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The Climate Emergency Needs No Holidays

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/21/climate-emergency-needs-no-holidays

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I feel sorry for this author and her self-immulation. What a sad way to go through life. The self-guilt is strong with this one.

Actually she is wide awake, not needing the products and services from the big corporations who think they are the only ones that can give you what you think you need .This dependence in one massive economy is not the way forward for us.
A more harmonious model might be decentralization, creating small economies all over the place,so the products and services are localised
This is freedom as Dependence is Humanity’s Achilles Heel.
A New Economic model away from a Power and Possessions economy to a Use and Access Model would create wealth as folks would not be encouraged to own their personal copy of everything but have Access to and Use of the stuff of Life .
Reciprocity is not really practiced by our culture but this is the way it is in Highly Evolved Society’s.

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That is the recipe for starvation and death.

Absolutely the opposite my friend ,as it’s a natural outcome of Oneness .

" it needs no more (traditional) holidays."

Consumerist holidays are no needed but holidays are.

From an article I wrote

“Before the arrival of capitalism and its factory system rural workers were accustomed to sunrise and sunset hours, to the seasons and the vagaries of weather, along with the needs of the crop and animals. Men and women worked in direct relationship to nature. It was an irregular and informal working week. In medieval feudalism there were over a hundred holy days a year on which no work could be done, in addition, to numerous trading fairs. Those who worked enjoyed much more free time than they do today. As the dark satanic mills spread, holy days disappeared. It was the factory which brought in clocking in and clocking out. But peasants driven from their small plots of land by the Enclosures had to be broken of their independent spirit and disciplined into wage-slavery.”


What the hell is “oneness?”

This article suggests the use of geoengineering to COOL the earth. I imagine some techniques would work IF there weren’t so many people anxious for it to heat up–and I’m talking about those parties anxious to
1)Mine in the Antarctic,
2) Do shipping in the Arctic,
3) Feast on oil and gas in the Arctic.
When I add up all of the people standing to benefit from the above, I wonder how many of the world’s fires are started intentionally.
Check a world fire map and see how much land is currently on fire.
Are you one of those who thinks geoengineering isn’t happening now? Outside the US, some other countries admit to using it.

Give love. Give time. Give comfort. Use artificial Christmas trees and save your Christmas ornaments or make your own.