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The Comical Incompetence of President Trump


The Comical Incompetence of President Trump

Ryan Cooper

President Trump is spending the last few days of 2018 in signature fashion, with a series of unforced errors and comical pratfalls around the world, any one of which would have been a multi-week scandal for any previous president. The government is shut down over total nonsense, and Trump's attempt to visit the troops for a quick propaganda coup instantly became a head-shaking discussion about his awful operation security and pointless lies.


Get a real gun Trump, and pull the trigger.


The Wall was Trump’s most important campaign promise. It is central to the white supremacist’s goal of transforming the US into a country of intolerance for non-whites. A physical wall built by a white supremacist president would be a lasting achievement for those who promote white supremacy. It would counter the Confederate statues that have been taken down and indicate that Trump has brought about the type of real change that many of his supporter voted for. It is clear Mexico will not pay for it so Trump has been stuck trying to get the money from Congress. His reputation as a fascist leader would be severely diminished if he doesn’t get it. Fascist leaders are supposed to have the power to get what the want. He could be hurt politically if he has to run in 2020 without getting the Wall.


He’ll just shoot someone else by mistake, you’ve got to give better directions than that.


As this article points out, Trump is an expert at one thing, being incompetent. But that title covers everything in his life, not just being President. How else do you explain all of his failed marriages, his snotty kids, and his biggest incompetence, his business dealings. Ever thought about how rich the average person would be if they had inherited over 400 million dollars as a young adult and avoided paying taxes on most of it ? Letting it sit in an account at the bank would have generated more return, than Trumps investments.


I forgot.

He’s only four years old.



There’s so much more than The Wall (though I am really liking the Initial Caps) and the mission to Iraq, but much of the smh could become much more dangerous. In another CD article today, Ariel Gold of Code Pink points out that Bibi Netanyahu “is now Israel’s prime minister, defence minister, and foreign minister,” as djt has put incompetents and puppets in so many vital posts. We have acting Secretaries of Defense and Interior, ambassadorial vacancies everywhere, including the UN, our head spook was muzzled on the Khashoggi killing, and the only survivors of the original patronage cabinet are the total fools deVos, Perry, and Carson. Pence is still hoping to be Raptured out of his gilded cage, though that hope is clearly fading after so many fine opportunities for God to step into the chaos. But the Bibi model, who at least has some competence for his monarchical roles in a much smaller kingdom, raises for me the voice of Kushner whispering in djt’s ear. Is he djt’s Cheney?


Yes, the joke’s on us, most especially on those who actually voted for this walking, talking example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.


Wow and this is a professional reporter using this word comical to describe a man who is and has always been nothing but a failed con man. This comedian as described above has ruined more peoples lifes and if he could have his way. He would kill our beloved nation as we know it. COMICAL right?.


Almost half the people in the US support that obscene monster. Among those are your friends, neighbors, and relatives. If you are a white male, there is an 80% chance you are a Trump-worshiper. If you are a white female, there is a 75% chance. If you are a functionally illiterate white, a member of the NRA, or a member of the KKK, that probability rises to almost 100%.
This is something beyond comical or tragic. Trump worshiping reveals an accumulation of dirty cultural laundry that few people suspected was there, and puts it out in the open for the entire world to see - and what a giant pile of smelly filth that turned out to be!


Agreed. Be afraid, be very afraid, that so many in this country support this piece of human garbage, no matter what he does. Trump is dangerous only because so many people support him. Without that support, he’d go back to being a reality TV show clown.


Or perhaps a perfect example of the peter principal , being elevated to a level of incompetence


PB, I disagree.* His mental incompetence isn’t due to some “developmental delay and arrest.” It’s due to a very twisted psyche and distorted cognitions that actually have no hopeful prognosis WERE he to seek treatment.

The World Mental Health Coalition people are trying to get the professional word out about how dangerous he is because they know personality disintegration and its trajectories & consequences. They’re the scientists with evidence; everyone else can use common sense opinions and say he’s f’n crazy and dangerous.

Be scared.
*I know you were just sounding off about your favorite fuhrer.


I think Dense is 50.1 to 49.9…wanting Rapture first and presidency second…but I’d lay ya money that in his private moments, he’s salivating over getting that throne in the WH.


The science of your description sounds much better Toni.

I’m a believer…


I have to disagree with the writer overall perhaps though just in world usage. His incompetence has been very competent in getting quite a lot of truly sick and vicious and damaging things done. The ongoing border horror feeding his racist goals, the making near enemies of our allies, playing with murderous dictators he admires, perpetuating the very things adding to the climate crisis, the wanton destruction and looting of Puerto Rico post hurricane, the demonization of federal workers this week as if they are not people…
I can’t continue because I can feel my blood pressure at astronomical numbers right now. It’s why I have been so very very very angry with my postings lately.
Trump has been EXTREMELY competent at the destruction of every value and norm that has kept us from blowing apart as a country. We have always had massive corruption, massive fraud, selfish greedy leaders in government , business, and society in general but the body of the country seemed to still hold together with at least some semblance of basic human values overall despite this.
That’s gone now imho. I really believe we are now a full dictator run banana republic. Worse actually. Because our supposedly educated citizenry SHOULD have known better.
We will never ever recover from the extreme competency of Trump & his sychophantic minions’ dismantling of our social and moral principles/values- limp and weak as they might be in many cases.
Renouncing citizenship is really really expensive and complicated but spouse and I are now resolved to do so. We are saving our money with these last working years in order to make it happen as right now the money involved to do so is too much for us knowing we will forfeit our SS and Medicare. We can claim Irish citizenship as both of our grandmothers were born, raised and lived in Ireland. We are also investigating several other countries where it is not difficult to gain citizenship with a modest income.


Toni, there is abundant material on-line on Trump’s pathology. The consensus among psychiatrists points to “malignant narcissism”, an extreme form of narcissistic personality disorder.


When I can get myself to talk about this topic with my friends and neighbors who support this jerk I find that a large portion of their support stems from their perceived notion that he’s “sticking it to the man”. Their frustration with government/economy/media/society has grown such that they’ll support anything that looks different. If they could just support something truly positive we could turn this country around. That’s why Pelosi has her work cut out for her (keeping anything truly positive from coming to the attention of the people).


I can’t share your pessimism (and can’t afford to share your escape hatch). The real problem, though, is that djt has never had any goals or principles for his unexpected, unwanted presidency. All of this damage has come about through his short view, impulsiveness, and willingness to sign whatever someone with an agenda puts in front of him. That’s why it’s so hard to stop.


Congress already allocated $1.7 billion for border barriers in 2017 and 2018, and the administration only spent 6 percent of it.

The idiot-in-chief wants 5 billion so that he can ‘appropriate’ the majority of it for himself – why else would he not spend what he’s already been given?