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The Climate Strikers Walked Out of School. Next, Let’s Walk Off the Job.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/07/climate-strikers-walked-out-school-next-lets-walk-job-0

The demands are so vague. Slowing the rate of polluting the environment requires specific actions. The examples given in the Chicago school system are meaningful. The Green New Deal’s implementation will require specific actions. I would like to see a strike for Peace. Picket outside recruiting offices, at the gates of military facilities, outside the headquarters and factories of munitions manufacturers. Call on elected officials to have funding of those facilities withing their districts stopped. The American military is the single biggest contributor to environmental pollution and destruction on Earth. Trump provided a great opening to striking against war for oil when he said and has repeatidly said that we are in the MiddleEast for oil. The amount of just CO2 that we have put into the atmosphere in the last 30 years is equal to all the CO2 that we put into the atmosphere in the previous 200 plus years.
A smaller action would be to call for the cessation of purchasing of packaged goods.
Bernie seems to be incorporating everything that he is asked to include. They are all feel good, like this essay but accomplish nothing if the whole problem is not acknowledged.
And the whole problem begins with overpopulation. There can be too many hunter gathers for a start. Absolutely everybody has a significant carbon footprint.
Countries based on their soils, and current climate have a non-fossil fuel using carrying capacity. The U.S. is way over populated. A rational approach would be to stop immigration for that reason. U.S. carrying capacity with no fossil fuel use or cement use, etc., is at most 200 million.
A climate movement needs to include the least polluting lifestyle as the goal. The Green New Deal is a weak start. Wind power with its high use of cement is not a sustainable model. We need to cut way back on energy use, not just change sources and continue with business as usual.

But first, let’s Strike for Peace.


Imagine that.

This article neglects any mention of Extinction Rebellion (XR).

At our local meeting last night, everything short of violence was on the table.

That’s the coalition-building, direct action disruption the author advocates.

XR is getting results in the UK just a little over a year after formation.
Join up to make the US version just as strong:


this is feel-good nonsense. A real climate “strike” would be a day without driving, without eating meat, without cranking up the heat or AC, without using plastic packaging…

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I have often envisioned a day when everyone on one day at an arranged time just stopped and stood still and quiet for 15 minutes. Everyone on the globe. Nothing moving, not making a sound for 15 minutes. I think most people would have a hard time going back to what they were doing without some sort of reservation, hesitation. The cause for a pause, you might call it. The big reset?