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The Constitution and the Lawmen are Coming for Trump—He Laughs!


The Constitution and the Lawmen are Coming for Trump—He Laughs!

Ralph Nader

The law has never caught up with Trump. In his bullying and bankrupting business career, he laughed at the law – hiding behind corporations, tying up plaintiffs – workers, creditors, consumers, and shareholders – with court battles of attrition. His snarling lawyers either wore down Trump’s pursuers or settled disputes for less than the legitimate claims by those harmed. Trump’s lawyers pushed for gag orders to hide the settlements.


“L’etat, c’est moi.”

Nah. L’etat, c’est merde.


Justice will be hearing the Donald’s very large cellmate’s bellowing laugh as the Donald spit shines, his shoes?

Every single day they’re together.


Trump would be nothing more than a creepy, delusional old man if there weren’t 50 million other creeps ready and willing to support his dysfunction. At least now we know just how many there are, and just how corrupt and vile they are. Kind of shocking.


The great weakness of the Constitution is that there has never been an outside, independent branch of the government to enforce the Constitution and indict as needed. Relaying on two corrupt parties to do so and a stacked and politically motivated Supreme Court has been a complete failure. Trump at least has shown just how ineffective and outdated our Constitution is. It is anything but the sacred document that so many Americans worship. It is as George Bush said, nothing more than a piece of paper, now. These investigations will continue to at least create an illusion of the rule of law, but in the end, Trump and his goons in both parties will easily sidestep any consequences. The Constitution is nothing more than a board game to them.

It will take a full blown revolution to clean this filthy house, now. We are far beyond working through the system to effect change, at this point. Hope I can live out the rest of my days in some semblance of peace before it happens. When it comes, it won’t be pretty. Those in power will never surrender without a fight.


Our situation has been pushed beyond the collectivity of a nation with a Constitution. The arising of a mafioso like Drumph was written into it from the beginning. Among other things, Slavery was perpetuated and guaranteed the for-profit prison system as political tool byAMENDMENT XIII

Passed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865.

Note: A portion of Article IV, section 2, of the Constitution was superseded by the 13th amendment.
Section 1.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Section 2.

Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The meaning of “under God” must be interpreted according to empirical evidence. It has been shaped to slip the individual into a mentality of myth by violent enforcement of pledge of allegiance under the whip (sometimes literally for school children).


Always glad to have your take on politics and the law. Not very comforting though as our country has become so lawless for those at the top.


Disagree, Mr. Ralph. Trump got elected because Obama and Dame Clinton were perceived as failures. Voters had a choice between continuation of a foreign and domestic policy they did not like, increasing liberal socialism or something different. Voters chose the something different not knowing what would happen. Unfortunately, the FBI-Justice Dept. corruption and their anti-Trump bias has helped The Donald. If Trump is so bad, his own actions will bring him down eventually. Yet he is becoming more popular, gaining strength, because the Dems and the press continually attack him for things he hasn’t done versus things he has done. He has also able to champion modest tax reform, a North Korean summit and fairer trade, measures which most Americans support. The economy is also expanding by leaps and bounds, for which he gets some credit. The Russian collusion story is a phony. His self-enrichment from the public purse also appears untrue. Because he is wealthy, he is able to use court processes and lawyers to his advantage. Is that bad or just normal for rich guys? Think about what will happen after he leaves office and what the next swing of the voters will bring. How will liberals or moderates retake the White House and the Senate? They won’t do it with socialism a la Bernie, nor will it be accomplished by a no-borders tantrum. As of now, the left-wing Democratic Party is helping Trump win a second term. If the Dems continue on their present track, Pence will be President when Trump has finished his eight years. You will have more to write about.


Nadar’s article starts strong, relating well-known facts about Trump’s methods. Then, it fizzles. How long do we have to wait before the laws of the land and justice catch up with this criminally-minded individual? What more actions and statements by him are needed? Who is going to make this move and when? He is getting away with making a mockery of the Constitution, the branches of government, years of precedent, and the nation’s principles. I know good people are working on this and hope they are only holding back to make sure their case is tighter than a drum before acting to stop this perverted individual. Then, this miscreant will be made to understand what it means to live, work, and lead a nation of laws not men.


