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The Coming Year in U.S. Special Operations Failures


The Coming Year in U.S. Special Operations Failures

Nick Turse

From Afghanistan to Somalia, Special Ops Achieves Less With More.

“There is no persuasive security rationale for having U.S. Special Operations forces involved in an astonishing 149 countries, given that the results of these missions are just as likely to provoke greater conflict as they are to reduce it, in large part because a U.S. military presence is too often used as a recruiting tool by local terrorist organizations." (Photo: USASOC News Service/flickr/cc)


Are you listening Dems? It aint the effen Rooskies. See Tom Eglehardt for more details.


You would be correct. My fear is that for decades we have been creating a huge pool of Americans who have learned to kill in the service of paymasters. They may become a political, lethal force in the hands of an unscrupulous president and/or congress. If this occurs, the parallels with Rome will almost be completed.


Train and deploy tens of thousands of people to be highly skilled cold killers. Bring them home and distribute them throughout society (including in domestic police forces). What could possibly go wrong?

Add the rising numbers of peoples around the world who have been uprooted and had their families and communities ravaged by these killers… again, what could possibly go wrong?


It is reasonable to claim that since 2001, the increased militization of US police, including war veterans trained to kill first and ask questions later, has resulted in over 6000 US combat deaths of US civilians. This is based on a previous combat death rate of less than 200 per year, and a current one of 1000 per year. This is a crude analysis, and other factors may have significant involvement, but it is far from a ridulous estimate.


There is another aspect to this. A large fraction of those 149 countries do not use US SFs in combat operations. Many of them are likely doing training to increase the capabilities of the local and US governments to crack down on the civilian populations of those countries.