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The Climate Warning Coming From Three Wolves on a Michigan Island


The Climate Warning Coming From Three Wolves on a Michigan Island

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

There are just three wolves remaining on Isle Royale, a Michigan island in Lake Superior, and that's a problem for the ecosystem, as the moose population is surging and their grazing is threatening the islands vegetation. But it's also a sign of the climate change-related impacts the nation is set to face.


Fascinating. The Sixth Extinction is bearing down on the planet, including us, maybe. Scientists are fully aware of it. We aren't listening to them.


We're listening, too many 'believe' that science is a 'theory' that's just as valid as any 'religious theory' even though they're the opposite kind of thing.

Lie back and think of England. (still not sure why they say that. Don't tell me.)


Isle Royale is very famous by the way. In the days of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring it was the wolf population on Isle Royale that held the title as the last naturally occurring wolf population in the lower 48. Scientists debated with hunters who wanted to do that kill the predators to improve the hunting nonsense. Over time it was noticed that when wolves were found on the island that the moose population were strong and healthy and when they weren't that the moose declined as weaker animals passed on their genes and food became scarcer.

I am shocked to learn that only three wolves remain on Isle Royale since the result is exactly the same as it was decades ago. The moose over populate and grow weaker. It is like we reject what we have learned. America that anti-science country?

When did we begin to celebrate being stupid like we seem to be doing so often these days?

When did we decide to unlearn what we have learned?


Yes, we do celebrate being stupid. That is what I have noticed over the years.


The sound of money piling up has made us deaf to the sounds of environmental destruction all around us. Greed has no ears to hear.


Meanwhile up here in Canada , government scientists still employed by the federal government ,( these guys know how to keep their job) claim that the reason for the decline in the Caribou herds which just happen to occupy the area where the tarsands being mined, is due to too many wolves .

They suggest a culling of the population to protect the Caribou.


When I read the article, the first thing that popped into my mind was, if an agency should repopulate the island with wolves and, after a few years stated that the wolves were finally out of danger, the governor would promptly put a bounty on them.
* The states around Yellowstone immediately put a bounty on wolves as soon as they were considered to have reached a survivable state and were taken off the endangered list.
* Humans are the most greedy, vicious, predator on the Earth. They exterminate any opposition or competitor so they and they alone can lay waste to the bounties provided by Nature.
* Remember, "Mother Nature is coming, and boy is she pissed!"


This was a really nice, informative comment by Wereflea. Kudos.

I believe what is being pointed out here by multiple commenters is that, just as with groupings of other high order mammals, there seems to be a direct correlation among humans between overpopulation, a general weakening of the gene pool, and increased stupidity.

"A'm a hunter. Godda have ma gun so's a' kin shoot anything that moves. And's fer clamate change - as Rushbo says - shore there's clamate change. Weather's always changing from one day ta' the next."