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The Coronavirus Paradox: Biden’s Delegate Lead Increases as the Need for Bernie’s Politics Adds Up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/02/coronavirus-paradox-bidens-delegate-lead-increases-need-bernies-politics-adds


Interesting column today over at Fivethirtyeight today showing how progressives just don’t fit well with the majority of the Democratic Party … see: ~https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-the-progressive-left-fits-so-uncomfortably-within-the-democratic-party/). The article uses data from last year (i.e. thousands of years ago in political time) but I think its conclusions are probably even much starker today.

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With 32%+ unemployment on the horizon, possibly higher in deep urban areas, no one can predict or measure what’s going to happen in August, currently. 538 is about as important as re-reading Fahrenheit 451 right now. Great book but it’s fire starting material at this time and place.
America has never been here before. None of us have. Being a visionary in leadership is a gift right now; following a palm reader or a bone roller, not so much.
I align with and support Sen. Sanders. As I’ve said before, he’ll get my 100% support until he tells me it’s time to move on. I certainly haven’t heard that yet. I’ll decide at that point what to do.


I fully support the Sanders candidacy as well - though I can’t say I’m waiting for him to tell me what to do. I believe in continually supporting and working for the progressive cause regardless of any specific presidential campaign.

Anyways - the article I pointed to had nothing to do with the Presidential campaign. It took data from a survey of Democrats about their opinions of different groups (like Black Lives matter, me too, and so forth), entities (like Wall Street, Labor Unions, and so forth), and individuals (like Pelosi, Schummer, AOC, Sanders, and so forth) and then found that Democrats tended to be divided into one of three camps: the establishment people, the neoliberals, and the progressives. Then they showed how the establishment supporters and the neoliberals were in overall agreement in a way that makes coalitions easy - leaving the progressives with a difficult time in leading coalitions within the party. I understand how you might not think such analyses are relevant in the midst of the current collapse - but I expect people struggling to gain a strong progressive place at the table as things move forward will be debating exactly this type of issue for the foreseeable future.


Sen. Sanders represents 25-45% of the Democratic/Liberal-Independents, depending on what state you look to, of the party. Lots of N/A ( Non-Affiliated ) and minor groups, as well. Keep that factoid foremost in mind, imo.
The Democratic Party is going nowhere North of the Mason-Dixon line, West from the Rockies to the Pacific, without Sen. Sanders and his real clout. DNC types; well, they can read it and weep.
Sorry, but politics ain’t beanbag, as they say.


Biden, Dems and political pundets calling on Senator Bernie Sanders to withdraw and to cancel the convention before remaining primaries are held, are guilty of voter suppression!
Biden does not have this as a done deal. If the democrats cancel remaining primaries and the convention, they can count on this 67 year old, lifelong democratic voter, not being around to vote for democrats in future elections!


You are correct, and the dnc dims have softened their approach lately, at least on some boards. Some are still expecting they can spit in my face and insist that I do as they say and vote ol Joe. See how that works for them at the convention. I just cannot imagine the dept of dumb that it takes to NOT see what is wrong with so many things the DNC DIMS are still denying. Glad I am done with that party.

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2020 has been a topsy-turvy year and unimagined things seem to be happening every day. When the smoke finally clears, I hope our society will have made adjustments that are fairer and more humane. That won’t happen with Trump or Biden as President. It may be silly, but I hope progressives can unite in an effort to provide a enlightened presidency. If Bernie wins the Democratic nomination, great. If not, an alternative to Trump-Biden has got to evolve quickly. The Greens and Democratic Socialists and the many progressive organizations have the brainpower and motivation to run a strong third party candidate, and I hope they do it. I want to vote for someone I believe in in November because Trump-Biden are unacceptable.

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Many Americans have been brainwashed in the advancement of the individual over the collective good of society .


Different Day Same Stuff . . .

Regardless of whether Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, recent events have overwhelmingly broadcast the urgent need for us to keep pushing for the transformative changes that Sanders epitomizes.

If this is not wishful thinking, I don’t know what is. How obvious does it have to be, even to the point of academic studies substantiating it, that what the people of this country want, and need, matters not at all to the ruling oligarchy?

Even with a true champion of progressive ideas and policies, individuals like Sanders are a minority, and the controlling forces of the duopoly are far greater.

This virus crisis is making things as clear as they can possibly be, that these criminal bastards don’t care if we live or die, as long as they have control. Read all the commentary, the so-called ‘news’ reports, it’s screaming it in our faces.

The manipulators are far, far better at this game than those being manipulated.

From article:

“Bernie’s seamless pivot from campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination to fighting for a more comprehensive and egalitarian response(ttps://twitter.com/SenSanders/status/1242996858357600256) to the coronavirus crisis exemplifies the point that regardless of who wins upcoming elections, it is more important than ever that we continue to build and advance a movement for emancipatory transformation.”

I do not think this was a good move. There should be a very clear seam laid bare for all to see that there are still primaries taking place. And there should have been at least one more debate.

The issues, what is at stake here could not be more crucial. I cannot imagine a worse choice than Biden. Talking to people in Wisconsin who have already voted for him . . they don’t even understand that he opposes M4all in addition to what trump will slam him with which we’ve discussed repeatedly here on CD.

Living in a state that has not had its primary it is outrageous that all signs of an “election” came to a grinding halt weeks ago.

While it is laudatory that Sanders is helping to raise money for covid-19, that is a merely a philanthropic bandaid where we need rapid systemic change.

I’ve seen ads on radio/tv for Jill Karovsky but nothing for Sanders. He could have extremely powerful ads right now. If people accuse him of choosing politics over an immediate crisis so what? He is so far behind it doesn’t matter at this point. Most people are so f—ing clueless (I’m looking at you neoliberal, willfully ignorant DEMS) that there may have been a chance he could have reached people here in Wisconsin before they cast their absolutely stupid, damaging ballot.

But Evers and others are pushing for the “election” that will most likely further solidify Biden’s lead.

Why On Earth Is Wisconsin Holding An Election On April 7?

Even a federal judge has said the state is “endangering its population” by holding in-person voting — but officials insist on moving forward anyway.

How about a Sanders/Biden ticket? Bernie’s ideas, Joe’s get 'er done expertise.