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The Company He Keeps: Kavanaugh Bro Mark Judge Is A Scummy Piece of Work


The Company He Keeps: Kavanaugh Bro Mark Judge Is A Scummy Piece of Work

At the start of his confirmation hearing, "calculated liar" and alleged sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh nobly intoned he'd tried to live out his high school motto of "Men for others." Alas, growing evidence - thanks, enemies of the people - says otherwise. One key: It seems Mark Judge, his early best bud and fellow assaulter of Christine Ford, was a teenage alcoholic turned racist, homophobic, right-wing writer who often discredits sexual assault accounts, praises "the wonderful beauty of uncontrollable male passion," and chose for his yearbook quote, “Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.”


It just gets dumber and dumber.

There’s plenty to attack Kavanaugh on from a policy perspective, but to attempt to paint someone as unworthy of being a Supreme Court Justice because of their high school friends goes beyond insanity.

Obama hung with people who smoked dope (as did he). Bill Clinton’s brother did time for selling drugs. We don’t even need to start with the Kennedy kids…

Sorry, but this reaches the level of self-parody.


Why do all these sort of adolescent thugs (including all the ones I knew) grow up to be “conservatives”.


Must be the company you kept. I’d say from the ones I knew in high school, it probably is close to 50/50. But then I live in a relatively liberal part of the country.


Yeah. I mean who among us didn’t get drunk and attempt to rape a woman in their youth?

You can’t keep anyone out of the supreme court based on their political ideology. Only questions of personal integrity keep people from being appointed judges.


Correct, questions of personal integrity. If there’s proof that he attempted to rape a woman in high school, let it be shown, and throw the bum out. Note, allegations do not constitute proof. We do still have something called “presumption of innocence.”

The fact that someone had a skeevy friend in high school isn’t dispositive of personal integrity. Saying someone is not fit to be a Supreme Court Justice because they had a questionable friend in high school is grasping at straws.


I think what’s getting lost is that Mr. Kavanaugh has lied about several things in his"interviews." One of the most interesting is that he appears to believe , that his religious beliefs are more important than his court actions.
This of course, is all focused on Roe V Wade, and what will happen in the future. I personally do not believe that a zygote or a fetus is a baby. If I was faced with a pregnancy, rape or not, which could compromise my health, or create a situation where I could not continue dreams of my life-----I would opt for an abortion. This should be settled law that women have a right to decide about their own health and futures.

Many people say, “What about the men?” Well, what about them , as history has shown that women have been murdered for an inconvenient pregnancy----or tossed away by a partner, or
left to raise children on their own. Since this happens to the women’ body, i believe as it’s her body—it’s her decision.
One of the problem with Mr, Kavanaugh is that he does not seem honest, nor does he really seem interested in law, although he does seem very much interested in putting his mark on the courts and his past decisions seem to favor corporations over people. He seems to not care about the Constitution, except as a way to change it and advance his personal beliefs.

The one question I would want someone to ask him is this : You have a 13 year old daughter. If she was raped----would you as a parent force her to bear that child?
I think this is what people would like to know.


Jesuit Christian.

They could have just stopped there.


No, it is not.

It is a reasonable question for someone about to be appointed to the highest court in the land.

This is a trial by jury. This is an appointment to the Supreme Court. Thus, the Senate and the citizens should be allowed to hear from all sides.

Further, this woman who has accused him has said she will testify before Congress. So then she should do that BEFORE they make a decision.

He’s not on trial for rape, (yet.) He is being questioned about this friends, his ideas, his community, his past life experiences and other relevant information for a very important job, just like any job interview for an important position would do.


I have no issue with her testifying. In fact elsewhere in CD, I’ve said that she should be heard - if an issue like this is raised it should be addressed. But when you make an accusation you need to support it with evidence. Mere accusations do not constitute evidence.


I would bet a million if I had it that Kavanaugh would never in a million years submit to a lie detector test as his accuser has and passed. He knows he would fail or at best results would be inconclusive.


People don’t seem to get this-----these boys going to elite prep schools are being groomed for leadership roles in our country----They are the chosen. Are these guys all of age in this photo? How many regular kids get in trouble for underage drinking? And yet Georgetown Prep sounds like a collage fraternity. George Carlin talks about the club------these kids are part of that club.

I hope the state of Calif has offered this lady protection because it doesn’t sound like the FBI is going to do anything. The FBI is responsible for the background check -so yes the FBI should be investigating this issue.


Well that’s why she wants the FBI to investigate her allegations before she testifies. The Republicans are saying she has no right to do this and the matter is closed.


And I’m sure that you’d be equally “open-minded” if this jerk of a nomination were a Democrat, right? The difference between what passes for conservatives these days and liberals is that if this dog were ours and he somehow had managed to fool “our” president into nominating him and all this crap came out later, WE would be leading the charge to dismiss him. You folks, not so much.


Indeed I would. I despise both sides, because they’ve both sold out the country for the sake of power. Once upon a time, both the Democrats and the Republicans had principles, and looked to the good of the polity. Now both sides are only interested in counting coup and holding onto as much power as they can grab.

As for the notion that “WE would be leading the charge to dismiss him…” I’m assuming you’re referring to the same Democrats who hounded Bill Clinton, Gerry Studds and Teddy Kennedy from office?


“Now both sides are only interested in counting coup and holding onto as much power as they can grab.”

You are very wrong on that account as we just lived through two different Democratic administrations in which the GOP has continuously changed the rules to get what they wanted (lots of obstructionism) while the Democrats have, overall, tended to respect traditions. That is one of my biggest beefs against Democrats: they’re nothing but a bunch of pussies who play nice while the bullies continue to beat the crap out of them. But I do agree with you that both sides leave a lot to be desired, hence, why I’m a progressive and don’t consider myself a Democrat.


Surely you jest.

As one simple example, it was Harry Reid (D-NV) who fundamentally changed the operating rules of the Senate to suit the Democratic administration.


Wow didn’t know we can blame it all on Playboy

That’s RICH. Such an insightful observation of our society.
(Someone Else made me do it)

“This wretched philosophy infected many of the young men of my age…the way they talked about women in private, the things they wrote, and most of all, the way they acted”

Looks like you ran with the same crowd and verify their morals

Your defenses here shows you apparently still offer patriarchal excuses

Bill Clinton ha ha ha ha ha


Whether or not Kavanaugh has changed since prep school is as necessary as it may seem in order to disqualify him. He has already lied to Congress, under oath, that he did not receive e-mails that were stolen from the DNC, when in fact, he did. Several people have come out with evidence to confirm this. If he is willing to commit perjury, then he is unqualified to be on the the bench, not just the Supreme Court.


I’m sure there are no photos or DNA swabs. What evidence would satisfy you?