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'The Climate Is a Disaster': Fourth Week of Student-Led Strike as Tens of Thousands March in Belgium

'The Climate Is a Disaster': Fourth Week of Student-Led Strike as Tens of Thousands March in Belgium

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As many as 35,000 Belgian students walked out of classrooms in Brussels, Liège, and Leuven in the fourth straight week of protests to pressure policymakers to pursue bolder measures in response to the human-made global climate crisis.

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SAVE THE PLANET. There is no planet B, just unbridled greed. One hundred and twenty degrees during daylight and ninety six degrees at night is not negotiable. The corporate lease is revoked. Our food ecosystems are collapsing. Shelves will be bare, chaos will ensue. Either aliens will save us or watch us fry like appetizers. Our message has not changed in seventy years. Time up. Fight back.


Yep, that’s the problem. Time’s up. Time’s been up for decades and even the fossil fuel company scientists knew what was coming in the early 70s but were censored by the owners.

And I think the wealthy of the world know it since they have access to the same science I’m reading and seem to building/outfitting ‘survivalist’ compounds all over the world (like the Bush Family’s 800,000 acres on an aquifer in Patagonia and all the ‘ranches’ being built in New Zealand with underground pre-fab concrete structures being shipped from a company in Texas) according to other investigative news reports Not much in the corporate MSM of course as they wouldn’t want to panic anyone enough to stop spending.

Don’t go read what the 16 scientists at arcticblogsspot are publishing. It’ll ruin your whole day…

The young are awakening,all the armies in the world cannot stop a movement whos time has come.

Most of the boomer generation were asleep, not listening to the wonderful conscious raising writers such as Thom Hartmann…his book The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight should have been on the curriculum of every school , and reading list of every secondary child .
Those that think they know better have no idea what they are doing .Wisdom was not taught in schools and still isn’t.
Everything is conected ,intertwined nothing is seperate from life .
Life is Primevalue not material possessions and owning lots of stuff.
We have used more resources in the last 40 years than 40 000 and we are not slowing down .This we call progress.
Its progress towards pur own demise.
Responsible humans would never allow this .We are here to be good stewards over what we have been asked by life to be good stewards of.
To take care of this precious gift, to pass it on to the next generation,not to declare we own it ,a thought that is completely dysfunctional and goes agsinst logic.
Ownership is a big problem for humans …

We will find our way as we go through what some wise elders call the overhaul of humanity.
The Storm Before The Calm.

I’m afraid you are right, if people can’t see it or feel it, they are going to be slow to respond. What, use an umbrella when it isn’t raining? Bundle up when it’s still warm outside. It’s hard to dodge traffic when nobody has crossed over into your lane, yet.

During wartime we would be providing shelters for anticipated bombing. See any weather shelters being built. No. We are on our own.There is a survival party, but you’re not invited.

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“…It’s an anti-masacree movement!”
–Arlo Guthrie

Up to us to make it happen.
Corporations are not good for children, and other living things.

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