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The Completely Predictable Death of Jeffrey Epstein

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/13/completely-predictable-death-jeffrey-epstein


Why is no one talking about the mob connections to Epstein?


From the article:

“Too many guards just don’t care whether a prisoner lives or dies.”

This should read “People become guards by proving they just don’t care whether a prisoner lives or dies.”


The issue isn’t just a need to watch prisoners more closely …
the rate of suicide for prisoners in solitary confinement is 7 times higher than those in the general prison population. Why are we the world’s leader in solitary confinement?

Experts say that adequate staffing/accreditation and provision of mental health treatments is an important component of suicide prevention in prisons. Why have the number of federal prisoners receiving treatment for mental health conditions has dropped 35% since 2014?


Sleeze like Epstein and Nassar at Michigan State do not have my sympathy.

Homeless veterans in Ann Arbor, Michigan and most other cities waiting two years for their first disability check from VA have my prayers. This group has much higher suicide rate than prisoners.


We are also expected to forget that Epstein was connected to “intelligence”.

And expected to forget about this guy.

And we all are just called "conspiracy theorists.



Bullshit. Sorry, I"m not buying that this was suicide. OK maybe murder by suicide (ala Godfather II)

Epstein had decades of “felony” type dirt on at least two Presidents, At least one Royal, Lawyers, CEO’s, and minions of each one. We know this already from the Flight logs and “party” photos.

There is no way this guy would have seen the inside of a court room (under these circumstances)

Yes this death was predictable, but an actual suicide wasnt


The writer suggests that the guards are “dehumanizing” the inmates, but then the writer is doing this too, by failing to recognize that suicide is often a sensible solution to moldering away in the prison and facing a future of perpetual (and often well-deserved) shame. Perhaps most suicides are the result or transient mental perturbations, but certainly some of them are rational. Often the suicide is carefully considered, and it always requires considerable bravery to carry out. It’s one of the few acts of volition left to people in this situation.

As for Epstein, I do not think he committed suicide anyway. A guy who can’t control his sex urges would, I think, have trouble controlling his instinct to live. I never thought he’d make it to trial, and I never thought he’d off himself. I was right about the first part…so maybe about the second part, too.


Exacerbating this is Epstein’s crime: pedophilia and sex trafficking. Anyone who knows cops or prison guards knows how they view people accused of these crimes. The same as most of us. And just like lots of people would’ve wanted a terrible punishment for Epstein, guards are no different.

An old Army friend of mine who spent almost 30 years as a prison block commander told me he was surprised it took so long. Pedophiles have the shortest life spans in any prison system. Prisoners hate them. Guards agree with the prisoners.

This is the world Epstein was going to spend the rest of his days in. And he knew it. He had plenty of motive, and given the antipathy of the guards around him, probably lots of opportunity.

It’s not as sexy as getting rubbed out by the Clinton’s assassin network or the Illuminati sending a random message, but it’s as likely and as probable as any story possible. And as this author points out, it happens all the time.


Don’t buy it. If the guards were helping him to do something he wanted to do, then they were…helping him, which hardly fits with your characterization. Or, if they killed him…then it was murder, as many suspect.

And if the guards were really upset about the pedophilia, wouldn’t they want to protect the guy, so he could nail all the others in his group. Why take actions that would protect all of these others?

Also, wouldn’t it be a very large risk for guards in this situation to commit murder or aid in suicide? My biased opinion of prison guards is that they are some of the most cowardly scum on earth. They will kill if they can get away with it, but not if there’s risk.

And finally, while guards and other prisoners alike get very worked up about pedophiles who abuse babies and young children (up through puberty), I doubt that they get so agitated by people like Epstein, who was more into the 15-year-old scene.


these are all perfectly fine questions to ask. My point was simply that the suicide motive is as likely as any other and that guards wouldn’t be especially concerned if an inmate offed themselves or not.

Let’s face it: an event like this in a case like this naturally arouses deep suspicion. And as long as people are clear that they’re only suspicions, we’re good.

Fascinating. Whom exactly is Andrew Cohen protecting?

Let’s assume that he is not completely certain that Epstein was murdered. I am not myself, after all, though it is certainly the parsimonious explanation. To be fair, Cohen also does not claim to be certain that Epstein was not murdered. And we can acknowledge that a central point that Cohen makes here is good: prisons are miserable places typically populated by people who have taken damage and are about to take more, and suicides are naturally common. And we had might as well agree also that of course conspiracy theories will develop that will not be accurate, though of course that is true enough of other theories. After all, conspirators hide evidence, so theories are the only road to truth, and not always an easy one.

In Epstein’s case, not everything that we might surmise need be considered uncertain. Even if we imagine that he did kill himself, the pressing certainty of murder and uncertainty about at which second certain death would come are presumably more relevant than bad prison conditions.

