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The Clown Goes Abroad

We’re dying for some politician we can believe. Now that the current occupant of the WH has spread America’s dirty laundry over the entire world, we may miss the former President…who never dug his heels in and refused to cooperate with the corporate agenda. That President now goes around giving $400K, hour long, speeches to his benefactors. In fact, in 20008 Obama rehabilitated the Republicans by claiming ‘bi-partisanship’ after they had tanked the American, and almost the world. economy.
So now we have ‘the clown’.


Now that Trump’s hand picked CIA man says Trump is wrong, Trump is having a harder time with his Putin love story. And now that we know that Russia was feeding WikiLeaks with Jr. involved and with Assange angling for an Ambassadorship, it’s even difficult, I would THINK, for some of the radical CD posters to stay with their Assange Is God talk with NO Russian involvement. Please, people, try to learn from your naivety.


It was obvious, long ago, that Assange sold out or was blackmailed into obedience


It still remains troubling to me how many people voted for Trump. We knew what he was before he was elected and he hasn’t changed. Perhaps the one surprising thing is the the degree that he scammed the public on economic issues. He is actually pretty much the reverse of what he pretended to be on those. But it was clear he threw childish insults all around. And that he was a white supremacist, all doubts vanished when he made Steve Bannon his campaign manager. And it was clear he wasa fascist as his nomination acceptance speech was a model fascist speech and he never showed any regard for the US Constitution. So we now realize that this is not the country we thought it was all these years. It actually can happen here. We are not different after all. We have only been trying to convince ourselves that somehow we are different. This is not a safe country to live in. Anything that happened over there could happen here. This is alarming. Trump showed us who we really are and now we have to find a way to avoid the worst consequences. So far the efforts have been encouraging. We have seen a tremendous amount of activism opposing Trump and large amounts of money donated to organizations fighting Trump. The efforts of the ACLU and the new organization Indivisible deserve special recognition. But these efforts must continue as strong as ever and if anything be even stronger.


Trump isn’t principally at fault as much as his major donors, the Koch brothers and those who control fossil fuel dependent industries. Billionaire Warren Buffett likewise is the controlling stockholder of BNSF railroad which depends on Wyoming/Montana coal and Dakota Bakkan oil shipment. Worldwide economies are dependent upon oil for transport and travel and on coal for energy production. Trump is like both Bush Dynasty presidents who exhibited nearly the same buffoonish behavior because they couldn’t speak the truth about the republican party agenda to raid the treasury, commit the nation to war, further impoverish the poor and middle class, and allow catastrophic climate change as another means to exacerbate warfare and exterminate excess population through starvation and disease. Trump is willingly conducting mass murder. He is after all a casino mob boss not above putting a hit out on whoever gets in his way. His motto: “Life is a billion bitches, then they die first.”


Un payaso tan feo y diabolico!

I totally disagree with you. Trump’s major donor is Robert Mercer, a white supremacist billionaire hedge fund manager who is also the major financial supporter of Breitbart. If you want to know how white supremacy became mainstream you can trace everything back to Mercer who supplied the money to make it happen. Bannon and few others used Breitbart to make white supremacy mainstream,and Trump, with help of Bannon as campaign manager, took white supremacy into the White House. This is part of an international white nationalist movement that is trying to make white Christians the only first class citizens of the US and Western European countries. They will try to deport as many non-whites as possible. The Koch Brothers seem to be all about money and a conservative ideology that goes back to their father who was a prominent member of the John Birch Society. The Bush family of course is completely against Trump and they represent a different branch of the Republican Party that Bannon is trying to get out of the Party.


You left out the Koch (hard "ch) brothers push to dismantle/cripple the federal government one level/agency at a time. They have taken over the RNC with their tightly-held, well-organized funding cabal targeting local, regional, and state structures/legislatures literally transporting candidates from outside to run for offices therein along with enlisting extant legislators to introduce their scripted ALEC-produced legislation state by state. Meanwhile, the DNC is running around like keystone cops and trying to get them to unify is like “herding cats.”


"At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

It has now become blatantly clear, Common Dreams is as involved/as guilty as all the others regarding the New McCarthyism – endlessly spread (since the leaks, not hacks) as a PR/Propaganda Cover campaign which originated (primarily) from a totally corrupt DNC.

  1. From this article, The Clown Goes Abroad:
    “The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that the Russian government directed. . . .”

  2. From Trump Widely Rebuked for Remarks:
    “Despite conclusions from U.S. intelligence agencies” “with regard to Russian election meddling. . . .”

  3. One trick of the original McCarthyism from the Old Cold War was to take some innocuous or accurate comment from a leader in Moscow — saying something like ‘poverty is a cruel side of capitalism’ or ‘racism persists in the U.S.’ — and to claim that some American reformer who says much the same thing must be a Kremlin tool.”

  4. Yet, if the case were all that strong that Russia did ‘hack’ the emails, you would have expected a straightforward explication of the evidence rather than a demonstration of a full-blown groupthink, but what we got this weekend was all groupthink and no evidence.”

