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The Congressional Police Reform Bill Fails to Meet the Moment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/12/congressional-police-reform-bill-fails-meet-moment

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The Democratic Party isn’t interested in changing policing in the United States. They are only interested in looking like they want to change policing in the United States.
After November, Nancy, Steny, Chuck, Uncle Tom Perez, and yes Joe Biden will have long since forgotten the plight of black Americans. The congressional black caucus will once again be laying prostrate at the feet of the DNC.
The only way he Democratic Party will change is if every American of color, and those that support them, stay in the streets and threaten to not vote in November. They must show the current democratic leadership that they are willing to risk four more years of Trump in an effort to change the nation for the better. And that if the Democratic Party won’t become progressive again that we are willing to abandon them.


Listen carefully to the messaging on the right wing media and you will find that the police are ENTITLED to their spoils–even while Social Security is continually targeted. Sick, but true.


Reallocate, De-escalate!

And if you trust the d-party, you’re a hopeless dumbass.

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And ridiculous retirements, the story below is running right now on MSN, about how even if convicted Chauvin will receive over $50,000 a year in benefits.


Something most would believe is a small insignificant item, but it’s very important to change the attitudes of anyone doing police work, get them out of combat uniforms. No more black, green, or camouflage BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform), but back to civilian dress uniforms. One more way to crush the “warrior” mentality in those who are supposed to up-hold the law.
And a big item, disband all SWAT teams, they are misused, and rarely ever needed, but pump up that “warrior” mentality we don’t need in policing.

George Carlin used to ask: “What’s the scariest thing in America?”
“Small town SWAT teams”, I can tell you, he was right.


The flaw with that strategy is that the Democrats don’t care if Trump gets another four years. Their corporate masters are still happy. That is why voting in this country is meaningless anyway. Everyone in this country could not vote and the establishment will still win. The game was rigged from the start.

Yeah, “Wake up America” isn’t working very well. We are charged with having our tax dollars pay for police forces. So why do they do the bidding of the establishment instead of the people.
Why are they adversaries to protest instead of in support of it?
Perhaps cops should be controlled by a citizens board, town board, citizens police group, or some such. Not run by a governmental entity.

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“The Congressional (insert action here) fails to meet the moment.”


The incorrigibility of incrementalism


Yes, “The Congressional Police Reform Bill Fails TO MEET THE MOMENT.”

That’s because the “moment,” was actually 8 minutes and 46 seconds long.
We have so few honest representatives —as most are sadly just cowards. : (

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This is more of the incrementalism, around the edges policy, that amounts to the same atrocious actions by the cops. Expanding a data base to the national level on really bad cops may keep them from being reemployed in a field they have no business in. But transformative change has to come from without. Start with reallocation of funds to social services. Decrease the police budgets accordingly as they will strictly be dealing with actual ‘bad guys’. Not homeless, school children, mentally ill, maybe even domestic squabbles that don’t involve guns.
Also realize the ‘war on drugs’ has failed miserably. Let cops do patrols to keep the roads safe and work for ALL of us for a change, not just the propertied class and the wealthy. Reform won’t do. We need transformation instead. The cop culture is too toxic to be allowed to continue.

Even big city elite squads are often the worst units in their PD. SWAT, invented by LAPD worked out well, but CRASH was the opposite, and LAPD even had an elite unit that specialized in killing suspects.

Not only should war veterans be forbidden to be cops, but also all ex-military whose war experience was less direct, e.g. strategic nuclear forces, etc.

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The war on drugs is right. Note the word “war”. I’ve written about this militarization. See my blog at psychology today–Police Culture: The Long Road from Warriors to Guardians.

I feel the message for November 2020 is to not vote and make “DNV” the majority political movement, it’s close already, and make any “win” by a party as so lacking in support that it is seen as illegitimate. If “Did Not Vote” isn’t your cup of tea then expel all incumbents by voting against them no matter their party affiliation.

once again the Democratic party has been faced with the challenge and FAILED

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That was predictable – maybe there’ll be at least four bills, and we can hope for a natural limit on prevaricating more than thrice? But I also have a problem with the discussion in the article, which can’t really make much sense without scrutinizing a wider scope of the carceral state. Is it because the old white guy running on the Dim ticket is so proud of locking up his fellow citizens for no good reason, with his glorious erections of multiplied incarceration?

The police and prison-guards alike (along with the plutocrats they serve, of course) comprise that carceral state. Columnists keep forgetting about blatantly idiotic laws, generally imposed in the name of “morality” to cloak their actual functions: transferring labor to confined camps, where it’s easier to keep in line; and terrorizing poor communities. USAmerican law holds up that Bible like a club to beat people with. Let’s talk about drug abuse and prostitution – Why are they endlessly perpetuated by our intentionally skewed system of justice? To sustain the carceral state.

Getting rid of intentionally counter-productive prohibitions would do more to reduce the activities prohibited than anything else. For instance: Stop the drug war, and the carceral state’s principle means of oppression just evaporates. Plutocrats in Congress don’t want that to happen.

The Democrats Who Created the System of Overpolicing Won’t Be the Ones to Dismantle It

Mass protests across the country have beat back police repression and won public support for scaling back police power. The Democrats who built the overpolicing and mass incarceration regime now feel left out and want to channel that energy back into familiar territory: getting them reelected.


Hi Olhippy:
And OMG I saw a Mother Jones video which shows cops running around a WalMart parking lot attacking the tires of every car parked there, Everyone parked there now needs 4 new tires!!!nso that no one would endanger the cops. WTF is that??? Is there anything that these cops are not afraid of "To Protect and Serve, " people are way too self absorbed!

Yeah, there is the consideration that drug cartels are better armed than police and a lot of police procedures have resulted from these types of risk assessments. So this will work better if it is comprehensive.

Oh man, WalMart parking lots are a dangerous place to be. There is one with a constant police presence with surveillance. Mostly, because I guess criminals like to rob them or steal cars, or all sorts of criminal activity.