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The Confirmation of Betsy Devos Is an Outrageous Insult


The Confirmation of Betsy Devos Is an Outrageous Insult

Diane Ravitch

The confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education is an outrageous insult to the millions of people who send their children to public schools, to the millions of students who attend public schools, to the millions of educators who work in public schools, and to the millions of people—like me—who graduated from public school.

As expected, the vote was 50-50, and Vice President Pence was called in to cast the tie-breaking vote.


This article was written by the person who SHOULD be the Secretary of Education.


The numbers on pharmaceutical sales to privatized charter schools must be a non-stop auto-erotic experience for DeVos and her ilk. So, we have removal of taxpayer funding of public education, which is turned over to private corporations to " run" schools, which in turn teach to the test, which in turn represses the the natural creative energy of children, which in turn produces behaviors symptomatic of ADHD, the pharmaceuticals for which the DeVos-type creature is invested.
But, never mind. Blackwater can be reshaped to stand at the exit to induct the children destroyed by the system ... for cannon fodder.


I do believe you're right!


Advocacy groups, single issue groups, and independent media need to take on computerized election fraud. If we do not start spreading the word things will only get worse.

Jonathan Simon: “Election fraud is really the hub at the center of all the other concerns that people have. And you see people, whether it’s save the whales or save the forests or save Social Security, whatever it is, working very hard on these individual issues and perhaps not recognizing that if elections continued to be rigged their work is going to be for naught.”

Follow Simon at http://codered2014.com/. I recommend his interviews and his book “Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century” (2016 edition).



In order to really changes things, progressives need to have the same level of energy promoting the right political candidates before the election as they now do fighting the appointments of Trump. It is now too late to affect much real change unless all of this energy is put into getting progressive candidates elected to local, state, and federal offices. Progressives also need to use this energy to reach moderates and the disaffected who don't vote. It is really sad to see progressives fighting these losing battles.


I keep seeing people saying that she "bought" this seat, because of her campaign contributions.


She's mainstream GOP. She donated to Republicans becasue they already share her values. She's who the Republicans want. If she'd never given a dime to the GOP, she'd still have been confirmed because that's what that party is all about.

These are not good men who were sadly corrupted by campaign donations. These are people who agree with DeVos. Period.


If public schools are no longer public, and make no mistake Obama supported charter schools, then why not exempt taxpayers without children or children not in school from taxes to support what is basically private education. Let DeVos find her $$$ for privatized schools elsewhere. (yes, I know)

Oh yeah, before I forget thanks H Clinton, DWS and the rest of the DNC.

In Denmark all education is public (and tuition free). All children receive the exact same education throughout the country. That is immigrants and children in families of lesser means are not relegated to the worst schools and vice versa ie children of means receive the exact same education. All children are fed a healthy breakfast, lunch and classes are often held outdoors.
Children are almost never left behind a grade. Teachers monitor students progress by one on one contact (tests are rare) and anyone falling behind is tutored until they reach their classmates. Formal education does not begin until 7 years of age, there is rarely if ever any homework, 15 minutes of every hour is recess time and all teachers hold master's degrees. Politicians and salespersons input is not welcomed. The Finns have one of the best education systems in the world and it is not private, charter or voucher oriented.


Well, trump did say during the primaries that he LOVES the uneducated.


History has been one long fight by progressives against the forces of repression in case you hadn't noticed.

One step forward, two back.

Try reading Howard Zinn's People's History of the U.S. for starters.


Tonight a US Senator was silenced because she was reading a letter of Coretta Scott King. EVERY DEMOCRAT SHOULD GET OFF THE ASSES-----STAND UP AND READ HER WORDS----EVERY NEWSPAPER SHOULD PUT THESE WORDS ON THE FRONT PAGE. WAKE UP DEMOCRATS THESE PEOPLE ARE RACISTS -THEY SEE WOMEN AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS---Obama a corporate moderate democrat couldn't get anything done with these people-----WAKE UP!


Why is it that honest debate on the qualifications of a nominee could be shut down in the Senate as "impugning" that nominee, but senators who would VOTE on a nominee who had DONATED to their campaigns were not forced to RECUSE themselves?

It seems like far more of a slur on any "reputation" of the Senate to have actual CORRUPTION going on in the process of voting for nominees than the mere questioning of a nominee's qualifications, which SHOULD BE PART OF ANY "VETTING" PROCESS, regardless of whether or not that nominee is a sitting member of the Senate!


Because(1) he's a moron himself, and (2) the uneducated are so easy to lead around by the nose.


Yes, state and local cannot be forgotton as it was when Obama was prez.


Over 90% of students in the US attend public schools. The reason childfree people ( and retirees) are asked to pay taxes is because we live in communities not as entities of one. If you attended public schools ( as I did) then others who came before you, helped fund your education.


Yes, and no, and they shook in their pants over Citizens United- do not forget that.


Yes, I know this however that includes charter schools some of which are for-profit. Bush through Obama and now Trump are doing all they can to chip away at public schools. Many of which are not even worth saving. The educational system in the US is failing children.

As for not paying school taxes, that was sarcasm. However don't be surprised when parents can cash in school vouchers to homeschool their kids. Homeschooling at least 3 children will bring in the ever harder to come by middle class income -- thanks to one's neighbors. This is exactly what the right (and many democrats) are after: tax dollars collected for public education by privatizing and/or making public education for profit. Trump's "school choice" includes vouchers for those who homeschool. In 2013 in NY public education cost taxpayers almost $20,000 per student, per year, the US average is about $11,000 per student/year. It may pay quite well just to keep the kiddies home and cash in.


How is the ed system failing kids? Many are not worth saving- sounds like you're a troll for the right. Actually, most public schools ( at least in my state ) are doing very well. Perhaps you live in a state with failed communities and schools. I agree with taxpayers NOT supporting private for profit schools. Taxpayers who believe this sound like they have Stockholm syndrome- going along with their "captors." To generalize that the schools in the US are failing is a dangerous generalization. When I was growing up decades ago and for some time afterwards I never remember schools being under so much attack- not until there were charter schools which are scams run by for profit corporations.
In the school system where I do some work students routinely attend top colleges, and many get top jobs as well. Nothing is perfect because humans are not perfect.


Who can homeschool- most parents are working. Also, I believe that deVos supports home schooling because she probably was herself and probably did this with her own kiddies too. Maybe billionaires have private tutors who arrive by limo and teach the kiddies. Plus many religious zealots support that as well- wouldn't want their spawn to get contaminated by other people.


Define troll? someone you don't agree with I suppose. You lose all credibility when you call others a troll.

Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That's a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day. About 25% of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time.

American Schools vs. the World: Expensive, Unequal, Bad at Math