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The Coronavirus Effect: Pandemic Exposes Structural Violence of US Ruling Class

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/26/coronavirus-effect-pandemic-exposes-structural-violence-us-ruling-class


There is ample evidence of a botched job: the sadistic call for cuts to the budget of the CDC both before and during the pandemic; the inexplicable decision to reject the WHO test that was already available in favor of having the CDC duplicate this effort with varying degrees of success; and the ongoing failure—related to Trump’s hypocritical anti-socialist dogma and Hooveresque belief in the power of private voluntarism—to utilize the Defense Production Act to produce needed medical supplies and regulate prices.

Good summary. As a whole, the pattern comprises a domestic war crime – the all-but inevitable consequences of which USAmericans have just barely started to see, now that the contagion has been allowed to spread freely for months.

Italy didn’t get around to putting an end to big hugs & parties to squarely face their problem soon enough, but at least when Italians woke up, they had a cultural tradition of mutual aid to build upon. USA has made an even worse start to containment challenges, and all ensuing exponential needs for protective equipment for health workers are in a worse shambles here in USA today. Italy is scoring 10% mortality as it prepares to pull ahead of China in their number of cases. By the time USA gets to 100,000 cases, we’ll have passed Italy, with no looking back.

Our only hope was hoping and wishing and praying this bug would get tired in Spring, because that usually happens with other kinds of viruses. Not in the cards, I’m afraid. Pick cases or deaths in USA, you’ll likely see it double every 3 days for months.


In the land of CEOs, shareholders, and spreadsheets, there are no people, only labor. Excess labor is an inefficiency that must be trimmed in that land. (Corporate) Tax cuts facilitate this. Lack of or inadequate minimum wage standards do this. Draconian health care gamesmanship does this. Union busting does this. Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcetera. The U$ Ruling Class has always been violent. Read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States* for many examples. Or Charles M. Kelly’s Class War in America**. COVID19 is going to grind through many a soul in this country and throughout the world. The ruling class will write off the losses as collateral damages, even within their own families–such is their pathology.




Good article. The time socialist revolution is now.


We should beg the Cuban government to send doctors to the U.S.



Covid is exposing the flip side of American Exceptionalism. In terms of infection control, the “profit before people” ideology is disastrous. It will lead to an Exceptionally high death rate. This is being compounded by an inept leadership, particularly unsuited to this health/scientific crisis. Recall the crowds at the airports just recently.

Murdock’s media (Fox, WSJ) brainwashing of many Americans means that the MAGA cult will be blind to the ineptitude. They do not realize that they are extremists and that the mainstream corporate media are well to the Right.


the us elites have never cared about the poor working class


The US was founded on cruelty and lies. Profits over people right out of the gate. Forget the rainbows and unicorns of “all men are created equal” and really parse the Constitution. It’s focused on private property rights and protecting the ruling class. Landowners. Slave-owners. Pale male people only count.
Wait until this reaches the Deep South, which has been fascist from the beginning. This virus may tame down a bit over the summer, but come roaring back by early fall, based on past pandemics. Three waves. Like the eye of a hurricane. People start to let down their guard at the end of the first wave, then the winds switch and increase with the second wave, with larger body counts in a shorter period of time. Third wave is when herd immunity kicks in. Enough vulnerable people have died, enough have survived to develop antibodies to fight the virus, and it becomes dormant.

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Better to bargain–offer to return Guantanamo, take down barriers to trade and discourse and travel (at some point), and a no-first-attack treaty, at the very least.

Yes, I agree, a lot of evidence of a botched job. But, how much was intentional?
Was the lag in getting out tests because the govt. only wanted to use US Pharma
mfg. kits? The rest of the world was OK w/ the WHO kits, why not the USA?

Is Trump pitting the states against each other for supplies to drive up prices in a giant
bidding war? Has he had the FDA grant “Orphan” status to Gilliad for no good reason?

I think this whole response is just yet another “Public-Private Partnership”, so many can make
$$ and the peons can just die. As the Lt. Gov. of TX. said… “We should sacrifice to the Economy”!

Because who cares about the citizens. It’s the Economy & Plutocracy, that Really counts!
Why do you think the DoD budget is so huge? Not to protect us… To protect the economy!


I second the motion . .

The military has always been used to protect corporate interests.

America has been turned into a third world country. Colonized and exploited by wealth.

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as the battle in the Senate appeared to be nearing its end, [three Republicans threatened to delay a vote] on the bill because they believe that the temporarily expanded unemployment benefits (an extra $600 per week, which is the equivalent of $15 per hour, for four months) are too generous. They lamented that a person could be paid more while unemployed than while employed. Instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that the existence of poverty wages is unjust, they made the retrograde argument that social welfare will disincentivize working.

Sounds like a scene right out of a latter-day version Oliver Twist; given such fertile literary turf, one can only wonder why we don’t have a latter-day version of Charles Dickens to write it?

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While I may believe Trump incompetent, I do not believe the administration to be. As such, I believe they deliberately let the Covid-19 virus spread so that they can do what they are doing by providing trillions to the corporations.
The worlds economies were in dire straits just prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. Now with trillions of new funding, they are less so.

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It also include the Neoliberals in BOTH PArties

Trump’s death cult finally says it: Time to kill the “useless eaters” for capitalism
Republicans say the quiet part out loud: Americans must die of the coronavirus in order to save capitalism


These calls by Trump and his allies for millions of Americans to sacrifice themselves for such abstractions as “the country,” “the economy” and “the market” should not be a surprise. Such madness and cruelty are the logical and inevitable result of decades of right-wing strategy and policies.

These plans were never hidden. Indeed, they were clumsily obvious. Since the 1970s, predatory gangster capitalism has been accepted as either “normal” or “inevitable” in the United States (as well as the United Kingdom and elsewhere). To that end, the “free market” was presented by the news media, many Democrats and virtually all Republicans, and most of the educational system as somehow synonymous or interchangeable with “freedom” and “democracy.”

This form of predatory gangster capitalism, now often called “neoliberalism,” rests upon several basic tenets:

Lets not forget that the ‘Neo-Liberals’ include:
Bill Clinton
Hillary CLinton
Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
Steny Hoyer
Tom Perez
John Kerry
Al Gore
and more…both past and present

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This article won’t solve any problem facing us at this time, but it will arm us with a fact-based framework for understanding what is happening and how we’ve come to this moment.

It describes the prevailing structural elements that will continue to put profits over people to our detriment and disempower us, unless we reassert the value and priority of human life and engage in pro-active collective self-defense as a people.


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We will, except he/she will be a historian… not a novelist.

Very polarizing article, wish it used less inflammatory language. It’s not a news article (and it’s not claiming to function as such), there’s no call-to-action for the reader, and the summarized thesis doesn’t call for any thoughtful consideration (human life matters - yep).