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The Constitutional Crisis Is Now


The Constitutional Crisis Is Now

Robert Reich

I keep hearing that if Trump fires Mueller we’ll face a constitutional crisis.

Or if Mueller subpoenas Trump to testify and Trump defies the subpoena, it’s a constitutional crisis.

Or if Mueller comes up with substantial evidence that Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia or of obstructing justice but the House doesn’t move to impeach him, we’ll have a constitutional crisis.


“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”
–Thomas Jefferson

One major problem with the USA is that there has been far too little effective rebellion in the past, largely due to the likes of Edward Bernays and his ilk (Save Net Neutrality Now! Bring back the Fairness Doctrine! Lay asunder media monopolies!). That needs to stop. Resist. Peacefully. Effectively. By all means at our disposal.


It’s so cute and endearing that Mr. Reich doesn’t realize it’s already over and done. As if getting rid of Trump would return us to the “kinder and gentler” neoliberal, capitalist plutocracy we had before 2016.


Well, I suppose a couple of members of Congress could grow a spine, but that’s not likely to happen. We the People could rise up, but we’re all too fat and lazy. Look for War or Dark Ages II coming soon to your city, state, and country.


There’s a lot of people that like Trump’s rebellion. Revolutions don’t always work in a progressive direction.


I realize that. I also realize that several readers who post here are 1000% FOR the DNC. Strange, isn’t it?


“Forcibly removed from power.” I am guessing there is a strong correlation between people who voted for Trump and gun ownership. Further, I am guessing the blood lust and anger of these gun nuts is no longer sated by watching portrayed violence, or committing virtual mass murder via “Call of Duty”. When the idiot king cancels/nullifies the next election and calls upon them to defend his reign, they will be more than happy to unleash a bloodletting in a second civil war.


Yes, and we all have relatives and acquaintances in that camp, don’t we? Silly me, I always wondered how “brother against brother” could happen in our first Civil War. I guess there’s gonna be nothing “civil” about it.


Our entire government is one big Constitutional crisis. Our Republic is dead and pushing up daisies. A new dark age has begun.


The “constitutional crisis” accelerated when the SCOTUS installed Cheney and his puppet Dubya at the turn of the millenium. Early detection was ignored and we are now in the terminal stage.


Absolutely right. Has Reich been in a coma or what? Trump is just the latest in a long line of presidents who have ignored and dodged the Constitution as needed and, yes, that includes Democratic presidents, as well. Obama certainly did his part to shred it with full support of his party. Trump is now taking his turn.

In truth, there has never been a period in this country’s history when the Constitution has ever seen 100% compliance. This country has a long history of justifying an end-around of the Constitution to suit its ambitions. Compliance has been more optional than mandatory. It’s been traditionally used by those in power as more of a tool to control the masses than protect them. The great weakness of this country’s constitution is that effective provisions to enforce are weak and ineffective, thus Trump will be with us until at least 2020.


Nah. We’re pushing up single-use, plastic sporks instead.


The only legal way to constrain Trump is to vote for a Congress, this November, that will stand up to him.

Reich nails it. The word is there are quite a few Republicans who are very opposed to Trump but they have to keep their views in check because voicing their opposition will cost them their jobs in Congress. Anyone watching the Trump rallies has seen the mindless personality cult that follows Trump. He has millions of followers and they will go along with with whatever he says and does. What we have is a large right wing populist personality cult that is keeping a racist in power. Reich has correctly pointed out the only legal way to combat this dangerous populism on the right.


Taking control of congress isn’t the only legal way nor the most effective way alone to combat the right wing populist rejection of civic institutions. Deceitful right wing radio propaganda must be constrained. Mainstream media also misinforms or leaves uninformed every television audience. The undue influence that monopolistic wealth has on the cost of living and common livelihoods leads to hardship for both sides of the political spectrum. Making real progress rather than just preaching it has to reach everyone. Historically, the Democratic Party has enabled more progress with higher standards of living than the Republican Party whose leaders are more interested in profit for a select few at the specific expense of the many. Republican party leaders consider most people nothing more than consumers, wage-slaves and canon fodder.


