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The Clinton Campaign Is Obstructing Change to the Democratic Platform


The Clinton Campaign Is Obstructing Change to the Democratic Platform

Bill McKibben

The Democratic platform process is finally underway, and the main issue is this: Did the campaign of Bernie Sanders really alter the Democratic Party? The answer is not yet entirely clear, but on many key issues so far the Hillary Clinton campaign has been unwilling to commit to delivering specifics about fundamental change in America, which have been at the heart of Sanders' campaign.


Hillary is relying on Trump scaring me into voting for her. Fail. (Not that I am voting for Herr Trump.)


Nothing has changed, Mr. McKibben.
I greatly value the work you have done, and that is the only way we can try to change.

Our unaccountable privileged overlords love shrooming the gullible underclass.
With no awareness, money doing the only talking, and limitless access to this bullshit currency thanks to the fed, the likes of Tillerson will add a couple of layers to their chins before we can sneeze at real change.

Your only winning on bike paths is a zit symptom of the true disease.

Please do not stop your efforts.
But can you also help someone trying to create an accountable monetary system?



The Dem hacks are as corrupt as R'Cons and both represent their masters and self-interest, not the people, not an egalitarian sustainable future, and not Mother Earth or any of Her creatures or critical mechanisms.

"Did the campaign of Bernie Sanders really alter the Democratic Party? The answer is not yet entirely clear" - Au contraire Bill, with respect, it is perfectly clear - the DNC partisans have repeatedly undermined and manipulated the processes, corrupted voting and voter rolls, done everything they could to deny Bernie Sanders and our critical issues, to support the anointed candidate and her issues, not a democratic or fair process - not in the slightest bit progressive!


One voice in a mob of Clintonism is ridiculous. The game is stacked with her advocates and that will play out at the next two meetings for some platform of change to turn the DP around to being accountable to voters. Sorry. Never gonna happen. Her speeches and really damaging E's (lots more out there) are being held back until after her being elected and then none of that will matter. She is not going to be indicted and Warren is not going to be her VP pick although it's an interesting floor show. Even if Warren was chosen, I am not voting for Hillary. This mess has been going on over 2 years with Hillary and her BS. She knew she was going to run when she lost against Obama--We all knew it so she has played this game and played it well to not lose again.

Obama greased the skids for her by making her SoS and that was a deal he made with his handlers when he moved into the White House. Hillary was their guy and always has been. They made her and her cheating lying hubby very wealthy, very grateful, and owing very much to the ones that bought (and own) her. The majority of us have made it very clear we are fed-up with her, with Trump, with the Establishment, with the entire corrupt system, but guess what? We are still getting a horrible choice of one evil worse than the other, and this time is really is two monsters. We need our own version of Brexit.


The DNC won't honor Bernie's platform changes; his voters are still committed; Hillary and Trump are at each others throats in a race to the bottom; indictments are imminent; the EU is unwinding, and revolution is in the air. Time for Bernie to pull the stops out of the race and declare as a third party candidate.


Bike paths? Meant to be reductio-ad-absurdum by the writer; however, look at the River of Grass Greenway (ROGG) in the Everglades and the Seminoles, Miccosukees and Stonecrabs opposition to it. It's a thinly disguised expensive construction (and waterflow obstruction) that makes electric power accessible to oil and gas production facilities across the Sunniland Trend, a 20 mile wide 150 mile long underground oil play that cuts across the Everglades wilderness from Ft. Myers to Miami. A major problem for South Florida.


At the beginning of this nightmare of an "election", friends of mine suggested Trump's run was orchestrated by the Clintons to get the
shill elected.
I thought that was crazy conspiracy thinking!
Not so much anymore . . . .

p.s. hang in there Bill McKibben! Bill has been slammed from both sides including many on the left which I feel is shameful. Fighting for a habitable planet can be a thankless job and he has worked tirelessly for all life on earth for most of his life.

I highly recommend a book written by his partner/wife---- Four Wings and a Prayer: Caught in the Mystery of the Monarch Butterfly (Sue Halpern) Monarchs (like the rest of life) are in dire straights . . .


"No one wants Trump to win. But many of us look at the Brexit vote and see that unenthusiastic centrism has a hard time beating zealous craziness. We need unions and working people and environmentalists fully engaged this time around, backing the Democrats with passion and energy. Above all we need young people, who voted for Bernie by a 7-to-1 proportion."

Well, there you have it, McKibben joins the sheepdog pack.
"The Clinton Campaign Is Obstructing Change to the Democratic Platform", Did you ever really expect anything different? If those young people who voted for Bernie by a 7-to-1 proportion stick with the Democrats, then they're heading down a path that leads to years of disappointment.
McKibben, you're being used.


Highest respect and gratitude to both McKibben and Bernie. But the only strategy laid out in this article is confined to Orlando & Philly. No "what if" questions and answers are addressed and which do not include the Democratic Party. Let's hope beyond hope that they have a post-Philly strategy which does not include the Democr.Party. It is sad to see the electrifying anti-establishment people power that Bernie catalyzed, being reduced to just merely trying to influence the platform of the (establishment epitome) Democr.Party. After that meeting with Obama, Bernie capitulated, and no strategy was put forward to his millions of contributors and supporters.


