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The Coming Collapse


The Coming Collapse

Chris Hedges

The Trump administration did not rise, prima facie, like Venus on a half shell from the sea. Donald Trump is the result of a long process of political, cultural and social decay. He is a product of our failed democracy. The longer we perpetuate the fiction that we live in a functioning democracy, that Trump and the political mutations around him are somehow an aberrant deviation that can be vanquished in the next election, the more we will hurtle toward tyranny. The problem is not Trump.


Many of us on the left have seen these same signs, and have posted here on these forums that the collapse of which Hedges speaks is on the horizon. It is not a question of “if,” but “when.” This corruption and profit-at-the-expense-of-everything-else neo-liberal system simply cannot go on forever, it has collapse built into it. The accelerating rise of fascism in the US under Trump is part and parcel of that, and it is simply accelerating the collapse.

Get ready, indeed.


On other threads I have advised fleeing this burning house. It still applies today.

Go you really want to know how much we have been robbed of? Do a search on Dr. Mark Skidmore. I have contacted many and no one whats to speak of this but a few.


$21 Trillion Missing from US Federal Budget


And when this country collapses, it will take much of the rest of the world with it, not just economically, but also militarily, possibly with nuclear weapons, in one last gasp of the MAGA virus.

I honestly believe that any president who steps up and tries to turn off the war machine and wrestle power away from the corporate state and return it to the people is signing his or her death warrant. Not that our current rotten political system would ever allow such a person to gain access to the White House, of course. Still, the illusion and myth of democracy in this country dies hard. The true believers refuse to acknowledge that we are now a fascist state and the constitution little more than a board game to amuse the elites in power.


In view of the horrors listed in the article above, why would anyone want to move to the US?
How does one get ready if one does not have the resources to do so?


I’ll openly state that when the financial implosion happens, I prefer that Republicans are in charge.

That ups the odds of ‘creative destruction’ as opposed to a repeat of massive bail outs for the TBTF banks and massive bankruptcy/foreclosure for average mortgage holders.

My torch and pitchfork stand at the ready: Let’s burn this thing down.


I’m going to go out and find a conservative and borrow one of his hundred guns to fucking kill myself. I jest, but Hedges is right. We HAVE been a Fascist country probably since “W”, but it’s been coming since the late 70’s starting with Carter and zipped into overdrive by st Ronnie. I’m 71 yrs old and consider myself lucky since I ain’t gonna be here much longer, but my and others kids will be and all I can say is hold on tight and consider getting outta Dodge NOW.


Hedges writes cogently and artfully about collapse and our lurch towards authoritarianism and disaster, but he seems to have little awareness of how to build power or resilience, or the alternative institutions he talks about here.

He rarely writes much about actually existing left social movements, or what organized workers and food cooperatives are actually doing. He has a peculiar obsession with scolding antifascists who, while they occasionally get in street battles with white supremacists, often also spend a lot of time engaged in doing exactly the sort of work Hedges considers necessary.

The upshot of this imbalance in his writing is that he instills a sense of isolation, despair and fatalism. His articles are morbidly affirming - I suspect everyone who reads him knows this shit sucks and is getting worse - but not very helpful in any practical sense.


I agree. There are things that can be done. For example, why doesn’t Hedges call for a boycott of Adelson’s casinos? I am sure people belonging to 99% contribute towards his money. There are still a sizeable number of people in USA who have some discretionary spending power and if used strategically, that power can be effective.



Agreed. Entirely too many articles at CD are too long on DEscription while woefully short on PREscription.

With that said, establishing food cooperatives would be at the top of my to-do-before-the-deluge list. Really, any kind of outreach and networking is better than our current abject and isolated despair.

“The flow of energy through a system tends to organize that system.”
–R. Buckminster Fuller


“Don’t throw the Constitution in my face - its just a goddamn piece of paper!” – President George W. Bush
Appallingly, this piece of shit is now making some kind of comeback in the eyes of the people because he is seen as better than Trump!


Such an overly accurate portrait of the current state of affairs.


Hi dahlia,

I agree with much of your assessment regarding Hedges framing of the state of affairs along with the general negativity, and lack of positive examples, in his writing. In his show, OnContact, however, Hedges sometimes does present successful examples. For example, he did a segment on Cooperation Jackson (https://cooperationjackson.org/blog/2018/3/8/on-contact-with-chris-hedges-the-radical-transformation-of-jackson-mississippi
https://cooperationjackson.org/ ). Working with similar groups (in my community and abroad) I find it is community based activists, such as these, that are doing some of the most significant work to bring about democratic institutions that promote social/economic/environmental justice.


That’s a good point. I saw that show and read some of Jackson Rising as a result of watching that interview


Not really, there is already an alternative plan, some people have been getting ready for a longtime and a lot of our closest friends are joining them. However they are not Americans.


I beg to disagree; but, in my understanding his writings try to get those people either unaware of our state of reality, or oblivious to the impacts of their doing nothing to stop the rape and pillage of ourselves, our nation and the world by a very few rich psycopaths. What are the answers, if any, to saving us from the coming oblivion? Are we to go, just like the cows being led to slaughter in a corporate mega killing operation, merrily along the chute happily chewing our cud until the steel bolt plunges into our skull? Being aware of our situation is the beginning to being able to bring down those who have put us where we are today. From there, we have a chance.


And next Obama will be brought out of the closet in which he now hides.


“The next Obama”, indeed !

Notice a pattern here ?

Ever since Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 each succeeding POTUS has been worse than his predecessor. Another component of the boiling frog strategy whereby you put the frog in cold water and turn up the heat gradually. Explains why Obama is more right wing than Nixon was.

Brand Obama made people feel reassured until POTUS Obama became most accurately characterized as Dubya’s 3rd and 4th terms, coated with some legislation benefiting the LGBTQ community to maintain a sprinkling of liberal cred.

Trump is indeed not the disease…just the symptom of the end stage of the disease.

86ing the US is not a solution. Upon realizing the astounding return on investment (ROI) from owning the US Congress, the corporations started buying gubmits in other nations and are well on their way to owning them as well.


I would like to think that well-meaning liberals and other people who are unaware of our state of reality are reading Hedges’ writing, but I doubt there are many.

Perhaps he should think more about who his likely audience is and the message he wants to communicate. Most of us are already aware, and could use something a little more practical than constant reminders of the horrible fate that awaits us.

The left is exceedingly good at analyzing how awful stuff is. We don’t need help there. We’re not so good at developing strategy, building power, organizing, and convincing people other than ourselves what is to be done.


“What will be, now will be and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it.”

If I believed that, I wouldn’t be wasting the time I have left reading about my impending doom on the internet.