Unfortunately this could be truer than most will imagine. Alex Jones on Info Wars an internet conspiracy theory, Trump Propaganda program, has been calling for a civil war for a year now! It’s unbelievable how many watch that, coment positively for it. Theyve decided our Govt meaning DOJ,FBI,CIA & rest of intelligence agencies are trying to gid rid of THEIR PRESIDENT. They site part of 2nd amendment that says something like if your govt becomes tyrannical you must take it down. They are flat out crazies on that site. I served 20 yes in Military, the Army. Trump is a dictator. He’s comfortable around other dictators but now our Democratic Allies. He’s managing to pull of dividing us from each other, US from our Allies in Europe. This is exactly what Putin had wanted & he accomplished all this & more by hacking, interfering with our elections & yes there are States saying they were hacked but Trumps DHS won’t investigate coz they want to keep claiming no votes were changed. The GOP Congress have given up their constitutional oath of Seperation of Powers not only by not providing oversight of Trump but with this Corker/Kaine AUMF they’re unconstitutionaly given their power to Declare War to Trump. In that AUMF it gives ability to declare every where even US a battlefield and he determines the individual or group of individuals he wishes to declare an Enemy & use Military Force to round up, detain for indeffinate time with no charges. In campaign he declared the Press an enemy of the people. Now he can declare it for real. He could declare a political opponent or any individual an enemy. Does this sound familiar like Putin’s Russia & other Authoritarian Regimes? The only way Congress can stop is with a veto proof majority in House & Senate which would never happen. I believe not only does Putin have something on Trump, I believe he has kompramat on some/allot of the GOP & RNC. If you remember when the DNC was hacked so was the GOP yet NOTHING about GOP was leaked. Why else would GOP throw their constitutional oaths in trash? Why are they forcing DOJ to show them secret docs on open investigation on Trump incl letting Trumps lawyer see it? If we would get investigated the police aren’t going to show us their case file before we we’re charged. It’s the same thing.


What about the “‘Screaming Violation’ of Constitution: President Moves to Rescue Chinese Telecom as Beijing Funds Major Trump Project”, reported two or three weeks ago?   Per this article’s author, CD staff writer Jake Johnson, This affair is a screaming violation of the U.S. Constitution’s emoluments clause.

It’s not only a violation of the Emoluments Clause, IMHO it is TREASON.  The amount of money that changed hands in this deal in which Tweetle-Dumb let a known security risk off the hook makes the bribes accepted by Judas Iscariot and Benidict Arnold look like chump change.

If the RePoopLicken-dominated congress isn’t going to do anything about TREASON, then it can hardly be expected to do anything about Tweetle-Dumb’s mere threats to pardon himself and all of the other wanton criminals in his gang of grifters and thieves.


Dear Robert,

The “idea” we are living a constitutional crisis now, well I can agree in a certain respect but, in my own view, we have been living it for quite a long time, at least since the 2000 election where the SCOTUS stopped the re-count and appointed George Bush president.

Then there’s a little war, that continues today, called the Iraq war, which by launching it, GWB blatantly violated the constitution, not to mention a whole host of treaties that have been ratified by congress, which, according to our constitution, “become law of the land”.

I find it interesting you never want to actually impeach Trump for the easiest of constitutional violations to point out, his illegal missile attack on Syria. Not only a constitutional violation but the 1973 war power act as well. But hey, go ahead and tell all the democrats to keep wearing ridiculous hats and keep chanting #NotMYPresident or #Resistance, so some other “trendy” hastag.

Why won’t you be honest with “the people”, we have been in a constitutional crisis for a very, very long time. What happened in the Reagan administration, is still happening, it hasn’t gone away and is getting much much worse.

Bill Moyers did a great documentary about it in the late 80’s, but since I’m new I can’t post links. Search Youtube for “The Secret Government - The Constitution In Crisis -Bill Moyers (PBS 1987)”


There cannot be a constitutional crisis without people in the street. There is no significant pro-constitutional faction in either party or either house, and people imagine that by not voting they are engaging in some sort of protest.


People aren’t voting because they know no matter what box they check on the voting machine, they get the same ole crap. That’s why Sanders was and is so popular. He’s selling what the people want.