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The Coming Show Trial of Julian Assange

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/17/coming-show-trial-julian-assange


The Truth is anathema (kryptonite) to The Powers That Be. Thankfully, we have people like Chris Hedges who ferret out the Truth and make it available for those interested to see. It is a sad thing that so few are interested. Thanks Chris, you keep us aware, even though the cost troubles both you and us.


This case emphasizes the need to ‘clean house’ in D.C. Only wealthy, corrupt people have a bone to pick with Assange. Anyone who supports his extradition is an enemy of the 99%… pure and simple! I really hope this becomes an election issue, but as any enlightened person knows, corporate media will not permit it.


The powers that have been gaming the system since the feudal era have been on a “control labor” trajectory designed to make “labor” think that it is valued beyond what the system masters can extract for themselves. Labor now means something else.

We are in a planetary ‘birth canal’ and its going to hurt some more before it gets better. The ancient indigenous wisdom of ‘planting the placenta’ is an excellent metaphor for making use of difficult lessons in this process. Creativity and shoulders to the wheels are priceless today.

Having shed the scabs (funny and telling how that word is used historically) of the industrial revolution and their predation methodologies sharpened, there is little to tempt with, and so “reality” is now doubling back on itself. Reality TV? describe that for yourself - not as someone else describes it.

The fingernails-on-chalkboard style of the predators working to ‘normalize’ exhaustion, fatigue, outrage, genocide, ecocide is NOT an accident. It is the chimera shaking to distrct humanity from fully recognizing that the system, as it is and has been, is a sham and sinking ship. The PTB want all humanity to scorn, hate and reject the already extant spectrum of alternatives to its descent into hell. They are jackasses.

Shake hands with your neighbors. Live simply so that others can simply live.


As the problems caused by empire become stark, the motivations to resist, rebel, and dissolve become great. As such motivations become greater, the forces of oppression become more direct and flagrant–as has been the case in the United States now since at least 1980.

Brace, friends: we will see contact.


Alas, there seems to be a ton, if not the majority, of folks on the street also demonstrating a rabid, pro-assassination, pro-torture attitude. And certainly not just GOP-ers and Trump supporters.

The majority of ordinary people are still cheerleaders for war, for torture, for racism, for the march (now) past fascism to totalitarianism.

A lot of my disgust with this country is not directly at the 1%, but at that large chunk of the 99% who think they’re just wonderful. If it were just the 1% we had to fight, it would be easy.

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The persecution of Julian Assange, is supported by nearly every American every 2 and 4 years in the federal election process.

The tag team of the two corporate political parties have been wrestling freedom from the journalists who are committed to exposing the truth about the crimes of the ruling elites who wish to cover up their misdeeds.

Every American who votes to keep a Democrat or Republican in federal office is aiding and abetting this process of persecution as both parties have been actively involved in silencing and jailing those who expose their crimes.


I completely disagree…that only the wealthy are against him.


Assange is a HACKER and a CRIMINAL. Pure and Simple. 10 to 20 years in jail should be the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM !!


By the way, according to the Espionage Act of 1917 it is in fact illegal to publish classified info, so the author is just plain wrong !

But it is true that no one has been successfully prosecuted just for publishing classified information up until now.

That’s why Assange is being prosecuted for attempted hacking and publishing classified info, so if he isn’t convicted of one of them, there is still at least a 50% chance he will be convicted of the other.

I think it’s a shrewd play by American Prosecutors…

Really? What do you think should happen to people who publish war crimes (such as the video “collateral damage”) for the public to see what the country is doing in their name?


While I agree with you, I also believe that it is difficult for people to think independently from the mainstream media. I was brought up in the golden age of propaganda with relatives signing up to kill people in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan under the guise of promoting democracy. It really wasn’t until I travelled and researched politics, money and power did I realize that the Great Western Narrative was a load of horse s#@t. The sad fact is, the U.S. has never been exposed to an alternative narrative in the last 75 years. Instead we have been offered up a faux two-party system that alleges to represent the right and left when in fact both party’s have supported the status quo from the onset… or else they would have never received corporate donations to run.
I agree that a “ton” of people are “also demonstrating a rabid, pro-assassination, pro-torture attitude” but it is only because they have never been subjected to an honest analysis of the way our internal political mechanisms actually work. The bright side though, is that the majority of people have never had any real insight into money and politics via the MSM, yet I’m surprised at actually how many out there are aware of the fact that the U.S. is not a functioning democracy and that something is terribly wrong in D.C. At least there is some hope for the future.

