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The Coming Collapse

Essentially, the conclusion appears to be that Trump is the symptom, not the illness. If this were true, we would would be forced to conclude that the eventual collapse was predetermined, with Trump merely playing a role that someone else would have played if there hadn’t been a Trump.
This is disconcerting because the same could be said of Hitler or Stalin. If we accept that Trump isn’t the tumor that kills American Democracy because American Democracy was half-dead already, we effectively relieve Trump and his lackeys of responsibility. Nobody would feel comfortable relieving Hitler of responsibility for WWII and the Holocaust, the same applies to Trump.

that’s a terrific theory for anyone who just wants to feel good about things but has no interest whatsoever in resolving the underlying problem. Acknowledgement that Hitler wasn’t the sole problem was clear on the battlefields of Europe on the high seas, and after the war in Nuremberg.Few Americans or Europeans ever saw Hitler, it was his millions of supporters who were the real problem. Sound familiar? It should!

I don’t know, since the corporations largely control the bureaucracies, I don’t think they are interested in shutting any of them down.



Yep. I empathize with him, but I’m not a fan of his mode of …coping? Planning? “Fighting back”?

Very few people are aware Of how much our society Is brainwashed…We were bred to be slaves…And We police ourselves For the masters…For them…This is a perfectly running system…They don’t care if it collapses…In fact they are prepared for it…Robots will replace the missing and useless humans Leaving the planet to become once again paradise For the rich…Wake up…Stop responding to your impulses Generated by fear…Wake up To your divine self and Take control over your own life Do what serves you and yours best…The system cannot be changed…It is too corrupt…It must be replaced…Who has the balls…Perhaps one day Soon We will wake up And realize That all of our conscious minds have Become connected…And as a unified force We are stronger than anything in the universe…Because we are consciousness…And Consciousness is the source of everything…Call it God if you like…If you are conscious…If you are aware…Then you…Are An emissary or…Representative…Of that consciousness…As you are conscious…You are a reflection of God Or consciousness…

…Welcome to your Divine state of being…It’s always been here…You Were just never aware…Because you have been blind sided By Being brainwashed…

We need better than Obama. As Chris points out, he was just another puppet of the corporate elite.

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I agree with you. Between Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s administrations, I lost all faith in the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders’ capitulation to Hillary and the Party establishment sealed it for me. While it appears that we have some worthy new women entering into politics as Democrats, my feeling is that they, too, will capitulate or be crushed by the Party establishment. That establishment comes at new players with open arms; in one hand is a bank full of cash, while the other holds a sledgehammer!

Don’t kid yourself, with both current parties, EXACTLY THE WRONG people will be bailed out! On the right, we have bailouts for the dying oil and coal industries, wall street crooks, and plunder of the environment, and on the left we have bailouts for academics who are squandering the wealth of our country through horrific and ever-growing inefficiency, and over-education of large swaths of population, among other mistakes…

Obama squandered his ENTIRE 2-year mandate on a mediocre healthcare bill that the republicans will kill. Because they kill anything that they are paid to kill. I stopped voting for Obama when I realized he followed George Bush’s Iran/Afghanistan withdrawal policies TO THE MINUTE, when I realized that on MOST issues he was MORE CONSERVATIVE than George Bush! Like drone warfare, remanding prisoners, never closing guantonimo bay. Basically, he was an inept leader who couldn’t lead his way out of a paper bag, “lead from behind” means basically Obama spent his last 6 years pretending to be the 101st senator in the US senate …

[men in suits destroying america] Wall Street Leeches are who you are really talking about. Wall Street Leeches produce absolutely NOTHING of lasting value, and yet, in the past 20 years they (financial firms) ballooned to as high as 24% of the value of the S&P 500, whereas the long term average is 10%. We are still at 16% which means we still have 60% more finance types than the country can support! They were supposed to get wiped out in 2009 but Obama bailed them out, and every new bailout causes a surge in the field of financial leechery …

With so many leeches going into the business of leechery, we have nobody smart left over to design and build any products! One of the primary methods of leechery is to outsource jobs to other countries, it makes republicans happy because it feels like union-busting, and as a country that has always been run with slaves, they are happy to see our slaves overseas - out of sight, out of mind … keeps the rebellions down …

America - It’s a Cleaning, Not a Collapse of the Most Green Oriented Generation Humanity Has Ever Endured: The Baby Boomers

I grew up in the shadow of The Baby Boomers. Officially a member of the X Generation, I have lived my entire life feeling my life, music, culture, education is in the backdrop of what the Baby Boomer decide what is and what is not. As this generation calls out the woes of today’s politics, society and education as a “collapse of a system” and they herald the work they did in the 1960s. . .it’s my time to take a step forward. It’s not a collapse. It’s a cleansing of the The Baby Boomer Generation, one of the most narcissistic, greed oriented generations our planet has ever experienced.

Maybe it started for me that one dark night August 3, 1981 when I laid in bed as a 13 year old child waiting for the knock on the door by the FBI, those who might be taking my father away and perhaps the whole family given President Ronald Reagan was playing nasty with us, a union family during the historic national union strike of the air traffic controllers. My father and the PATCO union stood for political honesty and was willing to break their federal contract for this higher good. My dad and others put their wive and kids (like my father did to me) on the front line, willing to risk everything and go for broke to stand for honesty. Many of the union members had been Vietnam Vets, if you can imagine, those who had been screwed not just by the government, but by the hippies, too. Campaign promises had been made and not delivered. This union demanded political honesty, as they had supported the “Hero” of the Republican Party.

