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The Clinton Book Tour Is Largely Ignoring the Vital Role of Endless War in the 2016 Election Result


The Clinton Book Tour Is Largely Ignoring the Vital Role of Endless War in the 2016 Election Result

Glenn Greenwald

To pitch her book, Hillary Clinton is sitting down this week for a series of media interviews, mostly with supportive TV personalities, such as Rachel Maddow, to discuss her views of “What Happened,” the book’s title.


Can you say MANIFEST DESTINY, Glenn ?

Spot on assessment, as usual !


She is a very smart, informed, and articulate “Warmonger.”

Enuff said. Just go away!


For that matter, Sanders never mentioned Clinton’s epic blunders as Secretary of State, not once. About the closest he ever got was refuting her admiration for Henry Kissinger, in one debate. Just one shining moment, after which never returned to anything resembling anti-imperialism. Real advocates for peace are universally ignored.


Two points:

The study cited by Greenwald is attributing causality with correlation. Of course there is a correlation between Trump-supporting areas of the rust belt and military service. The great majority of Trump voters support militarism and the so-called “war on terror”.

Time to stop the attacks on Clinton. The election is long over. Let Hillary fade into obscurity


I wish! You watch: she’s clearly planning a rematch in 2020. Ughhhh!


She’s going for the “Trifeca” in reverse?

Three time loser.

That’s one way to get into the Guinness Book.


Hillary who ?


" She is a very smart, informed, and articulate Warmonger."

True, that is why HRC a sure loser compared to Bernie, was selected by the corrupt DNC as their nominee for POTUS.


Let’s get real all you Hildebeast supporters. Any objective analysis of her public service record, along with her wretchedly incompetent political campaign, leaves the only possible conclusion, namely, that Hillary Clinton simply isn’t very smart.


Thank you, Glenn Greenwald, for saying the obvious. And I don’t mean that ironically. In this topsy-turvy epoch, the obvious is normally what one is not supposed to say, especially if one is a journalist.


Highly unlikely. With is no record of a losing Democratic presidential candidate getting the nomination again. The problem is that the party, following past trends, may pick a candidate that is further to the right - Kaine, Pelosi, etc…


No one should be surprised that HRC won’t own her failure. It’s not in her nature, and it certainly isn’t in the nature of Brand D leadership—one can’t say the name of Ralph Nader without some die-hard D-bot’s reflexively squawking “Nader gave us Bush!” Some of us haven’t forgotten the real reasons for that sad episode, including, but not limited to:

Massive purging of Florida’s voter rolls by the R candidate’s brother and his secretary of state;

Nearly 100,000 registered Florida Democrats voting R;

Al Gore’s naming of the execrable Joe Lieberman as candidate for VP, and his failure to carry his own home state;

That bourgeois anachronism known as the Electoral College;

The blatantly unconstitutional 5-4 SCOTUS decision to stop a state’s recount of ballots;

And the failure of the US Senate—under its then-President, Al Gore!—to muster up a single second to the Congressional Black Caucus’s motion not to certify the election’s results.

Then as now, Brand D’s desperation to deny any responsiblity is as obvious as it is shameful. If only the Ds fought the Rs as hard as they fight the Greens, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.


If only she WOULD fade into obscurity!   She crawled slithered out from under her rock, and so it’s time to drive her away for good!   And Ughhhh! is right!  But now that Bernie is no longer an unknown she’ll have to debate him, or whomever he supports, out in the open:  Amerika’s most popular politician vs Amerika’s least popular — so unless she has him assassinated she won’t even make it past the early primaries.

What’s really sad is the rumor that the DNC is grooming Chelsea to run for Congress in 2018, Senate in 2020 or '22, and then President in 2024 or '28.  It’s unlikely I’ll still be around by then, but you all need to worry about it, and end it a.s.a.p.  The last thing Amerika needs is another dynasty — NO MORE CLINTONS & NO MORE TRUMPS!   It was the Lying Son-of-a-Bush who got us into the mess in the Middle East, remember??

Hhhmmm – I overlooked that point.  I guess every cloud DOES have a silver lining!


The more she talks, the more people flee the Democratic Party. Stay Hilary! Keep talking! :slight_smile:


The Full Article at Intercept contains this Money Quote:

‘…the Democratic branding and self-glorification as enemies of privilege, racism, and violence are directly in conflict with the party’s long-standing eagerness to ignore, or even actively support, policies which kill large numbers of innocent people from Pakistan, Libya and Somalia to Yemen, Iraq and Gaza, but which receive scant attention because of the nationality, ethnicity, poverty, distance, and general invisibility of their victims.’


Grover Cleavland lost (as incumbent) in 1888; nominated in 1892.

William Jennings Bryan lost in 1896; nominated in 1900 and lost; nominated in 1908.

Adlai Stevenson lost in 1952; nominated in 1956.


Hillary is the only one not letting "her fade into obscurity!!



Excellent points! I am afraid we have not seen the last of HRC namely because she is a warmongering stooge.