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Say goodbye to your freedom!

How soon before we have a President For Life of the criminal U.S, military empire? Trump will probably only pave the way for one whom the elite would prefer to be young and attractive for a long figurehead rule. The public is now sufficiently numbed and dumbed enough to keep staring into the electronic screens they’re addicted to while any remaining liberty is taken from them. Any subject of the U.S. Empire or its client states is to be treated as a potential terrorist. It is not just press freedom but any remaining individual freedom that is being attacked.

Capitalism has always been organized thievery. White collar and war crimes go unpunished and white collar/war criminals are the owners. Capitalism is just another word for fascism which is at the heart of capitalism and corporations are fascist setups. With the ascendancy of globalism made possible by the jet airplane and the computer, it is only the lagging development of artificial intelligence robots and super surveillance technology that permits any freedom at all. The old capitalist anthem of “tyranny in the workplace and freedom in the marketplace” is now becoming “tyranny everyplace and the freedom to consume”.

Today’s privileged wage and debt slaves of the industrialized countries are tomorrow’s low wage/no wage impoverished world slaves. Capitalism and communism had a cold war and state capitalism won. China’s sate capitalism is the future of the world. “The arrest of Julian marks the official beginning of the corporate totalitarianism and constant state surveillance, now far advanced in China, that will soon define our lives. The destruction of all protection of the rule of law, which is what we are witnessing, is essential to establishing an authoritarian or totalitarian state.” bit.ly/2WtiGtm

“The message the U.S. government is sending is clear: No matter who or where you are, if you expose the inner workings of empire you will be hunted down, kidnapped and brought to the United States to be tried as a spy. The extradition and trial of Assange will mean the end of public investigations by the press into the crimes of the ruling elites. It will cement into place a frightening corporate tyranny. Publications such as The New York Times and The Guardian, which devoted pages to the WikiLeaks revelations and later amplified and legitimized Washington’s carefully orchestrated character assassination of Assange bit.ly/2IRpWtZ, are no less panicked. This is the gravest assault on press freedom in my lifetime.”

Say goodbye to your liberty or fight for socialism!


IMO Assange will never stand trial in the US, or emerge from Belmarsh Prison. We will be told he died of some common ailment, and that will be the end of it, no one will be charged or held to account. His proceedings have now been pushed back till some time in 2020, giving prison officials plenty of time to oversee his destruction. His only chance now appears to be a change of heart within the UK Government (not likely), or a group breaking him out of this hellish prison, not impossible, but very difficult and risky to say the least.


No one has said it, so I will. Assange does have information that could be harmful to quite a few powerful people. What I don’t know is if he also has proof to back up what he knows. Assange knows the real person that gave the DNC documents to Wikileaks and had refused to come right out and say who, although he and Wikileaks gave a great many hints.

I believe this issue is at least a part of the rationale for America’s actions (or it may be the primary reason). If he has proof, can he use that as leverage?


What crime is it that has you so upset. The “Collateral Murder” video in which US soldiers targeted and killed journalists for Reuters because they were in a van while being Arabic men in an Arabic country? Was it the US Manual for the Violation of Human rights of people the US was holding (and continues to hold) in indefinite detention without trial in Guantanamo, Cuba? Was it the revelation of the Obama administration’s consent to the right wing coup against the democratically elected President of Honduras? Or, was it the revelations of how the DNC was colluding to undermine a democratic process for the election of the nominee for the Democratic Party?


It is absolutely assured that Assange will be convicted, and sentenced to spend an extremely long time in prison. Any of us who are do not express strong support for the US government, the US military, US espionage agencies, and anyone who questions US wars, will be barred from serving on Assange’s jury.

It is also certain that Assange will be brutalized and subjected to psychological torture in prison.

Need to edit that sentence to read: will CONTINUE to brutalize and will CONTINUE to subject him to psychological torture in prison.

Who are you? Why don’t you give the evidence you have on these criminal and hacking activities to the right authorities? I believe you are in the wrong space here. This is a space for facts, truth, and critical thinking.


Hi ReconFire:
A ," change of heart, " well the UK would’ve to have an actual beating heart to have any change of their heart. After seeing how they handled the supposed Russian poisoning, I would have to say that the UK , as a nation, is as equally awful as America is right now.
I guess Pompeo wants his Falkland win, just like that Thatcher person did.
If things get worse, I am sure that "food tester, " will be a highly paid government post—but actually a short term job. When the government constantly lies----there really is no government----just a bunch of greedy hooligans. : (

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