Trump will get away with everything. With the Aholes we have in Congress, our Fascist Supreme court and our totally uneducated and misinformed public who cannot critically think for themselves I see no alternative. Sucks, doesn’t it?


There is already a Constitutional crisis.

The Electoral College failed to perform one of its fundamental duties to ensure that a clearly unqualified candidate will not be elected. But since entering office, this President has been in open violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause but Congress has failed to perform its job to impeach such an open violation of the Constitution.

Two important checks on the operation of our government have clearly failed to perform as expected. Does it really take more failures to say this is a Constitutional crisis?


At this point I have to say until proven otherwise, that the man is untouchable. All indications are the man is a fucking sociopath and a megalomaniac narcissist with no moral or ethical values at all. Yet if ever a man was made to represent the time and values of a people, Trump is it. He is Americas president. There is nothing that can be said or done, that this idiots seemingly bottomless pit of luck won’t see him through. I expect to see him win again in 2020…and I expect to see him rip the very heart out of what was left of this country. At this point insanity is the order of the day…and Trump is that order. We are so massively fucked.


Unlike Tricky Dick, Dump could go on TV and say I Am A Crook and nothing would change.


(Fred) Trump’s orgnization sued me in a rental dispute in the 70s. While I was terrified of this much-less-known entity then, I felt I was right in my legal positioin. So, I prepared my response and appeared for court. He never showed. For the defense!!


It’s biblical to enforce the law, Mr. Trump.


The Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton bear some responsibility for putting Donald Trump in the Oval Office and for this ensuing mess.

Will Secretary Clinton please stand down? And will the DNC stop sabotaging progressive candidates who are offering Americans a viable alternative to the tangled web in Washington? And will they please, please do away with the blatantly un-Democratic Super Delegates?

Please? For the survival of our Democracy and the future of their descendants?:


Well said. Thank you.


I don’t think they will. This may sound strange, but I think they’re more of afraid of the kind of change that real progressive candidates would bring and the loss of power that comes with it. Today’s Democrats have grown fat on the money and power that was bestowed upon them by Wall Street and Silicon Valley. They don’t want to give that up. They’re willing to suffer Trump for as long as necessary to preserve that power and they fear (rightly) that true progressives would break that power. The fact the DNC and the DCCC have been coercing and threatening progressive candidates to drop out of the 2018 primaries is evidence that they not only learned nothing, but they in fact have doubled down on their delusional belief that going soft right is a winning strategy. As has been said many times by many people, Democrats would rather the party be out of power for decades than to loose their own power within the system. Given how terribly Bernie Sanders’ endorsements performed in the primaries, it’s also pretty clear to me that the voting public is as clueless as ever. The sad fact is that this country is descending into hell and the people are either ambivalent to it, or worse, perfectly ok with it.

It’s a conceit that we would be able to foresee our own demise. The Roman’s did not foresee their own demise! Nor the Mayans, the Babylonians, or any other failed civilization. The signs were all there but they were so arrogant and assured in their presumed superiority that they refused to see it. What makes so special? Nothing. We’re just as ignorant and arrogant. Look at the media pundits who are so sure that the “American Century” is alive and well! We’re going downhill and no one sees it at all.


You and I, at least, see it. And I am writing like crazy to alert other people.


“It will take a full blown revolution to clean this filthy house, now. We are far beyond working through the system to effect change, at this point. Hope I can live out the rest of my days in some semblance of peace before it happens. When it comes, it won’t be pretty. Those in power will never surrender without a fight.”

Not only does corruption run rampant, our gov’t has wasted our tax dollars on illegal, endless wars; failed us by exhibiting any kind of leadership in addressing climate issues; totally allowed/encouraged a resurgence of the types of economic policies which caused the economic collapse of 2008; and, has encouraged/allowed an unheard of since at least the 1920’s accumulation of our wealth to reside in so few hands, to name but a few reasons for rebellion as described in our Declaration of Independence. We are also faced with an ever more militarized police force along with an ever more 1984 style domestic spying apparatus which unconstitutionally pries into all of our lives on a minute by minute basis. Like you, I can only trust that I will live out my life of 73 years in relative peace before all hell breaks out, as in all likelyhood it will. One only needs to be aware of history to know that it will.