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The Combined Misfortune of Climate Change and Neoliberalism


The Combined Misfortune of Climate Change and Neoliberalism

Naomi Klein

CD editor's note: What follows is a portion of the second excerpt published in the Guardian this week of Naomi Klein's best-selling book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. Read the first selected excerpt here.


Naomi: You answered the question by stating that not since the 1920s have elites held this much power.

All over the world, the New Natives are standing up to the New Energy Baron/Nature Robbing Conquistadors.

The battles have just begun.


The prevailing "economic" model is based upon inefficiency. Until the externalities (pollution, poverty, overpopulation, etc.) are priced into the system it will be business as usual. Our greatest moral challenge is to do just that for (any) generations to come and all life forms on the planet. Humanity did not get a "stay out of jail free card" in the thermodynamic monopoly game, despite what its contrived deities may claim.


It just seems that Mother Nature is taking its course, like it does with every other animal and plant that exceeds its global carrying capacity.


As anybody who has ever studied history can tell you, humanity has only ever changed AFTER great upheavals, never before. As a species, we seem to have decided to maintain this disasterous paradigm as it now applies to global warming.
After mass starvations, civilizations figured out that maybe they should save food for the winter months. We eventually noticed that those who hauled the sick and dead away became sick themselves. From arduous trial and error, and about 80 million bodies and devastated cities, some, like the 20th century Europeans finally figured out that it was far safer and more profitable to live in (relative) peace
Unfortunately, it seems as though we have lulled ourselves into some false sense of security when it comes to global warming. Too many think of it as a disease that, once we find some cure, we will magically be able to make the earth well again. But then again, all too many of us of unwilling to change our lifestyles. We have had it too good for too long.
All this leads us to perhaps the biggest tragedy of all. Unlike our primitive and ignorant ancestors, we are able to see what the coming problem is. We know what we need to do to avoid it. We choose to do nothing.
Kurt Vonnegut said in his last book "we probably could have saved ourselves, but we were just to damn cheap (and lazy)" oh well, we had a good run. Hopefully we won't turn the earth into Venus and kill everything else with us. Who am I kidding? Like the sheriff at the end of Romeo and Juliet shouted at the crowd, "All are punish-ed!!"


The Cartesian model infecting westernized societies, built on the dementia that dissociative decision making is dissociated from being dissociative, is the epitome of dissociative, has devolved into centuries of monument building in the dissociative assertion that society needs to have monuments to rally around - deserted and dissociated the social dimensions of the natural planet loooong ago. The hubris is nothing short of tragic as precisely the peoples heavy industry is scorning are proving to be the treasured alternative models and being forced to "assimilate" into precisely the same dissociative model.
Mirror mirror on the wall... shatter the mirror and let it fall


WWWhhhhhheeeeewwwww ....good one.


Empowering women has been proven to reduce population growth. It's a sound, moral approach.


"Unlike our primitive and ignorant ancestors"

This is the kind of thinking that has us trapped. smile

You show your ignorance is greater than our ancestors ever was through this statement. Our ancestors would rally to this danger in a heartbeat. But they would never face this particular danger. But denigration of the natural leads us to total denigration of the natural. Get it?


In an article today, "The Whoredom of the Left", Chris
Hedges quotes Lee Lakeman as saying, “Globalization and
neoliberalism have accelerated a process in which women are being
sold wholesale", but within Chris's using, and thus giving
credibility to, the terms "Globalization" and
"Neoliberalism", Chris runs into the same apparently
insolvable problem as does another principled progressive writer,
Naomi Klein, in another article here on the exact same day, titled, "The
Combined Misfortune of Climate Change and Neoliberalism".

Both these truthdig and Common Dreams articles by Hedges and Klein
are examples of being suckered into using the Frank Luntzian terms,
“Globalization, NeoLiberalism, and Climate Change” --- and of not
insisting on assertively and repeatedly using the honest non-PR
terms; “Global Empire”, “NeoImperialism”, and “Empire
Climate Destruction” --- all of which 'issues' and 'symptom
problems', of our “ailing social order” are caused by the singular
underLYING cancerous tumor of this Disguised Global Capitalist

If Hedges, who is far more articulate and honest than propagandist
'wordsmith', Frank Luntz, had paraphrased, corrected, and clarified
his report to read, 'Global Empire and NeoImperialism have
accelerated a process in which women are being sold wholesale' ---
then by refusing to accept any credibility of the waffle-word lies of
the terms “Globalization” and “Neoliberalism” would deny
anyone honestly on the progressive left from being confused or
buying-into the vague, neutral, polite, or harmless-sounding terms.

Likewise, if Klein, who is also far more articulate and honest
than a shill like Luntz had, instead of titling her article, “The
Combined Misfortune of Climate Change and Neoliberalism” --- had
titled it, “The Combined Exposure of Empire's Climate Destruction and
Neo-Imperialism”, and had written her article to publicly expose,
prove and blast this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire as being the
singular cancerous tumor causing the Global Climate Destruction, and
unmasked the fact that a dual-party Vichy-political facade of lying
deceit in the form of a neocon 'R' Vichy party and a neoliberal-con
'D' Vichy party were entirely bi-partisan in their treasonous service
to the very same Neo-Imperialist government of whores, then there
would be no mincing of waffle-words that this Empire could hide
behind continuing to call itself the world's most exceptional
democratic Republic.

In summary, both Chris Hedges's and Naomi Klein's articles this
very same day are useful in airing different but important; concerns,
identity 'issues', and 'symptom problems' that an array of genuinely
progressive Americans are interested in reading about, learning
about, organizing against, protesting against, and hoping to solve as

It's just that I believe with all my heart, mind, and soul that
for Americans, who think they are citizens interested in solving such
an array of problems, the 'first order' meta-problem in getting
beyond the wide array of subordinate 'symptom problems' would be
greatly aided by “looking beyond the issues to the Empire”, and
the first step to that diagnosis is to confront and overpower
deceitful waffle-wording that the Empire's wordsmith propagandists
employ to divide, conquer, and confuse the American people living in
this Empire from knowing that they are merely the 'subjects' of a
Disguised Global Capitalist Empire which is very comfortable in their
not understanding this dangerous fact.


You seem to an inexplicably focused on one phrase in my comment and turned it into some person insult of you or your percieved ancestors.
Our primitive and ignorant ancestors would not have rallied to the global warming cause because they would not have known it was happening, because they were primitive and ignorant of the natural processes going on around them. Cause and effect were an unknown concept to them. Every major civilization in the history of humanity has collapsed because of Internal and external enviormental and socioeconomic problems that they knew very little about, or knew and didn't care. Civilizations have fallen because of everything from natural disasters, disease and pestilence, to Internal corruption and malaise.
Grow up. If you take umbrage with me calling your ancestors primitive and ignorant just remember, yours and mine both used to throw feces at each other and pick bugs out of our own fur.