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The Coming Collapse

As long there is no god greater than the one of Mammon we shall continue to struggle in fear and the law of the jungle remains our highest ideal. Debt, poverty, and pain shall pave the way for future generations—instead of happiness, prosperity, and joy.        

Only the total and absolute collapse of the global collective structure will suffice to change the self destructive ways of human kind.


Most illuminating article, but let’s be accurate, please, it is very important. Tolstoy, not Lenin, asked, “What then must we do?”


For many reasons, the climate is reaching the tipping point for places not to be inhabitable - due to wild fires, floods, tornados and typhons. you’re safer in a large 1st world country where you can move around and they can recover faster.

Stay away from any country that is going to be water insecure quickly or impeded by massive flooding. Heading for the Hills won’t work in many first world nations because you can’t live off of wildlife that isn’t there(IE in France they killed all the animals before 1900 so are stunned when they come to the US and see squirrels and raccoons. England killed off all their Squirrels too pre 1900 but re-populated with US Squirrels. This situation is too common in Europe and of course every country is having massive wild fire problems.

Damascus and Pakistan are what we’re in for and what you should prepare for. Damascus had massive starvation because of a siege but there will be climate sieges eventually where flooding won’t let food in. No trucks equal no food and relying on Air relief has proven to not be reliable for any country in a disaster.

Pakistan’s 2010 flood from intense rains lost the biggest amount of land in written history but I see now it’s hard to find on internet. The rains caused flooding that put them over their sea walls and the sea came in and stayed. That’s going to be the fate of many below sea level countries. Rain will cause the flooding on the inside bowl and connect with the sea and further erode the sea wall then never go out. At the time it was touted as a real life example of how Florida, Saudia Arabia, etc will go - by rain, long before the oceans rise.

The killer rains are a new thing (2010 on) and are getting worse every year - they dump too much water. Don’t go to a poor country because they won’t do well with climate change. Your best bet is a big first world country.


Pitch perfect analyses - however the continuing pessimism is what is going to make it happen not the situation itself. When Obama ran for President - I knew he would be elected before the Primary results. America aches for an honest voice. They have not heard one since Obama. His message was hope and Yes we can - and the reason the economy (which is on the way to collapse under Trump) was growing was because of Obamas centrist work - despite the Republican congress working to destroy and or thwart anything positive he wanted to do. Democrats sat on their hands. Unless new blood comes in and challenges the status quo - that is the youth of America - with leader who is not pessimistic then the collapse can be avoided of reduced.


Comparable only to those with more money than they could ever use in multiple lifetime, preferring it stay in their “mattress” of choice rather than use it to aleve the suffering of those all around them. Unfathomable to me.


Chris says very clearly that
We must build “parallel institutions, including unions, community development organizations, local currencies, alternative political parties and food cooperatives, will have to be constructed town by town.”
If you read this carefully, there is no reason to despair.
Don’t mourn, organize - get busy.
Granted he should have spent more space on HOW to organize. But that’s OUR job, and that’s what we should be talking about.


Lenin was NOT a Jew. Trotsky was.
I regret you ignorance, but possibly more disturbing than that is:
"Why do you express surprise…?
Fortunately, your writing is sufficiently obscure, that I don’t have to get too upset.


To be more precise, I submit that it has the path to collapse built OUT of it: the lack of a feedback mechanism (sales tax for all overhead services) allows all demands to be amplified in a cascade of profit-oriented documentation that justifies all decisions based on what people blindly buy, while simultaneously allowing tax write-offs for the advertising that conditions and coerces people to be ignorant of the real costs of what they are paying for. Everyone believes food is cheap because it’s cheap at the checkout. The cost of petro-dollars and ghost towns is taken through income taxes on the rich who don’t care because they will just breed more poor people to produce their wealth.
The rich get richer because the poor work for them instead of for themselves; without a clue or resources to live within their local means or the tools to educate their own children as useful human beings (a bible is NOT education).
We have all allowed this culture to lie and condition and coerce children to be hero- and money-worshiping consumers and wage slaves.
There are two classes: those who have to work to pay bills and those who never will. There is nothing in between, and most Americans believe they aren’t in the bottom part, especially if they have a long enough credit chain between them and starvation.


I’m sorry, but is this piece a joke? I mean, I read the article, which is purporting to talk about the economic, political and social demise of our country, it’s antecedents, accelerants and consequences, and you know how many times the GOP was mentioned? Zero. Know how many times “Republican” was used? Zero. In fact, while literally blaming Democrats for the social erosion facing our country – e.g., income inequality, no national health care, militarized police, corporate cash in elections, useless foreign wars, the surveillance state – neither the words GOP nor Republican appears in the paragraph (second in the piece).

Indeed, the only mention of a Republican throughout the whole article (and he isn’t even identified as such) is Donald Trump, and he isn’t even included in the discussion as a problem, but rather as a symptom (agains, a product of Democratic incompetence and ineffectiveness). Indeed, the only compliments for ANY politician in this article are reserved for Trump (fourth paragraph), where Hedges notes Trump’s adept articulation of his base’s hate for the government, and the cathartic relief his cruelty and invective brings in the face of the otherwise stagnant, hostile political landscape.

And of the current Democratic leadership, the author says “They would rather implode the entire system than give up their positions of privilege.” The Democrats? The Democrats. Give me a break.

While I could probably spend the day pointing out all the inanity of this piece, I’ll focus on it’s assertions regarding healthcare. Hedges actually writes that it is the Democrats who have failed because they “will not defy the pharmaceutical and insurance industries to provide Medicare for all.” He must have missed the part where the last two Democratic presidents have spent a tremendous amount of political capital to move the country towards a national health system. And he must not have noticed that these efforts where met with incredibly well funded Republican opposition promoting the basest of lies about the effort (remember the whole death-panels trope?) And maybe someone could send him a quick email to point out that the first real system ever established in this country to start providing health coverage to as many people as possible, regardless of their incomes or health, (i.e., the ACA) is steadily being dismantled by the party he doesn’t seem to know exists (i.e., the Republicans). And finally, maybe someone should point out to him that the single, largest giveaway by the government to the pharmaceutical industry was the Medicare Modernization Act, which was passed by a Republican House and a Republican Senate, and signed into law by a Republican president. Most notably, this law actually prohibits the USA government from negotiating prices on the medications it pays for through Medicaid. But it’s the Democrats who won’t stand to the pharmaceutical companies? It’s the Democrats who won’t support national health coverage? Give me a break.

Come on, am I the only one who sees this article as a total joke?

If we are going to talk about the “impending collapse” in any kind of meaningful way (i.e., so as to possibly address it), trying to adhere to even a somewhat realistic assessment of it’s causes will be important, and using the word “Republican” will definitely be required.


BTW, this is a classic example of media without the editorial process; i.e., junk.


fern, what exactly are you referring to in this comment? it is not clear.


No one will recognize the coming collapse until it is fully upon us…