; like music, art, some technology, and mental pursuits like chess or philosophy, for example. I see the crimes continuing because with facts known for decades nothing was ever done to reduce our impact on Earth. A culture of murder as I like to put it.

Global warming has been occurring every hour, every day for over 140 years.
It is cumulative, going in one direction only - temperature up.
The industrial age, steam power, electricity production.
And the really big culprit, you ask!

The gasoline engine in the automobile driven for more hours than need be.

Solution is to stop putting more onto streets and highways every year - by the MILLIONS.
Roll back the quantity manufactured. Reduce horsepower and continue to take advantage of the terrific transmissions, radial tires.

Pick a large city, Chicago, and have residents who own cars limit use to two days per week as an experiment for a couple years. The ultimate goal is small unit transportation for people. safe, size of a golf cart, electric recharged third shift.

Take careful measures of temperatures at various elevations and air quality and financial.

No, we don’t just need to vote. Fuck Jamie Henn for being yet another disgusting toady apologist for Biden, Pelosi, and the absolutely inseparably interlinked right wing corporate duopoly. The Republicans are completely insane and unable to stop themselves; the Democrats are inexcusably corrupt and morally reprehensible for knowing better and STILL refusing to admit responsibility or even say, let alone do, what needs to be done. None of them are admitting how desperate the situation is.


They all deserve to be in prison, but being more sane and compassionate people than they are, maybe we can come up with a better response than Obama’s obstructionism and “all of the above”, Biden’s “Blame China” climate plan and Pelosi and Feinstein ridiculing the Green New Deal. It’s the only hope of preventing catastrophic, civilization-ending climate change, The longer we let the criminals deny that and try to foist incrementalist bullshit on us, the less chance we’ll have to save anything. It’s time to remove them from power and do what’s needed.