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The Clock Is Ticking: 5 Key Demands for the New Coronavirus Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/30/clock-ticking-5-key-demands-new-coronavirus-bill

And do not let them privatize social security and medicare with the Mitt Romney farce.

Oh yeah–and WHAT jobs??

Rescind all those tax cuts to the rich!


One Trillion would be $3,000 for each resident. They say that they have increased the money supply by about six Trillion. That would be $18,000 per resident and it is having no effect. THE REASON that there is no effect is that they are not giving the money TO THE PEOPLE. The people will spend the money! Poor people do not hoard money. They cannot do it. They need to eat AND PAY RENT.
For a start A TRILLION DOLLARS should be divided amongst ALL THE PEOPLE. That would be only $3,000 EACH. Try it. You will find that it works. If it does not work it will do no harm and some will be made happy.
In 2009 the recession was ended by giving three or four Trillion or more to the bankers and brokers. IT MADE THEM HAPPY. This time give it to the poor common people. If it were done now it might even get Trump re-elected. GOD FORBID!


Sorry, it’ll cost too much to save the world from the catastrophic environment degradation that comes with luxury air travel, recreational vehicles, NASCAR parties, commuting alone across the county in a gas hog every weekday though doing all that makes corporate executives rich enough to buy a McMansion in the country where they’ll hole up while the shit hits the fan.

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Hi Giovava_Iepore:
The workforce has contracted by 32 %===and 32% of Americans rent payments can’t be paid. Wow, how is that solved? I vote for cutting the military budget right now, and since I’ve read that the Navy isn’t going to be using their big boats due to Covid 19—then take that UNUSED Navy money and use it for the PeopIe!

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Better ad a sixth key demand: Save the US Postal Service (USPS).

COVID-19 has made everybody, including small businesses more dependent on USPS than ever.

The more the GOP weakens USPS the wealthier the Bozos and Scott families become, enabling them to buy more politicians and pick the charities that live and those that die.

The most effective 2020 election voter suppression tool the GOP has in their tool box is a hobbled USPS.


So Robert…

If I heard you correctly,
what you’re saying is that we are
without a doubt hopelessly and completely f@cked.


Look at the corporate tools on CNBC----the economy is about to go over the cliff -------minus 32 GDP----and the market goes up-----ha-ha-what a joke!


Please note the largest Newspaper in the country is going down—the Vultures are circling------at least what is left of these hollowed out shells.

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