  5. The Key: The CIA’s Absence of Conviction:
    “Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan . . . called the CIA claims ‘bullshit,’ adding: ‘They are absolutely making it up.’” “I have watched incredulous as the CIA’s blatant Lie has grown and grown as a media story – blatant because the CIA has made no attempt whatsoever to substantiate it. There is no Russian involvement in the leaks of emails showing Clinton’s corruption.”

The constant streams of articles within Common Dreams which reek of this Controlled Narrative have proven the associated guilt, for they include just as many from Staff Writers as they do outside sources.

“Our Mission:
To inform. To inspire.
To ignite change for the common good.”

And somehow, these actions/courses are supposed to fulfill that “Mission?”

December of 2016: Re: Common Dreams Joins the Propaganda Ranks of the Establishment and MSM


Man, are you trying to make us feel bad or what? There are so many who don’t seem to care and I wonder how many fools like you are around also. Hopefully, you’re a Trump or Putin lover and not simply retarded. You can’t fix retarded but perhaps someday, if you’re near normal, you will have the lightbulb turn on.

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Finally something from you worth quoting. Now if you will just take another step (away from H) and another (away from the DNC) and another… Read this: https://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/go-left-dems-7-ways-democrats-are-misreading-november-7-results.

BTW, I didn’t vote for Trump, but I certainly didn’t vote for Hillary either.


Rarely do I respond to such chosen ignorance and profane illiteracy. But, “Man,” as written in the Bible, you are also “Blind.”

As far as “fools,” in regard to yourself: Proverbs 12:15 The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.

In relation to your [Hopes] that I am a “Trump or Putin lover,” you reveal both amazing idiocy and the DNC’s success of New McCarthyism brainwashing – for if you were literate enough to See what is right in front of you (criticism from a Progressive) you would already have known that I am not a Trump supporter, and further that your “Putin lover” reference/accusation is a one of the most prime examples of just what they (those involved with this whole propaganda campaign) wanted to fulfill: having as many as possible on the Left (or even Right) attacking others on the Left (or even Right) – like mindless zombies, and exactly as # 3 above.

Regarding being “retarded,” your response is of such a low level of intelligence I have struggled somewhat in wondering whether or not you are just (secretly) functional at that level.

For a true “lightbulb,” try to understand the following: There are none so blind as those who will not see.

P.S. Not that you deserved one in the first place, but, since all of this was most likely over your darkened head, there will be no further responses.


Well, if you hadn’t led with “I totally disagree with you,” I’d try to explain further. But, you’ve made up your mind that nothing I wrote or could write in response makes sense. I don’t totally disagree with you, but why should I bother to defend my viewpoint that you totally disagree with? I’d say the Bush clan oppose Trump only to make their dismal record of warmongering and raiding the national treasury look less evil. And, they’re counting on Lefties like you to make no credible comparison between them and their oligarch cohorts like Trump. My main point was about the environmental impact of petroleum-based industry and business, but you’d rather argue.

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“The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that the Russian government…”

Would this be the same Intel Community who didn’t see 9/11 coming, or who imagined that Sadaam had WMD, or that Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT a CIA asset. Frankly, my dear, I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss what the Intelligence Community (great irony!) concludes and would tend to believe the exact opposite. They deal only in propaganda, lies and murder.

And then: “Japan and South Korea wonder whether the U.S. nuclear umbrella still protects them”…! The nuclear umbrella protects no-one and only threatens all life on this planet.

Trump is undoubtedly a clown, but you, Eugene, must be a stand-up comic to imagine this is serious journalism.


Hahaha! Brillant…thanks.

I just hope you don’t live in Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. It would not have taken that many votes for Hillary to avoid electing an ignorant fascist white supremacist as president. And if that weren’t enough Pence as vice president. And if even that isn’t enough there is Jeff Sessions as attorney general. I know, but at least we didn’t get an establishment Democrat n the White House. What can be worse than that.

I don’t see the Koch brothers supporting white supremacy. I don’t see them funding white nationalists. There is more than enough wrong with the Koch brothers but I don’t see them claiming that this should be a country for white people. With Trump we are talking about Steve Bannon, Richard Spencer, and Milo Yiannopoulos. I didn’t hear the Koch brothers claim there were some fine people marching with the KKK and neo-Nazis in Charlottesvilli. I haven’t heard the Koch brothers say we should ban all Muslims from entering the country. Or wanting to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. Trump is all about an agenda for white people only. That is what the election was about. White nationalism versus multiculturism.

Trump only relates to the billionaire class and most closely to those who control fossil fuel based energy production, which includes the Koch brothers. In other words, class warfare, more than racist white supremacy, is their agenda. The billionaire class, including the Koch’s, have nothing but contempt for people of color. “Let’s you and them fight” is how the old bastards lead the world’s people into war.

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Thank you Mr. Robinson for another well-thought out, well-worded piece. However, I think that you are being unfair to clowns whose role in life is to make us laugh. There is nothing in the least bit funny about Donald Trump. Yes, he is a joke and has made the US the laughing stock of the world, but he is a menace, not a clown.

You don’t need to hear them say it to realize that the Koch brothers are all about the supremacy of white males. Rich white males. Rich white males whose names just happen to be Charles and David.

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