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The Coming Civil War Over Trump's Ego

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/28/coming-civil-war-over-trumps-ego

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As Mary Trump observed “the 2020 election is NOT a referendum on Donald Trump, it IS a referendum on who WE are”.

The election will confirm just how badly TV and the internet, both of which once held so much potential, have warped us.


Very good description of the the Orange Menace’s severe delusional narcissism; and adequately shows how destructive he is. He is without a doubt the most destructive president in the twenty and twenty first century; and probably the entire history of the US. Only Jackson from the point of view of native Americans can compete.

On another note: “New York is the capital of Anti-Trump Nation”… Yes except for the borough of Staten Island which is a Mafia haven. He is reportedly quite popular there; which says a lot.


Agree whole heartedly. That he commands the following he has after almost four years of the most outrageous, corrupt and just plain nasty behavior indicts a significant swath of the American public.

He is behaving as an adult similar to the way he behaved as a child; which got him sent away to NY Military Academy-didn’t do him any good.

The biggest Presidents as disasters have been spoiled brats as children, him and W. Bush. I guess all those elementary school teachers who tell their students they won’t amount to much, if they don’t learn to behave, were wrong.

On that note, Trump’s popularity also indicts a school system that numbs the minds of students and fails to teach thoughtful analytic thinking. Watching Sherlock Holmes movies would be more useful as a model of intelligent reasoning.

The Democrats pathetic attempts to stand up to him, especially their fake Russiagate campaign, show their bankruptcy too. Especially the likes of Republican mole Nancy Pelosi and Chuckles Schumer.


I know one group who doesn’t care if Trump Nation or Anti-Trump Nation wins.
The oligarchs who profit handsomely no matter which half of the duopoly is in charge.

As far as they’re concerned, a polarized electorate divided into red and blue tribes, diverts attention from their con game – and, damn, those oligarchs are on one hell of winning streak.


Actually, no one much cares about Trump’s ego.

This is getting to be self-parody.


Trump is a perfect president for the Age of narcissism that has evolved ever since television took over our lives. It’s extremely telling that narcissism isn’t even listed as a mental disorder in the current DSM. It’s assumed everyone of us suffers from a certain degree of it, whether it’s posting selfies to Instagram or, mea culpa, posting to forums and getting a dopamine hit when I read replies, whether positive or negative.
I do know my life has improved in the past four years since I gave up television. The real world, in Nature, is much more enjoyable.


To me television is the BIG BROTHER that George Orwell wrote about in his prescient book 1984;especially,corporate news!


Even if Trump is gone his supporters (except some rally attendees) live on.


True that.

The thing getting me down: goddam it I don’t like anything that looks like an excuse for feeling hopeless, but constitutional scholars – creative, speculative minds have been searching for an alternative outcome aside from the impending terminal strangulation of all democratic pretense, here in the USA, and all what-else they can find is such a slim reed! That’s the impression I get from Paul Street, whom I’ve trusted for careful work. At this point any other outcome besides cancerous orange metastasis looks more unlikely every day. Here’s a distinctly discouraging detail, should you want any more:

In the Trump era, it’s always worse than you initially thought. We have recently learned from The Atlantic that Trump’s team is considering “contingency plans” to bypass the outcome of November’s election. While we’re used to state Electoral College elector slates being selected based on the popular vote, Atlantic correspondent Barton Gellman chillingly reminds us that “nothing in the Constitution says it has to be that way.” Citing Republican Party sources, Gellman reports that Trump’s campaign is discussing proposals “to bypass election results and appoint loyal electors in battleground states where Republicans hold the legislative majority. Trump,” Gellman explains, “would ask state legislators to set aside the popular vote and exercise their power to choose a slate of electors directly. The longer Trump succeeds in keeping the vote count in doubt, the more pressure legislators will feel to act before the [December 8th] safe-harbor deadline [for appointing Electoral College Electors] expires.”


Anyone care to join the betting pool on Aleph’s relative confidence? My bet is I’ll be even more depressed after the Tuesday “debate.” We’re getting squashed like good Mr Floyd, friends. That’s how they think it’s gonna be, and also what our shabby constitution especially delivers for fascists.


The diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder was eliminated in the DSM because a decision was made that there is no real distinction between narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. People who would have previously been diagnosed as NPDs are now sociopaths.


p.s. I got rid of television in 1969, within weeks of my 16th birthday. I didn’t watch it again until 2014. Wow. It changed!

I’m certain television executives will rot in hell. There is no doubt in my mind.


Working my way through school as a psychiatric nursing assistant (the qualifications not being too steep for such work in those days), I had occasion to make the acquaintance of one true sociopath. You sort of have to meet one to fully grok that “Silence of the Lambs” antihero – Jeffrey Dahmer – is not all that big a deal, for a sociopath. If you were living a lucid dream in which the only actual person was yourself, and all the other human frames like plastic army men you could melt in the toaster-over for giggles – and you got real enjoyment from the most exquisite tortures of your fellows, only it wasn’t actually a dream, and the people you’ve been torturing are absolutely everyone in your life… almost impossible to conceive of even after you’ve actually met a person like that. Truly metastatic hell on Earth.


It is difficult for ordinary people grasp the vast black hole sociopaths are that is empty of all normal human thought and emotion.

I have a degree in the field, and I spent about seven years of informal study on the subject of narcissism/sociopathy, after that. I had the great misfortune to tangle with one for about three years, back at the turn of the century. It was not fun. After that, I was done forever. No mo. I didn’t have eye contact with men for the next eight years. I can look at them again, but that’s all.

All right, it’s not that bad, I do talk to men. But if anyone wants to spend time with me, I get an expression on my face like I just found bugs crawling in my food.


We’re on the American Titanic, that’s for sure.

I, personally, have no hope that humans will save themselves from themselves. I ran away to rural Alaska over 30 years ago, because I had no hope back then, either. I was absolutely certain we would end up exactly where we are, and I wanted to live as far away from the shitstorm as I could get and still live in the U.S. Now, if I had the money, I’d go to Canada. My son-in-law is a Canadian, and I begged him and my daughter to go there years ago. She didn’t.


Well, how could they not be, when both nominees of the corporatist Duopoly are always practically hand-picked by them? Their well-oiled propaganda machine makes sure that our attention is diverted from their villainy & plunder & toward the objects of the division & hatred that they stoke.


Here’s hoping the man who resurrected Trump, Jeff Zucker, leads their march into Hades.

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They all have demonic attachments. At least.

Hi raydelcamino;
I was hoping that Mary Trump could sue Donald Trump------but it looks like it’s all gone ( at least money wise already. ) But, she still has her book. And YES, raydelcamino, the election is not a referendum on Trump--------it’s on us to get him out! As I am feeling like those ladybugs–and our house of democracy is on fire and we’lre all getting burned. : (