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The Coming of a Social-Distancing Version of War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/26/coming-social-distancing-version-war

When Barack Obama joined in on the destruction of Libya based on lies and faked “atrocities” he would not refer to it as war. He called it a “Kinetic Military Action”.

The Guy won a peace prize.


“Taken to its not-unimaginable extreme, Americans should prepare themselves for a future in which their government kills and destroys on a global scale without a single service member dying in combat. After the pandemic, in other words, talk of “ending” this country’s forever wars may prove little more than an exercise in semantics.”

Been there, done that. Look up neoliberalism. Chile, 1973, if you want specifics. There are many others.


Thank you Danny Sjursen,

Your story isn’t very much fun but you are describing where accelerating evolution seems to be going militarily. We now need you to tell a story about how people might pull the plug on US military terrorism posing as the good guy.

What do think would happen if None of the Above wins in 2020? You are a strategist; Tell that story in a way that might help it happen.

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… the Pentagon had long been developing a bifurcated military machine with two separate and largely discrete roles. The commandos – with key assists from drones, CIA paramilitaries, local proxies, and private security contractors-- continued to fight the lingering war on terror. They were generally handling the lethal end of American war, calling in airstrikes, while training, advising, and sometimes even leading often abusive indigenous forces. …

Meanwhile, those shadowy special operators were directing the ongoing shooting wars and other conflicts, which, though given precious little attention in this country, seemed patently counterproductive, not to say unwinnable. For the Pentagon and military-industrial-complex profiteers, however, such unending brushfire conflicts, along with a new great power build-up, were the gift that just kept giving, a two-tiered modus operandi for endless war-funding.

Ok, so this is exactly the lesson that the imperium learned from Vietnam. When you are fighting a whole population, the war can not be “won.” That is not even the object. The object is to pit a peoples against each other, to fragment any human solidarity, and to terrorize them into submission, in order to control them. War profiteers are a part of the story, yes, but more important is the agenda of propping up governments friendly to capital, even if the whole population of the country is against them. That necessitates “counter-insurgency” warfare, which is really just terrorism against a population, in the guise of protecting a population from terrorists.

I can’t recommend this book more highly, which I am just finishing:
Douglas Valentine - The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam