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The Collapse of Michèle Flournoy’s Hopes Shows What Can Happen When Progressives Put Up a Fight

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/08/collapse-michele-flournoys-hopes-shows-what-can-happen-when-progressives-put-fight

The more I learn about Flournoy’s attitudes the more I reflect upon Graham Greene’s (1955) The Quiet American and Eugene Burdick and William J. Lederer’s (1958) The Ugly American that foretold of American bungling in Indo-China. She seems like a bull in a china shop. No sense of local cultures. Whack job for the cause. Glad she’s off the list. Bye Felicia.


this is unreal. it shows they’ve got a zillion replacement punks for each one you object to!!! for crying out loud, you’re flexing your muscles over forcing a costume change?! And even then, given the ‘new boss’ (totally same as the old one, btw), i’m pretty sure some check marks were made there, too.

i realize some of you feel stupid now after having bullied and punked decent people into voting for this warmongering mess–and you should–but trying to dress up the same mistake as a new pig with even newer lipstick is even below the likes of Solomon. Your next article should be, “Dudes, I’m sorry. My bad. I screwed up again.”


Norm, the left deserves better than this from you: Biden’s pick is
a revolving door mat from Lockheed Martin; why not read
Meda B. for some conscience.


So basically flournoy stepped out of the room, pulled-on & zipped up her black man skin suit, and sat right back down.

Yay!! We won…


The real motive of this article is not that progressives are gaining anything here or that the Democrats will shift left , it is trying to convince that group to stay within the Democratic party and voting for it rather then try and form a true party of the people .

This pick will do nothing to address Climate change. It will do nothing to address poverty and homelessness and the lack of health care for all. It will do nothing to end those forever wars or ever ramping US Military spending. It will do nothing to address wealth inequality. There is not a single cause that people on the left (or those progressives) gain anything on here yet Solomon paints it as a victory.

This guy is ex military and a militarist. He worked at Raytheon so as to fatten their bottom line and ensure billions of dollars of Government money head to them. He likely has a job waiting for him at one of those firms who will be more then willing to offer him big dollars as a reward for the degree to which he helps them over the next 4 years. Some victory.


Hurray! Victory for the progressives! USA! USA! USA! USA!

And a big shout out to General Lloyd Austin from Raytheon! Congratulations Lloyd! Join us in a stirring, frothing chant of USA! USA! to celebrate the exceptionalism of Murca’s incredibly diverse team of war criminals. Now let’s bomb the holy shit out of a few more impoverished nations and accelerate the annihilation of Earth’s biospheres.


I was wondering about the striking facial similarities between Fluorannoy and Lloyd. That explains it.

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Norm, replacing one Warmonger with another Warmonger is not a victory for Progressives.

I know that Warmonger JOE would never select someone like Bernie, but that is the type of mentality we need. Got it.


“The Collapse of Michèle Flournoy’s Hopes Shows What Can Happen When Progressives Put Up a Fight”

Yep, they set themselves up for a redo of the same fight, ad infinitum.


Many of Smokin’ Joe’s choices are highly problematic. That he continues to think along those lines is no surprise. Like Trump, he is what he is, and always has been. This election solves nothing of real importance, and it’s still over a month until he might even be sworn in.

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This article is just more of the media clap trap calculated to convince progressives that they’ve actually and meaningfully influenced the neo-liberal mindset and policies of Biden and the unDemocratic Party. Hey progressives, look at what your protests, your activism has done! It’s nonsense. Swapping one agent of the corrupt military-industrial complex for another, the latter a perfect example of the revolving door syndrome so badly corrupting our government, is hardly a win or cause for celebration among progressives.

Neo-liberalism is in Biden’s dna. He’s lived it and practiced it for decades, materially harming the country as he’s gone along. He’s picked up where he and Obama left off, doing exactly as expected by those who voted for Biden as the only way to remove Trump from office. Most of what Biden says and everything he does reinforces the reality that he’ll never willingly fight for progressive policy. We’ll have a new party, one that’s genuinely committed to the people, or our children and theirs will be forced deeper and deeper into social and economic injustice and servitude to the oligarchs and big corporations.

Check out the Movement for a People’s Party. Something like it is our only hope.


Shhh … you can’t say that … . What are you, anti-feminist or anti-BLM?!! How dare you?!!

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Norm’s video CSPAN congressional hearing made Austin look weak,
whatever his actual record overall may be that may make him a decent pick.
The lesser of two evils kinda thing, like, ya know, like ya know??

Do you know WHY the Roman empire collapsed? It over-expanded itself and ran out of money, accordingly. Colonialism isn’t only immoral…, it is expensive!

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“The Collapse of Michèle Flournoy’s Hopes Shows What Can Happen When Progressives Put Up a Fight”

Yep – “[‘Bad News’: Biden Picks Retired General and Raytheon Board Member Lloyd Austin as Pentagon Chief]”

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The only questions which arise are

In which position of power will Flournoy appear? and

When will Biden find a way to install her as Secretary of Defense?

It is not as if her style of corruption is disliked by Biden and Company.


And now, some actual journalism re Biden’s actual corrupt “Defense” selection/Raytheon tool.

The question becomes… why isn’t Greenwald published here, instead of Solomon?



I no pacifist but I grant you, Norman, that Flournoy was just about the worst choice. All the old neocons love her because she is pushing this dangerous idea of an inevitable military competition, even war, with China. The general may be more realistic, but that’s anybody’s guess. The bottom line is that the US is a declining power - the past four years are the most obvious but not the last symptom.

For this moment, we need a president and a defense sec who see that we have to pull back from Asia and content ourselves in the Pacific with Alaska,and Hawaii. We need only enough air and sea forces out there to protect those two states, and we’ll be lucky if we can do that.


This is off your point, WiseOwl, which I agree with, but I saw writer-director Joseph Mankiewicz’s 1958 film version of The Quiet American a few months ago, and I can see why Greene disowned any connection to it: Instead of being Greene’s subtle intrigue about finally taking sides in a complex power struggle, which Mankiewicz does maintain for much of the movie, it takes a hard right at the conclusion into American Cold War anti-Communism, in essence laying the groundwork for the escalations to come. This is reputedly the result of Mankiewicz’s collaboration with the CIA’s notorious counter-insurgency expert General Edward Lansdale, as Vietnam was Lansdale’s baby until Kennedy relieved him of that.

When I first read Greene’s novel way back when (I did re-read it before watching the movie), I had to chuckle a bit at Alden Pyle (the idealistic, seemingly naive, certainly mysterious US operative sent to Saigon) and his continual citing of his mentor/idol “York Harding.” First it was wondering if Greene had an actual person in mind, or if it was a composite. Then, as I was young and impressionable myself, I chuckled as I wondered whether my “York Harding” was someone like Noam Chomsky.