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The Constitution’s 3 Ways to Stop a Demagogue Like Trump Haven’t Worked. Now What?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/30/constitutions-3-ways-stop-demagogue-trump-havent-worked-now-what

Bunch aggravates me from the outset with the Hamilton reference. (I see the Hamilton poster on buses around here; it’s a Saturday Night Fever reference. Hmmm.)

This seems like the arcane strategy of a shut-in, striving to salvage some shred of hope for our hallowed (by now thoroughly hollowed) Constitution. Good thing I haven’t had my breakfast yet.

I very much like Will Bunch’s clear thinking - encapsulated in the title of the article.

"Now What ?"

We move outside the box that is the USA today - to the United Nations.

Here is another clear piece of writing, from The Guardian:

“This is not just about biodiversity conservation, it’s about finance and trade and changing the model of development. We need to put biodiversity and natural capital at the centre of the economic paradigm.”

Unless I miss my guess, the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services is the way forward. It seems we have graduated to a more all encompassing worldview.

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The Electoral College was designed to enable the election of a president over the opposition of voters. In 2016, it worked as designed.

Impeachment was designed to remove presidents by trying them of crimes that they had committed. Try to imagine how many things Donald Trump must be guilty of, and then consider what could have motivated the Democratic Party to invent charges of which he had actually been innocent, charges that the principals had to know from the beginning would fall through.

Of course, both Democratic and Republican guilt must run pretty deep to head off prosecution for a good few in the Clinton camp over things that came to light during the election. It is a bit like neither party voting money out of politics, calling out the MIC or CIA, or calling for a major investigation of Jeffrey Epstein.

The insanity thing is interesting, but it’s pretty difficult having someone in Washington locked up as being “of danger to himself and others.” That’s a neoconservative policy position.

No, we are just down to one method, horror of horrors: vote him out of office.

You’d think that would be easy. You would think that the topic would at least come up in discussion. But no. Apparently the unspoken project is to replace him with someone as unpopular or worse.

Since 2016, look at the number of false-progressive Democrats who have been trotted by to attempt to lure Democratic voters, who have a very substantial disagreement with the party.

Democratic voters still largely want to hold on to values related to the New Deal. the Great Society, and a few aspects of the Kennedy administration. The Democratic Party itself, as an institution, is 180 degrees opposed.


And if that fails…NOW WHAT!

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