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The Climate Emergency Won't Wait for the Press to Play Catch-up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/02/climate-emergency-wont-wait-press-play-catch


Yes - I saw this in The Guardian.

BUT - This is all wishful thinking. When I commented on Richard Black’s environmental blog back in the early 2000’s, Richard was their top environmental reporter, and brought up the type of issues this piece talks about.

But Richard Black left the BBC in mid-career - I wonder why ?

Just ask Chris Hedges, who was a top journalist for the New York Times.

These mainstream outlets don’t want real coverage - they are ‘captured’, like everyone else.

The BBC is about to lay off a further one sixth of their staff, some 450 people as I understand it.

Let’s can the wishful thinking, including here on Common Dreams, with a multiplicity of articles saying ‘we should do this and that etc…’

It’s bullshit, and lots of people make a fine living being professional complainers (see “Planet of the Humans” and the documentary on Paul Kingsnorth).

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From the article:

" Isn’t it the job of journalism to ferret out wrongdoing even if people in power want it to remain hidden?"

Yes. And so I’m disappointed to find no mention, even in passing, of the ongoing persecution of Julian Assange for doing precisely that.

Otherwise agreed.


When Wolf Blitzer “reported” on Operation Desert Storm from his Baghdad hotel room it was quite obvious that CNN was in cahoots with the military and that the TV was a useless vehicle for truth. (There are numerous precursor examples, but that one smacks of a particular surrealism. I wonder if Wolfie enjoyed the mint on his pillow that night.) The truth is out there but it must be teased out of the tangled sources, none of which gets it right one hundred percent of the time. For profit “news” ain’t news, it’s infotainment at best. At worst, it drives the public narrative–manufactured consent, as Chomsky put it. As one who already knew the score when the first Earth Day was celebrated I am constantly amazed at the vast throng that just cannot understand the finite and fragile nature of our Planet. As we know, Trump and is ilk love the uneducated–so does covid-19…


This came to mind when I read your post---- from Christo Aivalis:

“MSNBC Guest Tells Progressives to “Shut the Hell up” and Vote For Joe Biden”

It highlights the fact that no one in MSM wants you to think or ask questions----just do as they tell you dammit and STFU!

"Yesterday on MSNBC with Ari Melber, former Obama strategist and pollster Cornell Belcher was asked about how many progressives are less than enthusiastic about voting for Joe Biden, and he said that they need to "Shut the hell up and grow up… get in line.”

If Biden wants to win progressives, he can do so by supporting progressive policies liked Medicare for All and a Green New Deal"


When Wolf Blitzer reported “Desert Storm” from a Baghdad hotel, CNN in cahoots with the military, TV was their useless vehicle for truth. This smacks of a particular surrealism. I wonder if Wolf relished the mint on his pillow that night? The truth out there must be teased out of tangled sources, none right 100% of the time. For-Profit News Infotainment drives the public narrative and manufactured consent, as Noam Chomsky says. As one who knew the score when Earth Day was first celebrated, I am still amazed the vast throng just cannot understand the finite fragile nature of planet Earth.
Trump and is ilk love the uneducated as does covid-19.
DJT#45 in polite company whispered.

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Peace be with you.
In every race are both good and bad.
In everyone are both bad and good,
to some degree for better or worse,
we see ourselves as worse or better.
Is it past time for revolution?
Is it evolution?
I know one thing;
If I hear one more word about self-driving car BS from NPR
or the GM ads lying about Zero traffic and Zero accidental death,
I’ll spit. OMG, the term “accidental death” takes on a new meaning with AV.


I have not seen many proponents of the nuclear power industry, criticize the proposal to allow nuclear waste to be sent to dumps and recycling sites:



One aspect of the many of the climate crises is explored in the linked piece.

The reality is the man-made and ignored climate crises and the consequences are an increasing, cascading, inter-connected combination of the destruction of how Mother Earth and life has evolved - we are allowing, tolerating, the destruction of all natural systems and balance all life depends on to survive without cataclysm to be destroyed, and we know it - when the tipping-point becomes obvious even to the most ignorant and arrogant, the path will have long-ago been set, but they will say “no one could have foreseen this” - the die having been cast long ago.


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Legislation that open the media up for malfeasance and corporate control of our news needs to be slain starting with Powell Memo and all bills since that have allowed ownership by a few and self regulations. We need the “we the people” first and foremost be the agenda of the media. Corporations are not people, money and more money is not free speech it is speech that was stolen from “we the people” that is stated over and over again in the Constitution. Then their is corporate congress whom does not represent the people any longer.

The coming apocalyptic climate emergency is to me a lot like the Covid-19 in many ways. “Trump called the Chinese culpable for Covid-19 and the climate emergency a Chinese hoax” and the only difference is that in my opinion, is the so many millions that will die in the future from climate devastation will make Covid-19 look minuscule in comparison!