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The Coming Collapse


Essentially, the conclusion appears to be that Trump is the symptom, not the illness. If this were true, we would would be forced to conclude that the eventual collapse was predetermined, with Trump merely playing a role that someone else would have played if there hadn’t been a Trump.
This is disconcerting because the same could be said of Hitler or Stalin. If we accept that Trump isn’t the tumor that kills American Democracy because American Democracy was half-dead already, we effectively relieve Trump and his lackeys of responsibility. Nobody would feel comfortable relieving Hitler of responsibility for WWII and the Holocaust, the same applies to Trump.


that’s a terrific theory for anyone who just wants to feel good about things but has no interest whatsoever in resolving the underlying problem. Acknowledgement that Hitler wasn’t the sole problem was clear on the battlefields of Europe on the high seas, and after the war in Nuremberg.Few Americans or Europeans ever saw Hitler, it was his millions of supporters who were the real problem. Sound familiar? It should!