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The Climate Movement Charges On, Even Without the US


The Climate Movement Charges On, Even Without the US

Winnie Byanyima

President Donald Trump has proved again how beholden our politics are to the interests of the super-rich elite. The conniving, rich oilmen that were so desperate to prevent and frustrate the Paris Agreement found cheerleaders in Mr Trump and his party. They choose to protect their profits from a flailing fossil fuel industry over human lives and a clean, inclusive future for us all.


Upon ascending the throne in 1981 Saint Ron’s first action was removing POTUS Carter’s PV array from the White House roof, thereby declaring war on renewable energy and making fossil fuels the US’ fair haired boy. A quarter century later many other nations, most notably Japan and Germany had left the US in the dust on the renewable energy front.

Saint Ron would be proud to see Trump enhancing his backward, sinister legacy.


Truly, the effort to rein in carbon emissions is better off without supposed US leadership. In fact, the reality is that US leadership directly led to a non-binding accord with window dressing pledges rather than a treaty with teeth in the first place.

Cities, states, corporations who think big picture: that’s where the action is. National policy dependent on duopoly double-talkers like Joe Manchin are doomed to under achieve.

My saddest comment: it’s too late to stop climate change. That ship sailed while we dithered.


Leadership bu the US under Obama was a big plus in the fight against climate change, particularly during his second term. China and India were both going in the wrong direction until Obama convinced them to follow the US and cut emissions. And Obama opened up the way for many developing countries to join the effort. The developing countries were never going sign a legally binding commitment to reduced emissions. They refused to sign the Kyoto agreement if they were included in the legally binding part. Now that the feared disaster has occurred and Trump became president there is concern whether the developing countries will be given enough money from the developed countries. That money is critical. There is also concern that with Trump being president the countries of the world will not strengthen their pledges. Had we avoided the disaster with a Hillary Clinton victory one of her toughest challenges would have been to get the pledges strengthened. Given her experience in working with other countries she may have been successful. Rather than denying how disastrous outcome of the election election last year it is better to admit it and figure out what can be done to avoid the worst effects of climate change.


Developing countries will be given a leg up toward sustainable energy…by China.

Obama did just enough to keep environmentalists hoodwinked. Just like his party did until stopped working.

Hillary’s experience in working with other countries extended into:
arms deals

No thanks.

And I’ll repeat, it’s now too late to avoid the worst effects of climate change.


“Make America Great at underacheiving…”


We could drawdown the carbon - even now


The US is responsible for 40% of the CO2 in the atmosphere, and China is only barely ahead of the US in annual CO2 pollution, but China is around 1/3 of the planetary human population while the US is 1/20. Is ANYONE in the US willing to shrink their carbon footprint?

It’s completely assinine for the US to leave the Paris Accord, unless it does something on it’s own to take out that 40% it’s responsible for. Just doing that might give us enough time (if these frigging dinosaurs would get out of the way) to avoid the Sixth Mass Extinction. I’m not holding my breath for that.

The horrible fact is, if the climate deniers are wrong, the Sixth Mass Extinction is inevitable.

You know, it’s impossible to be cynical with this government. It’s already doing what you think is cynical commentary. Is that a new low? Where do the Kochs find these paragons of virtue?