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The Conundrum of Corporation and Nation


The Conundrum of Corporation and Nation

Robert Reich

The U.S. economy is picking up steam but most Americans aren't feeling it. By contrast, most European economies are still in bad shape, but most Europeans are doing relatively well.

What's behind this? Two big facts.

First, American corporations exert far more political influence in the United States than their counterparts exert in their own countries.


If only more of the US citizenry knew all this. The spinspreaders of the RIght have done a bang-up job of persuading people that US residents are lucky to not be like those Europeans with their wasteful welfare state mentality and Socialistic unions. If people back in the USA could somehow be made to see how lied to and ripped off they are they might start to get mad at their repressors.


Wright Mills found that to be true 60 years ago! "The issues that decide our fate are neither raised nor decided by the public."

Adam Smith knew that in 1776 (it's in WoN).

Reich,why don't you ever have any real, fresh insights to offer?


Sovereignty has been flowing from nation-states into multinational corporations for quite some time now, primarily facilitated by trade agreements. The bottom line has become the ultimate tyrant.


Yep, and the TPP & the TTIP are very possibly the final consummation of the slowly evolving corporate powerplay at the expense of democracy, whose only motivation, by their own charters, is monetary profit. Shakespeare said it best: Hell is empty and all the devils are here.


It has to be one or the other. Americans can't thrive within a political
system run largely by big American corporations -- organized to boost
their share prices but not boost America.

I'm not blaming American corporations. They're in business to make
profits and maximize their share prices, not to serve America.

Reich's bottom line should have been the last sentence of yet another mealy mouthed essay.


The "spinspreaders of the right" got a big assist from Bill Clinton's signing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

The "spinspreaders of the right" and the vapid "center" of "progressive" politics that service corporations always find a friendly microphone from the insufferable radio personalities of NPR. Remember when the CPB wasn't run by right wingers?

The pervasiveness of corporate messaging to the US citizenry is nearly absolute.

Any movement of the people against these corporations will not be tolerated by the new fascism in this country given the NSA, militarized police depts, fusion centers, corporate incentivized imprisonment of poor people et al.


Many aspects of life and history repeat. That hardly means they should not be specified. Since you so often aligned your posted messages with a group of posters who incessantly blamed citizens, voters, all Americans and/or consumers for every fact of life and every egregious U.S. policy decision, it's no surprise to me that you'd seek to play DOWN these insights by making light of them.

Most people fall under the deception that they DO have a voice, that the legal system is still functional, and that voting matters.

The Page and Gilens Study shows otherwise.

The content of your post is similar to that of global warming deniers who posit that there have always been storms, droughts, and floods.

Nice try.

Oh, and before complaining that Reich has not offered any new insights... try looking into the mirror. I don't recall EVER reading one from you.


Those are fresh and real insights for the majority of Americans. The biggest obstacle to a Progressive Revolution in contemporary America is the collective ignorance of a population that has been subjected to clever propaganda for several generations. Most Americans are unaware that corporations A) don't represent our best interests and B) that corporations have effectively purchased our government lock, stock and barrel and C) that working people abroad in developed countries live much, much better than we do here. We need people like Robert Reich to get the message out more and more and hopefully somewhere in the near future most Americans will tip the scales and realize that corporate influence in politics has sabotaged the public interest.


Thanks Xavier, far more totally reliable than Robert Reich whom, I'm afraid, is still attached to the Clinton Machine.


I didn't know he was writing for the average person. Wouldn't he have to be published in places like USA Today, People, NY Daily News, and similar?


Of course you don't, Susan. But that's not because I haven't written one, but because you unvaryingly read for ammunition rather than understanding. You really put an amazing amount of effort into your interpretations!. It's most of what makes you so saddeningly predictable and aversive to so many.