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The Coming Tax Fight — and Why We Need You!


The Coming Tax Fight — and Why We Need You!

Chuck Collins

Are you ready to resist? With Donald Trump’s August 30 tax cut speech in Springfield, Missouri, the great tax fight of 2017 has now begun. The Trump tax cut plan, the President blustered in Missouri, will raise wages and benefit America’s working people.


He considers himself the very essence of the working person- yes the working person for the 0.01%!


…stopping tax-cut giveaways to the rich and the corporations they run will take all hands on deck.

I think you are right, but I will do all I can and encourage others of like mind to do likewise. This stoppage will be the only thing that allows us to live productive and reasonable financial lives. We also need to RAISE taxes on the wealthy, at least in incomes and capital gains. It will take a while longer to address actual wealth equity, but that is an admirable goal.

Somewhat related: we may not have an actual fight on our plates any time soon. The Republicans are going to squabble and fight over funding for Harvey and the next hurricane, but we can spend the time organizing for the big fight.


Sixty-five years ago, both corporate profits and corporate taxes equaled about 6% of the economy. Now, corporate profits represent 8.5% of the economy, corporate taxes only 1.9%. Big corporations don’t need a tax cut—what they need is to start paying their fair share of taxes again.


Give them a cut and eliminate the loopholes that allow them to escape paying taxes.


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