And what happened? They got thrown under the bus by not just Reagan but by the entire American society, including the hippies. They abandoned us. And that union breakup was the catalyst for today’s economic divide as trickle down economic policies were initiated and Carter’s push for sustainable energy got squashed by Reagan starting with the very symbolic removal of the Solar Panels - OFFICIALLY KILLING THE FIRST GREEN DEAL. And to this day, the Baby Boomer journalists and environmentalists cannot come clean with their biggest failure ever - their generation is directly responsible for our horrid disaster today. And they refuse to talk about Carter’s Green Deal (when we KNEW about carbon consequences!)

HANG YOUR HEADS LOW BABY BOOMERS and MEDIA - including you, Chris Hedges. Good news is this however. You all proved you could do it once, it’s time to do it again and take stock in what those in1981 union members did - GO FOR BROKE.

AND just so you know, I walk my talk and I’ve done it three times now . . . go for broke.

The issues I have with the article are best summarized in Chris Hedges’ summarizing paragraph at the end. He lists several signs that collapse will occur. Of those, several are not as he states them:

  • chronic underemployment and unemployment;
    The past two years have seen a large number of new jobs, larger than thought possible just four years ago. The unemployment rate has gone done more, the % of people in the workforce has increased, and wage have started to go up.

  • the indiscriminate use of lethal force by police;
    Those figures are tracked, and the number of lethal police incidents is down significantly from ten years ago and thirty years ago.

I am sure a more critical reviewer can find more to not believe about Chris Hedges’ prediction of impending collapse.

I believe that America is at risk of collapse, but from a different direction than Chris Hedges believes. See, among many such stories,

Quite a few years ago, I watched an interview with Rockefeller. Most of it was the usual bullbleep and paeans to wealth and power, but right at the end of the interview, he quietly said, “What we have to do is get rid of about six billion people. They’re using up too much of our resources.”
*As near as I can tell, they are doing that quite efficiently and cruelly. Our food, our water, our air are all becoming poisonous. Our wars are destroying industries, homes, infrastructure around the globe. Hatred and fear have become an art form. We now have a fuehrer who thinks a nuclear war would be really neat, and he’s put some of the craziest people on the planet in charge of making it happen.
*I remember, when we had completed our test series in 1956, we talked about what we had seen and experienced. One of the guys with a fair amount of college under his belt said, “If you hear the missiles have been launched, climb the most exposed hill you can find, drop your pants, bend over and kiss your ass good-bye. It is a lot better than the alternative.” He was probably right.

If Trump again steals the White House, WWIII will commence during his 2nd term. His maniacal threats of bombardment and invasion are real. What is denial of global warming and catastrophic climate change but an act of war? Climate refugees will be met with rifle sites in neighboring communities who are likewise struggling to meet their own needs. As nations become more dependent upon global trade, the more vulnerable they become to disruption of petroleum supplies. The world’s oligarchs are planning to cut off those supplies to create devastating starvation worldwide. When we learn of military stockpiling of petroleum, we’ll know that the end is near. Pence will call it Armageddon.

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Venus on a half shelf from the sea … is in my opinion intellectual bluster that has no basis in reality. The reality is that civil disobedience does not win elections. Nor does bluster of any kind.

People in this country have spoken in the 2016 election and will speak their mind again in the 2020 election and no amount of intellectual rationalization and non-factual or non reality based illusion will make that go away. People are not interested in you verbal sleight of hand. Since the media is not willing to speak truth to the American people … and enough people have looked behind the curtain to see what the media has been trying to hide … the election is probably going to go the way of the last presidential election. Intellectual media wizards will attempt to conceal the truth with more bluster but the truth remains and eventually wins. Don’t try to remove my vote I have legally cast for the current president with your intellectual non-sense. It was cast in sincerity for the purpose of fixing government. I will not be denied my vote at any cost. If you feel the system is no longer respecting your vote, you must understand that there cannot be a union of these states were only votes from CA,NY,TX and FL count. Without the electoral vote we have no union and would would have not been able to create a union in the first place. .

The world is re aligning itself and it’s gone too far to stop now.What was the bulwark of freedom,the US, is now dissolving into a state of armed anarchy and hate ! The US can no longer be trusted and its traditional allies are looking for stability & security elsewhere be they from new alliances or nuclear weapons !The US is falling apart and one day will wake up and find no friends are left !

Oh, there is Karmic justice… 450 + nuclear power plants that need an electric grid, to not melt down… once all the various consequences of ecosystem collapse, economic collapse, and societal collapse, those nuke plants are going to have serious “issues”… understatement. No matter how much money you have, you won’t escape. No matter whether you have a bunker to live in, with supplies, you won’t escape, and ….you will never be able to come out.

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Every problem has a solution?.. Uh, no, not really. We are in a situation, which requires, EVERYONE to participate in real solutions… is that happening?.. and, it is not like this quest for “solutions” just started… nope… how many Climate Conferences have there been?.. come one… the tipping points of climate have already begun and well on the way to global catastrophe… been reading and studying the science of it all for 15 years… There is also, the peak oil situation… and please, do not come back to me telling me that was not a real thing… the peak oil was named that for the fact that CONVENTIONAL SWEET CRUDE was at it’s peak and production was/is in the down slope… the only thing that has been saving the economy is the fracking boom, tar sands and Bakken Shale oil… which is terrible in regards to ecosystems… local and global… we are not going to fix this with some renewable equipment. It takes 53 diesel trucks full of cement to make the foundation for one wind turbine… and … making cement is the most co2 intensive activity that humans do… look up the cement making process… no, there are no solutions… so “coming together for a plan” to save our selves… only psycho paths holding the keys to the sports car headed to the brick wall.