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'The Clock Is Ticking': Bernie Sanders Calls on Senate to Act Quickly on Covid Relief Bill

A pause for a moment of pride: United States astronauts just splashed down safely from their mission!

It starts with the fences around the WH and Portland’s federal courthouse. Will it end with the gates coming down around all those super rich gated communities? The rich are nervous and the poor and desperate are sick of the divide. Will this inaction become the final straw? Probably not. The mainstream media, Pelosi, Schumer, and anyone who can do anything about this could care less it seems.

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Did you just think of “its not about me, it’s about them”!??
That is great----- LOL! (though tragically dark humor)
Well said!

I agree with most of your post, but even Wall Street now sees the peoples stimulus has kept the economy afloat during this pandemic, and has encouraged congress to go much bigger in economic bailout for the people this time.

"The continuing Republican inaction on the relief bill is tantamount to sin, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Rev Dr Liz Theoharis wrote for Common Dreams Sunday:

Our government’s abandonment of the people—in the midst of the greatest public health crisis in a century and an economic downturn that could rival the Great Depression (it was just announced that US GDP fell by annualized rate of 32.9% in the second quarter of 2020, the greatest collapse of the US economy in a single quarter in history)—is sin of the highest order. The ancient words of the Prophet Isaiah ring with unnerving relevance today: “Woe to you who legislate evil, who rob the poor of their rights, making women and homeless children your prey.”

New York State Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou tweeted her support for Sanders’ call to action.

“My family needs this,” said Niou. “My neighbors need this. My community needs this.”



“The Clock Is Ticking”.

And there’s only 100 seconds to midnight.

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I suggest that you not second guess yourself for wanting to believe in those political figures promising to fight for the America you want it to be. After all, what can we do but listen to what they say and try to determine if they are sincere in their promises? Problem is, we can’t know for sure until they’ve had the chance to prove themselves.

Consider Obama in 2008. I supported his candidacy, not because I thought he was a fully committed progressive, but because he made specific promises to fight for several key things that I thought were crucial to the nation’s future. For me, it was his promises to fight for a public healthcare option and to hold accountable the white collar criminals responsible for the Great Recession. As it turned out, we knew pretty quickly that Obama was a fraud. And it’s not that he tried and failed; it’s that he never tried, never intended to genuinely try. Do you remember the tremendous amount of political capital the man started with? People were waiting with baited breath for him to come out of the chute and lead them in big ways. Imagine what could he have accomplished had he been sincere in his promises.

You say you hoped there would be momentum for Sanders supporters. Well, try to remember the incredible momentum Sanders had amassed by the time it was clear that the Dems had totally rigged the campaign and system. Millions wanted him to step up and make happen that political revolution he professed to want so badly. Turned out that Sanders’ promise was no more sincere than was Obama’s. Had Sanders taken his candidacy third party in the 2008 campaign ( the Greens offered him the keys to their Party), think of where he could be going into this 2020 election. What a terrible loss of opportunity. And as the 2008 campaign unfolded, it became clear that Sanders was not that political revolutionary, a fact only confirmed by his latest sellout. We can be seriously disappointed but we ought not be surprised.

All we can do is keep on trying, but we can learn from what’s gone before. My big point in posting here of late, is simply to highlight what I believe is as clear as it might possibly be - that the Republicans and the Democrats will never again be a viable option for the average American and that the only hope for our futures and the futures of those we care about is to establish a political party that will be genuinely accountable to us and ours. It would be a hard fought, long shot of a victory, but it is possible.


The “average American” republican has no quarrel with the republican party. The “average American” democrats know they are boxed in with a split party. Can’t win elections with a split party. All of the things spoke of here won’t happen.
We have been the frog in the pot for so long now that we wouldn’t jump out, even if we remembered how.
Bernie’s long standing record is likely the only reason he gets any traction on his proposals.
Then they go to the dead on arrival graveyard, know as Mitch’s desk.

Thank you for your kind words. Shanti

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If Bernie had been legit, if he’d really been prepared to fight for that political revolution he was selling, to fight in the only way it could possibly happen, I say that frog you speak of would definitely have jumped right out of the pot and wholeheartedly into Bernie’s third party effort. Millions of frogs were primed and ready to do just that, and they’d be staring a 2020 election victory square in the face right now. What they needed and wanted and never got was a committed leader; that’s where Bernie failed them, for a charismatic and fully committed leader is crucial to such a movement.

I do wonder if meaningful numbers of those Republican voters would come over to a genuinely progressive political party. And maybe I’d better define what I mean by a progressive party. I’m talking about a political party that’s genuinely committed to the best interests of the people at large, that would fight for public policy that would nurture, support and enrich the lives of the little guys and gals, the just plain folks of us. Frankly, I think Sanders big campaign items have been good examples of such policies. It’s just that, despite his rhetoric, he’s not been committed to doing whatever’s necessary to getting there.

Anyway, I wonder if respectable numbers of those supporting the Republicans might come to such a party if they actually thought the party was genuine in its commitment to fight for their interests, bottom line stuff like a fair wage, more and better paying jobs, decent healthcare, government funded higher education for their kids - well, you get the picture. Would they opt into a party that was truly going to look after their interests and the futures of their children? I don’t know but I suspect that lots of them would.


Oh come come now, Bernie ran a great campaign and had a strong grassroots following. Unless their was some cheating republicans altering the votes, it’s the American left-wing voters that are to blame. After they failed him he had no obligation to fight any further. He has proudly and honorably stayed in a supportive roll and still works hard everyday.
I think some people here have to walk in someone else’s shoes for a while until they understand the dedication to hard daily campaigning.


Ever consider a job in government NeverAgain?

I’d support someone who thinks as big as that.