It's the fear of Trump as American Fascist lite that has Sanders falling in line to not let that occur. But the times ARE ripe for a 3rd party defection and MILLIONS would go along. However, would their massive votes count? Would those counting the votes honestly reflect the likely truth: that a majority have said (to both corporate candidates), "Not Going Along With It. None Of The Above."


Bill phrases his conclusion in the language of optimism. He is correct that the platform process is not complete. So far it does not look good for progressives. So far it is typical status quo Dem. If the pattern does not break, the platform will not energize the base.


Agree with you that the times ARE ripe for a 3rd party run. For me, that is a vote for Jill Stein. Everyone should look into whether or not the Greens (or other) are on the ballot or, if not, how to make sure to properly vote write in.

As for the votes actually being counted - that is a very good question.


If Bernie had such strong feelings about democracy, where has he been for the past 40 years? I know, ranting for a political revolution that he could lead and reap praise for nothing but chaos talking to anyone who sided with him and yet getting nowhere. The man is full of ideas, as is 99% of anyone on the street. It's the work put behind the ideas that counts--not rhetoric. Ask the thousands who walked the streets under Sen. Obama's guidance for the election of our First Black President--an idea that brought fruition and a semblance of sanity and hard work by Sen. Obama. Parallel that with Bernie who had 40 years to either strengthen a party outside of the Rs and Ds, or start one from scratch--and he did nothing but rant. His credibility is going down the tubes, especially now with his stubbornness trying to claim still a larger piece of the pie. He's a good guy, but lost his real mission and now he's covering his backside so as not to lose more than he has already.


The highest priority for progressives is to make sure the Green Party is on the ballot in every state and territory voting in November.

Your mental health improves when you actually vote FOR a candidate rather than marking a ballot to vote AGAINST the other candidate as has become the rule rather than the exception in Murka.


The fraud again was built into the mix. What right did these policy setters have in giving Mr. Sanders only 5 reps and Hillary essentially 12? By what calculus could any genuinely Progressive Platform pass?

Once again, the appearance of some sort of contest (hardly a fair one) was put forth with the conclusions foreclosed upon from the get-go.

These days all of the following similarly cripple any alternatives to an already agreed upon status quo:

  1. In the U.S. Court system, judges must follow "sentencing guidelines" which nowhere are more irresolute than in relation to the War on Drugs

  2. In medicine, everything is "standard practice" which is essentially a one-size-fits-all approach. Blood types, ethnicity, gender, and all of the elements that make for unique body chemistry are frequently glossed over.

  3. In public schools, standardized tests now replace actual learning and the facilitation of critical thinking skills.

  4. In govt. bureaucracy, everything is also about standard practices and filing all sorts of redundant forms. Usually, this paper dance replaces anything actually therapeutic in the way of genuine remedial action.

  5. In the "private sector" with the exception of a relative few really hip companies, standard practices and protocols force employees to conform to limiting behaviors and responses.

  6. In mass media (and I can provide clips that make this all too apparent), the vast majority of Talking Heads repeat the same "news" narratives. Again, conformity and/or standard practices dominate.

  7. Inside the MIC, its top-down formation induces a "just following orders" response. Here, too, behavior is based on very strict protocols and the conformity they require.

As the walls close in by forcing adaptation to all these standardized practices, terms like FREEDOM are tossed about and even allegedly "fought for" in foreign wars that have ZERO to do with citizens' interests and everything to do with the gravy train that stops directly in front of the Big Banks and War Profiteers' gates.

The ILLUSION that voting is actually representative of the public's wishes is getting threadbare.

What an expensive game of delusions.


I am not thrilled that Sanders said he would vote for Hillary. And Elizabeth Warren's enthusiasm for this wounded and wounding candidate is an outrage.

Therefore, unless there's a big shift to the Game... I will also vote for Jill Stein OR write in Sander's name.

It's just a disgusting freak show passing itself off as "free elections" inside the "Free World."


You obviously know little about Sander's history and trying to Prop up Obama as a positive force for America is ludicrous. He's another water carrier for Big Pharma, the MIC, Monsanto, and the Big Banks.


Your post is so uninformed, so full of false accusations and praise for Obama it lacks any credibility. Sanders has worked his entire career and before for civil rights and economic justice - work that was not a "rant", whereas Obama played his role as "progressive" until elected then revealed his true self and politics - Chicago corruption in the extreme. "Our first black President" was a fraud as proven so many policy decisions, and his advisers and appointee Cabinet choices - he was and is a corporate tool and security state/war-machine cheerleader! Supporting a person because they are black, or female or anything else displays utter ignorant bias and stupidity.
"It's the work put behind the ideas that counts--not rhetoric" - Yeah, take that thought to the Clinton, Obama, Clinton team of corporate/banker/wall street whores and betrayers of the 99% - the average guy and gal - and so much more! So full of it......such a Clinton/Obama 1% lackey......


Crooked black politicians and crooked female politcians belong in the same jails that crooked smart ass white boy politicians belong in (or is it white ass smart boys?).