But Cohen probably has nothing terribly direct to do with Epstein or his clients or associates, so the motive for writing such a wide and polite circle around and away from so many obviously salient factors of the case is not clear. Perhaps Cohen just welcomed the opportunity to make a point about the prison system, but he could have done so at any moment with a more sympathetic prisoner, so this appears doubtful.

What seems more likely is that Cohen wishes to head off the grossly obvious conclusion that anyone taking the time to consider the nature of Jeffrey Cohen’s business and to draw inferences therefrom would be likely to make.

These are just what we should review.

Epstein was also a long-term financier and the owner of a finance company. He also ran a sex ring that involved pedophilia, human trafficking, violence, and sex without consent. Whatever the rounds of accusation and denial may hold out, it is known clearly enough that Epstein hobnobbed with Donald Trump and extensively with the Clintons.

Whatever the specific involvement of various high-profile individuals, we might know certain things about the logistics of the business itself. It took a lot of money, and at least some services cost quite a lot in terms of money and favors. A reasonably consistent supply of underage women suitable to individual tastes of wealthy individuals does not just show up at the door of a brothel or an airplane without some certain sort of organization to encourage that.

This falls loosely but very securely under the heading of “organized crime.” So we know that we have an organized crime syndicate involved fairly directly with Trump and the Clintons and a good few other public figures. Such organizations have characteristics that are very interesting in the context of Epstein’s career.

An organized crime association in many cases cannot hold individuals or groups to contractual obligations through the conventional court system. Particularly, it also cannot usually use the courts to hold individuals to silence, though there are apparent counterexamples around the cases of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and others, though these probably mostly derive from extensive intersections of government and organized crime.

So organize crime resorts to various things to maintain secrecy:

  • Strict internal compartmentalization of information along “need to know” lines
  • Violence to individuals, associates, and families
  • Blackmail

Blackmail, where it can be arranged and where it may be effective, is likely to be the preferred tool for people at high levels because it is less risky and in many cases unlikely to besmirch the reputation or cover of the blackmailer. Putting aside for the moment the probably very relevant accusations of kidnapping, forcible rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism, the prostitution and statutory rape of non-prepubscent minors provides a relatively less dangerous and less invasive crime that can be counted on to soundly end a political career if it passes beyond the state of deniable rumor. Different individuals presumably want different sorts of bribe and also require different sorts and levels of threat.

As a further note, the basic dynamics of organized crime also apply to those parts of any national intelligence agency that may be involved in what we call black ops. These organizations penetrate other organizations, which means intrinsically that they are also themselves penetrated, since working agents and “assets” will quickly owe multiple loyalties. We have known for some time that the CIA and NSA at the very least are involved in this sort of operation, and that the CIA has been very involved almost since its inception (and those who doubt this can google Operation Phoenix as a start, though all manner of other information exists publicly).

So whoever exactly is involved, we pretty much know that there is here an intersection of mafia, highly placed politicians, the finance industry, and intelligence organizations. This would be a perfect place to investigate, and given the relative lack of investigation to date, the guilty are among both major parties. So presumably no one in power will bother.


I suppose that this is another American story of a man who knew too much.
One odd news story said that shrieking was heard. I wonder who was shrieking, Epstein as someone was killing him, or one of the “overworked guards,” we keep hearing about.
What did he supposedly try to choke himself with before, and if he strangled himself, what did he use? Supposedly , in another story, guards were heard to tell him to breathe.
All of this sounds ridiculous, and at this point I don’t believe that he killed himself. Sadly the news media prints what the government says to print…so is this news any different than the lies made up about other nations— but where America stars as the honest nation , and pure as the driven snow. After the WMD lies, it became really difficult to believe much----and then with theTrump, Bolton, Pompeo group----- Truth is as rare as an honest congress. : (

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Are you effing kidding me?? It hasn’t occurred to you that maybe he was murdered by any one of his extremely rich, dissipated associates? - like say Prince Andrew or Clinton or God knows who else? Hell, Epstein has been mentioned to have ties to intelligence - aka CIA. Perhaps they killed him so they could continue to manipulate and bribe these powerful and influential men.
You, Cohen, are just towing the corporate line like any of the corporate media’s shills. For shame. (Or money)


Castro was killed by the prison’s gorilla guard who sits in a hut at the central hub of the processing center for Ohio prisons. This 300+ pound behemoth waits to pounce on any inmate he is called upon. He breaks bones. He killed Castro. I was processed through there for cutting down a marijuana plant; 30 months.

Wow. The aluminum foil hats and red claws are out in force. I thought this was commondreams, not yahoo comments.

Very good article. Only, if you take out Epstein from it. The Epstein case has way too many question marks, to be called a suicide.


You must be reading the NYT who has been pushing the the tin hat line w/ anyone who at all doubts the official explanation.

“But what was entirely overlooked was the most revealing thing in the New York Times’ statement: The newspaper of record was essentially admitting that it has a symbiotic relationship with the US government.”

The death was completely predictable. The fact that the media wants everyone to believe that it was suicide is likewise predictable.

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What’s happening to American men?