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The Collapse of Trumpcare and the Rise of Single Payer


The Collapse of Trumpcare and the Rise of Single Payer

Zackary Berger, Adam Gaffney

Single Payer Bills Signal a New Era in American Healthcare Politics.

Yet there is a reason why Graham’s bill crashed and burned, and why single-payer may one day succeed despite such threats of impalement.


As long as there are a few responsible adults in the majority party, like Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Corker, and John McCain and others, We the People can continue to fight Fascist movements in our government.


Hey, Sen. Lindsay “Dog in the Manger” Graham, why can’t we have the same taxpayer-subsidized health insurance you and your comfortable colleagues have?


Regardless of the fate of single-payer healthcare it is right now playing a very important political role which is to serve as a litmus test to get votes from Democrats who identify with the so-called Sanders/Warren wing of the party. And for Republicans it gives them an issue for their voters if they are running against a Democrat advocating single-payer. So it should give the healthcare issue a prominent role in many upcoming elections.


The Affordable Care Act actually moved Senators and Representatives off of the free health care system they used to be on to a system more comparable to what a worker for a company with good benefits might have. They pick a policy off of the Obamacare exchange and then the government pays 72% and they pay 28% through a payroll deduction.

Senator Graham’s bill and other Republican proposals that repeal Obamacare would have the effect that they themselves would go back to the entirely free 100% tax-payer funded system they used to enjoy.


To Zackary Berger and Adam Gaffney I would say you should be ashamed of yourself. This is a text book example of how to put lipstick on a pig. Try being honest for a change. You can start with global budgets. We may not be Harvard graduates but we can still put two and two together.


Yeah. and you should be asking if that is a good thing and why?


No doubt you understand what you’re talking about. And that’s all that matters.


Thanks for that, it is not a certainty because it is not finalized, but it is not what most people think it is and that is a problem.


Long story short, bringing single-payer is coming into the light of day after being locked in a closet, and that can only be good.


They are trying to save what is left of the old republican party----Susan Collins did everything to make the ACA worse and then didn’t vote for it----these people support everything military and watch what they do when it comes to tax cuts???

Today Senator Sanders offered an amendment that none of the 1% could get a tax cut in this up coming tax bill. All these people voted against the amendment.


The ACA has helped people understand that healthcare should be a right. And this understanding should be put forward more and more.

Insurance companies should have played a strong role in keeping costs down----THEY HAVE FAILED!
Insurance companies should have lead the way in understanding how to have a universal affordable private system—THEY HAVE FAILED!

Republicans wanting to repeal the ACA could not come up with a better plan.-THEY HAVE FAILED!

It will take a while to get there but at some point the only real answer is a single payer medicare system that is universal. Unless you buy into the notion that some people just don’t deserve healthcare???


Be sure to view the you tube video FIX IT. It gives a very good explanation of how a medicare for all would benefit all, including businesses, employees, medical providers, patients, and the federal government budget. The insurance companies will lose their primary hold on all of our health, but they will adjust we can be sure, after they learn how to capitalize on it when we are not paying attention again.


If you endorse a system that dismantles public health and don’t replace that in medicare for all by provision it isn’t universal. If you remove the employer mandate to provide a safe and healthy work environment by accountability you have lost something. If you think because access is universal it means care is universal you haven’t looked at global budgets. If you don’t understand how your current protections work for you. you probably won’t understand what it means when they are gone. Once you have a national medical indentification system and hospitals are already switching to that system then you will get a better understanding of what you get and what you lose in this deal.


Can we think outside the BOX! I would like to see community health centers all over the country. And the key words here are community and health--------and health is more than just seeing a doctor. Health is a sense of belonging and having real economic freedom where people have choice in their lives.


I agree we all would like that and to some degree that already exists but in many cases that is not the trend.