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The Constitutional Rubicon of an Assange Prosecution


The Constitutional Rubicon of an Assange Prosecution

Elizabeth Goitein

If you were tuning in and out of FBI Director James Comey’s hearing before the House Intelligence Committee last Wednesday, you probably got an earful about Comey’s public statements on Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server, and you may have heard his staunch defense of Section 702 of FISA.


More and more, slowly the frog is boiled to death. It doesn't seem anyone cares.


There appears to be an insanity that now grips the minds of huge numbers of politicians, judges, professors, and commentators. Even (former) FBI Director Comey is now infected with this "Bird Flu of the Mind". They have totally forgotten this is a REPUBLIC, with a constitution, that protects us from people as crazy as them.


I don't think liberals hate Assange and Wikileaks. Only Democrats do and they are neoliberal, not liberal.

Direct Democracy


"Intelligence porn."

That Comey was fired a week after uttering a term that craven is a bright spot in an otherwise bleak era.


"Publishing classified information “crosses a line when it moves from being about trying to educate a public and instead becomes just about intelligence porn, frankly." " Comey

So the "Collateral Murder" is "ingelligence porn"? I consider this video documentation that our heroic "warriors" defending the homeland are at times a bunch of bloodthirsty thugs. Obviously our top warriors were not please to have the public educated in this manner; they went after Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange in a rather harsh manner.


Percentage wise, a few care and are very vocal, a few more are aware but their daily lives are more important, many rely on MSM/NPR corporate-Deep State-government propanda and have very little understanding of the true state of affairs; however, as history proves, oppression will reach a point where the Rubicon will be crossed and people will rise up and throw off the chains. This time, however, we have global climate change just over the horizon and "freedom" will be 'trumped' by its neglect. The only freedom that will come from that neglect is the freedom of the grave!


I had to stop at the mention of Clapper.

Here is a man, a Govt Agent, witnessed by millions, committing Perjury (serious Nation Shaking perjury) by lying to Congress, and NEVER being Prosecuted.

21st Century US Justice, in a nutshell.


Actually the repugs hate him too.


Very thoughtful, important article from Goitein. It should give many Dems, and their cheerleaders, pause. Assange must be protected and freed. Our own freedom depends on it.


Being conservatives, Republicans hate Assange. Trump only loved him when Wikileaks documents gave him an advantage. Conservative Democrats and neoliberals fear Assange will reveal their corruption.


While politicians and security authorities might hate Assange, the ordinary people admire what he has done, in forcing transparency on a reluctant and shadowy and covert government. What the government wants to do, is kill the messenger. Not only is that foolish beyond extremes, it is also self defeating. Harming Assange will only cause other strong individuals to ante up the goal to full and complete disclosure. The US government must control itself, must stop the embarrassing and shameful activities that give rise to desire for disclosure by true patriots. It is not patriotic to say "my country wrong or right". It is much more patriotic to say "I will ensure my country is always right and I won't support it when it is dead wrong"!


Remember those fake journalists who didn't have valid press cards: Benjamin Franklin, Anne Catherine Hoof Green, and Thomas Paine.