Well, I think you have part of that exactly right. He has “…stayed in a supportive role…”. His role has been to support the Democratic Party, primarily by keeping in the fold voters who’ve realized just how corrupt and unaccountable to them the Party is. And he’s done that job quite well.

On the other hand, your laying the blame for the man’s failed campaign at the feet of “…left-wing voters…” is total nonsense. Sanders’ campaign was executed by the Party establishment, their msm cohorts and, most importantly, by Bernie himself, his willingness to roll over and play dead. That could not be more clear.


I deeply respect you perspective at this board and what you have posted in the past and this is definitely one time I hope you are right, but I fear otherwise. While I understand that non violence is a powerful tool, I’m not sure I believe it would have stopped Hitler for example after he seized power, and I see little difference here. The very Idea of assembling to petition a redress of grievances is based on the assumption that those petitioned have some vested interested in listening, and that is neither the case for republicans or otherwise, unless they had to face the outcome of a popular election. I don’t see legitimate elections as an ingredient of our current political catastrophe. I know that in America the labor movement was to a large extent a success, after repeated government attack and much strife and struggle, but it was not wholly won by non violence. When picket lines formed in those times, the picketers carried chains,and shotguns, and one dared not cross. Armed troops fired on protesters in most major strikes, and ultimately massive damage had to be done to property and profits before the masters came to the table.The victories won were not won so much by pleading, but by force. Only force in my view will remove the worst demagogues and dictators, not reason. In general, once the element of self determination has been eliminated, the power of the vote, no amount of pleading will sway the government or the corporations, nor unseat them.

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You are going to have to bring some facts to the table. All you have said is conjecture. Were the votes not there, or were they stolen?
It makes a yuuuge difference.


Well stated, gandolf.

I’m with you, Austintatious, on Bernie’s failure to lead. It needs to be appreciated that he ran and is still running his campaign in a top-down, authoritarian way (“Me – Not Us”). There was a very illuminating interview on Status Coup with Shana East, who has worked for Bernie since 2015 as lead Illinois organizer and who is on the Rules Committee of the Dem. Convention. She talks about how Bernie and his hit man, Jeff Weaver, tried in every which way to prevent Bernie delegates from offering motions on questions such as that of the role of superdelegates, etc. They were contacted a day before the Rules Committee meeting and told to just comply with what had been decided.

Whether this and his overall campaign deflation is an old-style personality quirk of Bernie’s (I know better, so shut up) or whether Bernie has actually been in league with the DNC (a) either because he has been threatened (b) he has been bought off in one way or another or © because he honestly believes that nothing better is avilable to us politically now – Bernie has not even tried to explain himself. Such behavior is contemptuous of the millions of people who supported him. His silence compels us to believe that he has been a willing sheepdog. All of his legislative initiatives and fund raising now is simply camouflage.

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Who listens to Bernie?

gandolf, what in the world are you talking about? Sanders up and quit with maybe half (less?) the primaries done, rolled over and promptly assumed his subservient role for the establishment. You do know it was the second time he’s not gone to the mat for his supporters? And he’s still running around out there smearing lipstick on the Dem pig as fast and as thick as he possibly can, serving up his meaningless platitudes. The big thing relevant to our conversation is that he quit, leaving half the people waiting to vote for him high and dry. And that, my friend, is not conjecture.

What about the votes, you ask? Again, what are you talking about? Sanders made sure the campaign was over so the establishment’s candidate, the one they raised from the dead, could be anointed by them rather than elected by the people. How many primaries had yet to be completed when Bernie rolled over in mid February? Look 'em up. What about all those voters he up and abandoned for the good of the Party? What about all the hard earned money that they’d donated to “the revolution”? What about all the effort, hopes and dreams they’d invested because the man was going to fight for them? He dropped them in the dirt and rolled over for the Party machine, that’s what.

How about Bernie’s pitiful campaigning, if we can call it that? The man was unwilling to speak the truth about the Dems and their corrupt candidates from the very beginning. He just couldn’t bring himself to say a cross word about them, not even the truth. Why was that, considering that it’s a sure way to lose, something an experienced pol like Sanders would well understand? Bernie’s not a candidate for president now because he never really was. He never intended to fight the Party, I mean really fight. His campaigns were frauds.

Need more conjecture? How many times in his earlier career, before he’d made it to that elite club in the U.S. Senate, did he publicly state that progressives would never have the raw power necessary to getting a fair shake by voting for the Dems? How many times has he said that an independent party was the only way? I’ll give you a hint - it was more than once and those statements are on tape, still out there in cyber land for any and all to see. All this crap we hear about Sanders always sticking to his guns from the get go, it’s bullshit. The ugly truth about Bernie is that he sold out on the one big thing, admittedly the hardest thing to accomplish but the only thing that might actually work for progressives, that independent party he repeatedly insisted was the only way. Where’d that guy go?

I know there are many out there who just can’t let go of the idea that Bernie is, first and always, a straight up champion, a true political revolutionary, a genuine fighter for those most needing a helping hand. I get it. Some folks get so invested in their political heroes rather than the actual facts that they just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the truth. We’ve seen it extensively with regard to Barack Obama, so many still thinking he walks on water rather than acknowledging that he proved to be a total fraud who so badly disappointed the nation. Sadly, Bernie had proved himself to be such a disappointment. Maybe the sellout’s not been on the same scale as Obama but, for the progressive community, the sellout has been very real. It’s not just what they say.It’s what they do and how they do it that counts.


We all should. He’s one of the few in congress that makes any sense. I know there are a lot of people disappointed in him, but when he ran for president, he ran against the HillaryPelosiSchumerBidenWassermanSchultz brick wall. I don’t blame him for giving up. I don’t listen to those who constantly attack and blame him for everything that’s wrong with the Dems. Shift your blame to those who stonewall all the progressive ideas.

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